Fleeing Babylon

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Just wondering how the truly indoctrinated are going to be able to have a life of their own this October without offending somebody on “team woke”? I wonder what they [...]
I took this capture from a JP video on Disney’s latest “Snow White” movie that went SUPER WOKE like all their latest movies. They completely rewrote the classic…in this version, [...]
Parents concerned about what is happening to their children should be following Tasha Fishman- everyone should be, actually. This is her post: Do you smell the set up? Parents do not [...]
ENGLAND: “We tried it blindly and it is doing a lot of harm to children, so we’re not doing it anymore!” PEI: “We’re going to try it blindly because we want [...]
My upcoming website launch titled “Fleeing Babylon” is premised on some foundational ideas and principles, including that we are now facing the inability on a go-forward basis to “reform” our [...]
WE MUST PERSIST IN TESTIFYING TO THE TRUTH TO PROTECT INNOCENT CHILDREN FROM HARM It is so sad to see our MLAs opt for ‘anti-democratic’ responses to social issues of [...]
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