“Tweaking” my Message to Get Elected

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3 Responses to “Tweaking” my Message to Get Elected

  1. Paul Brown says:

    Congratulation Kevin! I truly believe that you will win more support by taking this stand then what you will lose and in the process will cause each and everyone of us to consider what the word “integrity” actually means. By the way, I suggest you point out the fact that there are 4 other candidates in the leadership race so if members are not comfortable with the values you stand for, they should vote for one of the others, given the fact that you have no choice but to be honest to yourself.

  2. Leon Murphy says:

    Kevin, when this election event is over, you still have to live with yourself, and you will want to believe that you presented yourself honestly and fairly in all area’s. You will sleep well knowing that you did your best. Integrity is everything, much more important than winning and people such as myself will support that every time. Stick to your guns. Don’t be distracted by those who think winning is the only worthy goal in life. Having an honest government for a change is what we need on P.E.I and you are the the best man to provide that. If I am right, you will be the leader in a few months. Best of luck Kevin,

  3. Paulette M Halupa says:

    glad to hear this Kevin,the main reason I was opposed to you running was I was worried we would lose you voice.

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