“They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.” [Ezekiel 12:2]



The title, “Trickle-Down Treachery,” is meant to draw attention to how the pandemic response that we have been following in PEI for nearly a year – and are still following with no end in sight – is not something we came up with on our own: it was, and is being continuously handed down to us via a chain-of-command originating with the Director General of the WHO (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus); to the Public Health Officer of Canada (Dr. Theresa Tam).

Dr. Heather Morrison

Dr. Tam in turn passes it down the line to the provincial Chief Public Health Officers, who is Dr. Heather Morrison in PEI . Dr. Morrison, in turn, tells Premier Dennis Dennis King what to do, including advising that he and his Cabinet [with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor] keep PEI in a State of Public Health Emergency in lockstep with other provinces.

Premier Dennis King

She continues to insist on this approach despite PEI not yet having a single hospitalization caused by COVID-19 from the 110 allegedly-positive cases.  As the cumulative evidence in this mini-series will abundantly demonstrate, there is absolutely no legitimate reason nor legal grounds that have been put forward by the PEI government, or are able to be put forward, justifying the continuation of such a State of Public Health Emergency. This situation simply can not be allowed to stand.

This mini-series is PRIMARY research intended principally for my fellow Islanders here in Prince Edward Island (PEI); however it should also be of value for fellow-Canadians in provinces outside our tiny Island bubble who are experiencing more or less the same things (or more severe things): things based on an irrational, unscientific, and highly-politicized public response to COVID-19 in lockstep with the same lockdown strategy manufactured by the locksmiths at Health Canada (HC) and the master locksmiths at the World Health Organization (WHO).

I expect to publish another three or four parts in this mini-series over the next two weeks since most of the research has already been completed. There may be a 5th piece, depending on what happens regarding possible new developments; we’re on a fast-moving train these days.

I personally believe that Premier Doug Ford’s recent decision to oust York-Centre MPP, Roman Baber from Caucus and declare that he can not run for the Party in the next election will be a turning point for awareness-raising.  Baber’s letter to Ford raising good questions and challenging the lockdown approach to COVID-19 that his government is following, could very well be the needed catalyst to motivate a whole lot more people to review their blind obedience and compliance.

A lot of people are already scratching their heads and are likely to start asking questions and demanding answers, especially now that the former Chief Public Health Officer(CPHO) [who trained the CURRENT CPHO in Ontario] has went public giving full support to Baber. I deal with this issue in more detail a little later on in this article.

This series is only partly about finding out what’s true about the COVID-19 pandemic and our PEI government’s misguided response. It’s mostly about what to do with that truth, which is problematic, given the seemingly impenetrable wall preventing that information from entering the eyes and ears of anyone in government, or capturing the attention of anyone in the mainstream media who have shown no sign that they even have “eyes to see or ears to hear” on this issue that still manages to make the daily news. Amazing they can call themselves journalists… and to think, we’re paying them at the CBC to deceive us!

What’s behind this baffling, well-organized rebellion against truth? My series delves into that in a later episode.

1.  The Method and Style of this Investigative Series

This research is different from previous series of articles. With egaming; the Buddhist land purchases in Eastern PEI; the provincial government’s covering up of the destruction of official records; the PC government breaking the law by refusing to release records in accordance with the FOIPP Act; the PC government misleading the PEI Supreme Court in the CMT litigation; or any number of issues having to do with the Irvings and the land, Islanders are not only “open” to hearing about all of that stuff, they’re hungry for more information when a story breaks. Not so with COVID-19.

There are no breaking stories with real news with COVID-19, despite the daily use of the phrase “Breaking News” whenever another case or two  alleged to be a Sars CoV-2 infection show up, which cannot be [and has never been] actually confirmed to be the Sars CoV-2 virus, an astounding claim backed up with solid evidence in a subsequent article in this series.

We truly are dealing with an entirely different animal with this issue. There is a sophisticated interaction of misinformation affecting the social and psychological dynamics of how we are seeing (or not seeing) and understanding (rightfully or wrongly) the situation.

The degree of censorship even here in PEI is astounding.  That censorship is manipulating our collective consciousness so as to ensure compliance with laws that suspend our constitutionally-guaranteed Charter Rights and move us ever closer to a police state.

