Topics: PNP, Water Act Regulations, HST & Carbon Tax, IVF & Autism, Adoption Records, Off Shore Herring Stocks, Conflict of Interest Legislation, Water Act, Protecting Records & Open Health Meetings, Rural Amalgamation, Mental Health & Income Pilot program

Hello Mr. Arsenault,

I just finished watching your postings from the Legislative Assembly’s Question Period and wish to applaud you for your efforts to highlight for Islanders the sad and “farcical” goings on in the Legislature.  This kind of deception and deflection by elected government officials is eroding the democratic foundation here and in many places around the world.  It’s leading to a deep rooted apathy and a feeling by citizens that they have no control.  Your efforts can help stir Islanders to expect and demand more accountability of elected officials, hopefully bringing about better government.  Kudos to you, please continue your good work.


Gary Doyle

Dear Mr. Doyle,

Thank you for allowing me to post this letter of support. It’s feedback like this that makes the work I do so rewarding!