We should be grateful that someone within our local media has the courage to do the kind of “down-in-the-gutter” investigative reporting necessary to keep us abreast of the most recent cultural fads happening in today’s world. How else would we know how to properly align ourselves with important social causes and  movements?

An Excerpt from the article:

“Some people have complained the pussyhat movement excludes women of colour — who don’t necessarily have pink vaginas – and transgender women, who may not have vaginas at all. It’s ignited a debate among feminists that some complain is distracting and divisive.” – Sara Fraser, CBC reporter

“Distracting and divisive”?  Maybe, but I’m sure any thinking woman can easily get past this little strategic hiccup.  Considering the widespread entrenchment of  the social norms of political correctness, it’s pretty hard to believe that this new “pussyhat” movement had the audacity to try to exclude men who self-identify as women in the first place, just because they don’t have a vagina and the hats are supposed to represent vaginas!

Sure, it’s easy to understand why they excluded millions of self-identified “female feminists” who also identify as “Pro-life,” because…well, just because…but how dare they exclude “male feminists” who identify as women, simply because they don’t happen to have female plumbing!   I have a solution.

Rename your movement to avoid inadvertently making the mistake of excluding  some women just because they happen to have a penis rather than a vagina.  And heaven forbid that the new name  you adopt attempts to accommodate: (1) the proper use of the dictionary meaning of certain words; (2) biological facts, or (3) sound logic.

“Who am I to judge,” you might ask?  What right do I have  – as a cisgender man not self-identifying as a woman – to comment or even have an opinion on this issue?  It just so happens that I  SELF-IDENTIFY AS A JUDGE !

So before you throw yourself down that politically-incorrect rabbit hole,  check your intolerance at the door and resist any temptation you might have to deny me my right to self-identify as whoever or whatever I want!  If you don’t…. I’ll see you in Kangaroo court!

Link to CBC ARTICLE  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-pussyhats-crochet-hats-pink-1.3974035