This is happening for no sound reason, and no credibly-presented scientific/medical justification has ever been provided. In fact, the evidence – that will be rolled out systematically in this mini-series – is both clear, incontrovertible,  and irrefutable, revealing that what we are supporting through blind obedience and unquestioned compliance and cooperation is absolutely and completely unnecessary.

We are going through a transitional phase moving toward a far more severe and cruel form of life, where participation will require compliance and acceptance of whatever is asked of us. Digital passports and “proof” of whatever is asked of us by way of compliance, starting with vaccinations, will become the norm.

Our “choice” will soon become whether to participate (or not) in a much broader set of parameters: e.g., attending school; working with government or certain corporations (Walmart will be first, like they were with mandatory masks, which came in long before the PEI government’s policy).

Beyond the manipulation of our collective consciousness – or, more accurately, “behind” the manipulation – are measures that are irrational and unscientific but time-tested and uniquely designed to create a kind of social chaos.  A ridged polarization is encouraged with an oversimplified presentation of things [If you don’t do this, you are putting other people at risk and you’re evil] which forces people to think there is nothing to discuss (so they don’t). If you think there might be something to discuss and can’t see that not killing grandma trumps everything else….well, there’s no other way to say it….you’re evil!

The politicization of the issue has turned the PEI provincial government response to this virus into an all-consuming war of wits and words.  I’m asking you – with this work – to sign up as foot soldiers for the truth. What is truth?

We are not at war with a virus. No one has ever seen one single enemy soldier (the Sars CoV-2 virus) in PEI, Canada, or anywhere in the world!  It’s hard to believe that the vaccine they are injecting was made notwithstanding Moderna and Pfizer never having had an actual culture of the virus isolate…we’ll get to that in in a subsequent article.

2. Why This Series Now?

I’ve been struggling with how to pierce the seemingly impenetrable wall preventing  our provincial leaders [Premier Dennis King and Dr. Heather Morrison], our local CBC, Guardian and Eastern Graphic media, and most of the population of PEI, from being open to considering, discussing and responding to questions and issues the evidence presents.

The letter I sent to the Lieutenant Governor of PEI,  Honourable Antoinette Perry, on December 3, 2020 had a two-fold purpose: (1) it requested evidence justifying the Orders to continually extend the state of Public Health Emergency; and (2) it served notice that if evidence was not provided, legal action may be initiated.

The letter asked for a response in 3 weeks, and although I did receive an acknowledgement of receipt with my initial letter, I have yet to receive any response to that letter with an explanation and justification for the Orders extending the State of Public Health emergency in PEI each month.

In preparation for possible legal action, since Christmas I have been doing a significant amount of preliminary legal research to build the case.  I decided to share some of that information with the general public as well, so I organized some of it into this series.

There was so much evidence and arguments that I was seeing before Christmas that I literally got overwhelmed with sadness at the evil afoot in the world seemingly causing people not to see – or not to even want to see – the truth.

To say that my increasing awareness of what’s really going on with all the research I’ve been doing coupled with knowledge that most Islanders have been duped and are blindly supporting something that is entirely based on deceit, promoting an elaborate global plan aiming to undermine democracy and rob us of our freedom, was becoming a real burden to me would be an understatement to say the least. So take or leave what I’m putting out in these articles and do your own thinking and research…I’m just unburdening myself.

The real challenge now is to communicate information that reveals the plan underway to transition power from national governments throughout the world, especially from countries in the West with democratic governments, in a bid to establish a globally-centralized new seat of UNELECTED power for the world. We used to be able to organize public meetings, but that’s pretty much been taken off the table.

We’re heading rapidly for a Great Reset and the introduction of new systems and technologies that will signal the end of democratically-elected governments in nation states capable of exerting sufficient power to decide their destinies as independent political bodies. Sure, call it a one-world government if you want, but I think of it more as a network of private, international, powerful despots who will have enough ownership, wealth and political power to ignore what nation states decide as they merrily march us into the future of their making.

Sure, I know that does sound like conspiracy theory talk, and a year ago you would have gotten away with the charge, but if you haven’t noticed, it’s no longer theory, and that’s all I’ll say about that other than go read through the material on the Great Reset that is happening under the navigation of the World Economic Forum (WEF)…one of the “Unholy Trinity” I’ll be discussing in Part II of this mini-series.

