This global expert in immunology and advisor to the EU on infectious diseases, Dr. Delores Cahill, unpacks the deception with the false global pandemic with common sense and straight-forward medical information. She explains how our immune system works, and why there is no global pandemic, but a very treatable ‘seasonal’ coronavirus like many other seasonal viruses that cause respiratory illnesses.

The deadly consequence of ‘viral interference’  with the PEI seasonal influenza campaign (which I talked about in my previous article) is discussed by Dr. Cahill as well.

If you listen carefully to everything Dr. Cahill says – and do your own due diligence to verify that what she says is indeed true – especially about the manner in which 1700 deaths announced as having been caused by COVID-19  in Ireland were NOT CAUSED BY COVID-19, I’m sure your perspective on this so-called global pandemic will likely change if you. 

Despite this amazing woman’s unblemished career and top-drawer credentials, Facebook and Youtube have been furiously deleting this September 22, 2020 video since it was first posted a little over a week ago.