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About Me

About Me

For the past 45 years, I have been studying, working and preparing for the day when we would begin to witness the fulfillment of Biblical prophecies concerning the final confrontation between good and evil foretold to take place during the ‘end-times’ of the world. During those years, I have served in numerous leadership roles in a variety of provincial and national Canadian organizations, always working for peace and social justice and the transformation of society in some way. Those positions included the following:

• National Executive Secretary for the National Farmers Union in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan;
• Executive Director of the Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice in Toronto, Ontario;
• Owner, “Rural Information Services Consulting” with the principle work files being the investigation, instigation, and provision of
legal research and consulting to law firms in PEI [4 years] and New Brunswick [15 years] bringing two separate class-action lawsuits to success with millions in damages being paid hundreds of farmers;
• President of Rural Dignity of Canada with the main campaign being the stopping of the closure of rural post offices in Canada through a multi-year national campaign, which was successful;
• Freelance Investigative Journalist; [Note: Some future articles on my website will be in this vein of writing, and will provide information updates on ongoing legal cases and investigations in which I remain involved (and which the media have provided no coverage), including: (1) 50 million lawsuit against the PEI government for egaming fraud; (2) Contempt Motion against PEI government for failure to disclose key egaming documents via a Freedom of Information request (going to trial in August in the PEI Supreme Court); (3) Continuation of the Buddhist investigation that was undertaken several years ago, and resulted in a series of investigative articles that are now organized on my new website with in separate in separate “blog archives” ; (4) a lawsuit against Dennis King (the Premier of PEI) et. al., for what is essentially “conspiracy to commit fraud,” and a lawsuit against Health PEI that added me as a defendant in a Motion that was heard March 1, 2023, accusing me of making private health information public, and seeking 50 thousand and costs in damages;
• Two-years living as a hermit at the Trappist Monastery in Rogersville, N.B.; live-in monastic 2-4 week experiences at the following contemplative religious orders: Carthusian hermits in Arlington, Vermont; Discalced Carmelites in Napa Valley, California; Camoldolese hermits in Big Sir, California; and the Benedictine Abbey in Muenster, Saskatchewan; 10 years living as a Diocesan hermit in a Parish house in the Diocese of Charlottetown, PE; currently living as a hermit in the woods in Western PEI;
• Preparation of PEI Roman Catholic Lay Pastoral workers throughout the years, teaching social ethics and moral social action;
• Executive Director of the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada; and,
• Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at the University of PEI over a period of 20 years (1986-2006) that were cross-listed courses in political science, psychology, Canadian Studies, etc., focusing on social ethics and moral psychology

My journey over the years, education and work has taken shape from my wanting to be faithful to the command Jesus gave us to witness to the Gospel and to strive to build the Kingdom of God on earth. But at no time during that time did I suffer the illusion that such work for justice by me and others would prevent what the Scriptures, and Jesus, more precisely – tells us we must do to prepare for to detect, navigate and survive the end-times – preparations that I have been making for decades, with the focus of my academic studies and experience on the front lines of countless social justice campaigns and legal actions seeking to expose corruption and deceit, and to establish a greater degree of justice and peace.

The fruits of that study and life experience I now feel called to share with my brothers and sisters to assist them in the common struggle against evil in which we are now engaged – picture a soldier on the front lines with a gun with no ammo. I have ammo to share!

The imperative to regain control over our lives is now URGENT, and the consequences of not diligently working to do that are no longer simply material (i.e., being able to survive physically) but spiritual as well (i.e., being able to remain moral and live in faithfulness to God’s Will).

Surviving physically and/or not suffering persecution will increasingly require payment in one’s very ‘soul currency’ for every person either unable or unwilling to flee Babylon. Knowing what “fleeing Babylon” signifies and demands of us in practical terms therefore becomes an issue of critical importance, and this is the information and guidance I will be providing.

My formal education encompassed 12 years of dedicated University study resulting in a BA from UPEI; a MA from Windsor University, and a PhD from McGill University. My contribution to the field of ethics – my ‘major’ area of study in my Ph.D, Christian theology was my ‘minor’ – was titled, “Ethics and Awareness A Social Psychological Study of Impediments to Dynamic Moral Awareness.”

This study explored the complex social-psychological dynamics of the interior life, using a multidisciplinary approach requiring competency in a number of fields. My aim was to uncover and explain in plain English how those dynamics work to prevent the development of moral awareness and growth in the spiritual life.

The external reader from the University of Toronto evaluating my work was Dr. Harold Wells, (the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award winner at Emmanuel College in Toronto). He wrote the following on the approval form in support of his overall rating of “excellent”:

“A remarkable interdisciplinary work, bringing together the insights of social psychology and psychotherapy with sociology and political science; ethical and religious thought is here richly informed by empirical social scientific data, analysis and ideology critique; an important contribution to theological reflection on both personal and social oppression; excellent grasp of a broad literature in a number of fields; imaginatively conceived, creatively executed.” 

I highlight these credentials only to support my claim that I have been preparing for this unique period in history for a very long time. The ‘understanding’ of these complex dynamics that I will be sharing in various ways, in numerous posts on this website, will provide insights and tools to those “open to the truth” and needing the power to detect and prevent being deceived by the “spirit of deceit” now ruling our world.   

That spirit is evidenced by the systematic, organized censorship we experience daily; by the synchronized and internationally-coordinated narratives that are false and misleading people to believe lies are true; and increasing lawlessness bringing growing social unrest, deepening personal insecurity and fear, and policies permanently undermining constitutional rights and freedoms with those false narratives.

If you see value in the work I am doing, please consider making a modest donation.

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