There isn’t just one problem with one issue with the PEI Government’s response to COVID-19.  The entire approach is wrong and based on a lie.

The  official guidance being followed and employed in PEI (states of emergency; lockdown measures, no recognition of proven and safe treatments, etc.) is causing much harm that will stretch far into the future, while the virus hasn’t sent a single one of the 110 people [January 20, 2021 data] allegedly infected with the virus to the hospital.

What is happening to us in PEI is happening in many other places as well; but we can’t do anything about how things proceed elsewhere…only here in PEI. That’s why I’m writing this in a style that is not interested in garnering any academic praise or journalistic awards, but support for a campaign to spread truth.  I’m writing as much as possible in down-to-earth plain English in hopes of being able to connect better with you the reader and help to empower the truther troops with some high-grade ammunition to combat the enemy in the real war against the manipulation, deception and entrapment by powerful forces.

We’re witnessing – only possible because of the concentration of power and wealth globally and sophisticated technologies –  a type of new-age global coup d’état being effected by powerful global players who have infiltrated and usurped the control of Western governments, corporations, banks, and non-profit organizations in the West and are rapidly moving us into a future where there will no longer be any place for democracy or God.

This  research is not entertainment. If you’re planning to email or message me to inform me that my articles are too long, please, save us both the grief and just stop reading now…go find a decent investigative crime series to watch on Netflix.

This information was compiled for people who already have an interest in these issues and want more information and insights, but may not have the time to do this kind of primary investigative research themselves. My hope is that many other Islanders will use this material to do what our elected officials, official opposition and media WON’T do…spread some light (truth) in the darkness (lies) by sharing factually-accurate and incredibly-important information with your family and friends.

We need a lot more people to become aware of what is really happening in the world and impacting us in PEI if we are to build a movement in time that will end the unnecessary states of emergencies and lockdown measures allowing us to get back to living life and not just fearing it, and to begin a dedicated effort to establish as much self-reliance in our economy as possible to protect our lifestyle and future.

This article is not meant to be just read, but referenced and used, and there are lots of primary source materials, both pdfs, website links to articles and documents, and video clips you can share separately.

Some of the clips I “recaptured” with video software, and also renamed with unrelated names like “favorite sushi recipe” to avoid c e n s o r s h i p, which has already started in earnest with my Facebook posts.

I’ll be migrating to some other sites that don’t censor material, but until then, I’ll be relying primarily on this website. If you enter your email address in the subscribe thingy on the right near the top of the page, you will get an email from me whenever I post something, which may be a lot more often if it has to take the place of Facebook, that’s if the censorship keeps up…we’ll see.

3. Being Closed to the Truth is a Moral and Spiritual Problem

“I’d rather hurt you honestly than mislead you with a lie” [Dan Hill, line from his song, “Sometimes when we touch.”]

It’s worth reflecting on what it is exactly that is preventing the dissipation of the dark fog that has enveloped us here in PEI with the COVID-19 issue, polarizing the population and keeping us following an official strategy that is based entirely on lies we’re continually being told are truths.

How are we to explain the unquestioned obedience and compliance of the vast majority of Islanders in the absence of any intelligent justification? Why isn’t there an outcry demanding the government show evidence for what they are doing under the ongoing state of emergency, measures that are having many negative personal and social consequences?

These policies were imposed with no public discussion, but trickled down from the WHO, through Health Canada to our local politicians and Public Health officials.  Initially, when the pandemic was first announced the fear factor was so high with outrageous predictions of catastrophic numbers of deaths from the Director General of the WHO, and with so many unknowns, we were more than supportive of lockdowns to “flatten the curve”.  We were told lockdowns might be necessary for a few weeks!

A year later, it has become crystal clear. with irrefutable evidence, that those lockdown policies are both irrational, unscientific, and unnecessary, yet are intensifying and becoming permanent, with no talk of an “exit plan” or discussion of what it would take to end a state of public health emergency. There may never be anything, given the sad fact that they keep getting renewed each month despite no hospitalizations or deaths. How do you improve on: “absolutely no public health problem whatsoever”?

These policies have completely changed our society and way of life in PEI; how we interact with one another (or, more accurately, how we don’t interact with each other) that we are imposing on ourselves – we have the jurisdictional power to stop hurting ourselves but our leaders are effectively committed to perpetual orchestrating our own demise as an independent, democratic province, renewing states of public health emergency monthly that suspend our constitutional rights, plunges us into debt, undermining our small businesses and communities, preventing us from normal associations with one another, meetings, sports, etc.?

