Supreme Court Hearing on PEI’s Abortion Law on Monday

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4 Responses to Supreme Court Hearing on PEI’s Abortion Law on Monday

  1. Garth McK|innon says:

    Thank you Dr Arsenault for all your efforts on behalf of the unborn. My wife and I are not in a position at this time to support your financially, but be measured you and your efforts will be in our prayers. If there is any other way we can help please contact us at the email provided.

  2. Leo Shea says:

    Where is the hearing being heard? Location?

  3. Damion Steen says:

    Thank you Dr. Arsenault for you efforts and work!

    Here is an excellent sermon preached by John MacArthur, related to The Governments responsibility to lead righteously, promote justice, protect the poor

    I feel this sermon is a very timely and precise exposition on the topics you are addressing before the government, and in it John clearly articulates the responsibility, blessings and judgements of the Lord.

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