Why are so many Islanders so willing to go along with a process that’s “de-democratizing” our politics, creating a culture of isolation, alienation and fear, and is rapidly disenfranchising our small businesses and local economy, increasing our dependency on outside forces and global corporations for what we should be able to do and provide for ourselves?

With over a hundred cases of alleged infection, there has not been a single hospitalization, yet we’re under a state of public health emergency month after month with “breaking news” headlines daily on one or a few new positives? This is truly insane, yet Islanders have been so deceived about the facts and made to be so fearful, it is not being challenged.

4.  Censorship, Lockdowns and the Refusal to Acknowledge Facts

If you question anything (at least publicly) and don’t simply comply with the measures being imposed, such as mask wearing, stay-at-home curfews, shutting down or limiting businesses, etc. you are going to feel the social pressure and legal repercussions (such as hefty fines) for not conforming.

To even suggest that the official lock down approach is not based on sound science now results in social media posts being banned and accounts being permanently closed: even information delivered by medical doctors appearing before US Senate Committees, or from “peer-reviewed clinical studies” published in reputable medical journals, as I’ll provide a personal example of shortly.

The  “fact checkers” are told what to do and censure by the BigTech bosses at Facebook and Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and huge hosting platforms such as Amazon, which recently shut down Parler, a fast-growing alternative to Facebook.

To draw attention to factual evidence showing that when it comes to lockdowns, the indisputable evidence [from Ontario’s own data] is that the cure is inflicting far more damage and harm than the disease can get you fired, and will if you’re an MPP in Premier Doug Ford’s government, as MPP for York-Centre in Ontario, Roman Baber, found out on January 15, 2021.

Doug Ford said the following about his comments:

“Mr. Baber’s comments are irresponsible. By spreading misinformation he is undermining the tireless efforts of our frontline healthcare workers at this critical time, and he is putting people at risk. I will not jeopardize a single Ontarian’s life by ignoring public health advice.”

As was pointed out in a National Telegraph news story titled, Doug Ford removes MPP Baber from PC Caucus for Opposing Lockdowns“:

“Ford fails to actually point out where Barber was wrong, and simply appeals to emotional rhetoric about COVID-19 having a “devastating impact on people” as if to imply somehow Barber does not care about people’s health and safety despite the whole point of his letter to Ford being about negative health outcomes of the lockdowns.”

Indeed. He was likely aware of a “cost-benefit analysis” that had been published by Dr. Ari Joffe in Alberta just before Christmas titled, “Rethinking Lockdowns: A Cost Benefit Analysis.”

Dr. Joffe Joffe MD, FRCPC, is a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases and pediatric critical care medicine, a Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, and an adjunct Clinical Professor at the John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre in Alberta.

Dr. Joffe was a supporter of lockdowns in the beginning, but became increasingly concerned with the negative impacts he was seeing not from COVID-19, but from the lockdown response to COVID-19, so he undertook his analysis. What did he find?

He starts by making two key observations that deserve to be reproduced here – given their core relevance to the main argument in this article, namely, that PEI is participating in a non-scientific, fraudulent and, quite frankly, “enslaving” process of social disintegration usurping our rights and ability to decide our own destiny.

Referencing the outrageously exaggerated initial modelling of fantastic – Spanish Flu-like – death rates (4 million in the US by mid-April) there was enthusiastic support for lockdowns in Ontario as well as PEI initially, not reluctant compliance.

I was among those calling on the PEI Government to do more to test [I also thought the test was good back then…turns out it’s useless and also entirely unreliable] all people coming back to PEI and require them to quarantine until proven clear of this killer, unknown “novel” coronavirus). As Dr. Joffe explains:

First, the difference between the case fatality rate and the infection fatality rate is important. Early estimates were based on the case fatality rate, the deaths in confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19. This is a gross over-estimate of death rates, as most infections (at all ages) are mild or  symptomatic and were not detected. According to a study by John Ioannidis (2020), the median infection fatality rate – based on detection of antibody (seroprevalence) in populations– in those infected with SARS-CoV-2 is 0.23 percent, and for those under 70 years old, is 0.05 percent. Thus, usually 99.95 percent of people aged less than 70 infected with SARS-CoV-2 survive.”

I’m not an epidemiologist nor a mathematician, but I’m pretty sure that flipping that red sentence around means that the death rate from those who were allegedly infected with the disease is .05 percent. Right?

So, let’s just think about that for a minute: you’d say the modellers were completely unreliable and not to be trusted if they had predicted there would be twice as many deaths as there ended up being right? I mean, what would such a claim or prediction be based on to double the deaths other than false assumptions, when what actually happens proves the prediction wrong?

What Tedros at the World Health Organization continued to tell the world – even after the Harvard Study based on factual data established what was true – was that the death rate globally was 17 times greater than it actually was!

Tedros knew that the actual mortality rate was (based on the WUHAN  outbreak outcome and demographic data) actually estimated to be 1.4 percent:

“A key public health priority during the emergence of a novel pathogen is estimating clinical severity, which requires properly adjusting for the case ascertainment rate and the delay between symptoms onset and death. Using public and published information, we estimate that the overall symptomatic case fatality risk (the probability of dying after developing symptoms) of COVID-19 in Wuhan was 1.4%”

With uncanny accuracy (in hindsight) that same Harvard Study estimated that the fatality rate globally would be .05 per cent for people infected with Sars CoV-2 under the age of 65, which, is actually the correct figure for people infected under the age of 70, which is just a modestly better situation than estimated back in March based solely on the original Wuhan outbreak.

“For those who were between the ages of 15 and 64, the estimated risk of death was only 0.05 percent.

So those are the facts that Premier Doug Ford is unwilling to mention as he not only demotes Baber by ousting him unceremoniously from Caucus, but declares that he can not run again for the party in the future.

Back to Premier Ford’s refusal to acknowledge the facts.  Baber tweeted the following message after the news went public:

“Lockdowns are deadlier than Covid. I wrote a respectful letter to Premier Ford, asking to end the Lockdown. Look @ the data -the virus is real but the crisis is mostly in LTC. Let’s focus on LTC & hospital capacity, but ending the Lockdown is best for our health. [#onpoli#cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/IIuvB7OXQo    —  Roman Baber (@Roman_Baber) January 15, 2021]

I came across a comment on Doug Ford’s action against Mr. Baber in an article by an anarchist organization in Montreal titled “Thou Shalt Not Question Public Health! Censorship in the Age of COVID-19,” with a quite insightful analysis of what Premier Ford said about Baber publicly:

“Ford’s statement is typical: ‘By spreading misinformation he is undermining the tireless efforts of our frontline health-care workers at this critical time, and he is putting people at risk,’  he said. ‘I will not jeopardize a single Ontarian’s life by ignoring public health advice… There is no room for political ideology in our fight against COVID-19 — rather, our response has been and will always be driven by evidence and data.’…Let’s unpack Ford’s statement. First off, support for a lockdown is as much of an expression of political ideology as is opposition to a lockdown. Clearly, this is an absurd statement, but it seems to imply that that opposition to the ideology of the state will not be permitted…Ford’s statement makes more sense when one replaces the word “dissent” for “political ideology”. With that substitution, the sentence would read: ‘There is no room for dissent in our fight against COVID-19. Is that what he actually means?'”

Whoever wrote this (I couldn’t find a name) is correct that the lockdown approach is an “ideology.” I would, however, disagree that what Mr. Baber is putting forth is an ideology – it’s an alternative plan based on evidence.

An ideology understood in the most basic sense of the meaning of the word is a comprehensive presentation or explanation purporting to provide insight and understanding concerning what is real and true. Something is only an “ideology” until it is demonstrated, just as a conspiracy “theory” only remains a theory until it is proven.

When a conspiracy theory is proven, you remove the word “theory” and are left with just the conspiracy, and the appropriate aftermath and follow-up (e.g., criminal prosecutions for charges such as “conspiracy to commit… ” whatever it was that was “committed” in the conspiracy).

Similarly, an ideology is only an ideology until it is demonstrated. It then becomes “the way things are”!  So although the above quotation is an insightful way to frame the issue, I would amend what the unknown author of the above statement said to say that it is only Premier Ford who is espousing an ‘ideology’ which is, in fact, proven false by the accurate statement of the real and documentable claims being made by Mr. Baber. When a thoughtful consideration of the costs and risks (in terms of human lives) is undertaken, the evidence is overwhelming.

Premier Ford can publicly insult a courageous member of his government by accusing him of all kinds of nasty things, presenting him as a dangerous wacko he wants no part of now or in the future, and the media can (like CBC did) bias coverage that fails to fairly present Baber’s position, and would have probably gotten away with that if the former Chief Medical Officer for Ontario hadn’t come to Baber’s defense, but there’s just too much truth to ignore with this one and Ford has a way of bombastically making (and keeping) things like this in the public eye.

What Baber did may become a “watershed” moment, a turning point in Canada in the war against the official lockdown scam and barrage of misinformation and denial from politicians like Ford and our own PEI Premier Dennis King.

Shout Out:   “Do we have a living, former Chief Medical Officer in PEI with the courage to do for us what Dr. Schabas did for Mr. Baber and all Ontarians?”

The former Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, Dr. Richard Schabas, MD, MhSc, FRCPC, published a letter almost immediately after Ford’s public condemnation and expulsion of Baber that he sent to Premier Ford defending Mr. Baber:

And a fellow certainly can’t blame Baber for an “I told you so” tweet, given the fact that despite having all the facts he was treated very badly for doing a good thing:

Yesterday, Randy Hillier, MPP, tweeted the following:

Indeed!  One has to wonder why.

5.  Global Elites and World Communism: A Marriage Made in Hell

There is indeed a great deception and sorcery afoot in the world, but I’ll leave most of the evidence for that claim for subsequent episodes.

It appears the transhumanists – one and the same with global billionaires we know by name, George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and many more on the list with less public profiles, but I’ll stop there for now, who are bent on connecting our bodies to the “cloud” by enabling them to communicate information wirelessly and digitally.

Why would they want to do that? There are lots of reasons to be discussed later.  What is important to realize now is that it is the same people who own BigTech and BigPharma who own the means to easily and covertly turn our bodies into transmitters by injecting us with something they are not likely to tell us about, in something as innocuous as the annual flu vaccine [Dr. Morrison reported that 80,000 Islanders received the flue vaccine this year].

With the engineering now possible using nanoparticles with sophisticated capabilities, coupled with the capacity to “hack” the body’s operating system (language actually used by Bill Gates to describe his ambitions to gain control over what he describes as the “software of life,” aka Human DNA) our bodies wirelessly, unconsciously transmitting data is no longer science fiction.

With Artificial Intelligence, Supercomputers, Human Genome mapping, and the automated capacity to rapidly synthesize gene sequences by design, Bill Gates [and others who has been working diligently for many years to gain access to the human population’s operating system], the dream of automated monitoring and surveillance of the entire population with AI is a lot closer to being realized than most are likely aware with the introduction of mRNA and other gene-editing technologies.

This gene-editing is also dove-tailing with new block-chain technology aiming to replace currency with a system that “tracks” every transaction digitally. In March, 2020, a new patent was granted Gates allowing for the tracking (and mining) of human activity:

“Microsoft’s new patent is about mining cryptocurrency. The patent allows for the creation of a device that tracks a human’s physical activity or reactions to certain tasks using a variety of sensors, and generates cryptocurrency in response. Furthermore, it patents a network that can give specific instructions to humans wearing the device. In English, Microsoft is looking into something like a cross between Folding@home and Fitbit that connects to a cloud and rewards people for certain tasks, while also mining for Bitcoin.

I’m drawing no conclusions with this at this point; however, others who seem to have some credibility and competency in the area of blockchain technology, sensors and tracking behaviour are  certainly raising concerns. And there is that disturbing patent filing number ending in 060606.


Subsequent articles in this mini-series will pull together information showing how the PEI government’s response to this pandemic “trickled-down” from the WHO and needs to be completely jettisoned immediately.

The audience I’m writing for are Islanders who take this situation seriously, and who are either:

  1. Already aware, or have suspicions, that the official response to COVID-19 by the PEI Government is damaging, unscientific and fraudulent;  or,
  2. Have not completely hardened their hearts against the truth and are still  open to considering information that calls the official response of the WHO, Health Canada, and our own provincial Public Health Office into question.

I’m hoping that the combined weight of all the evidence will bring with it the power to incite a strong moral response founded on clear science, but will also contribute to bringing about other outcomes related to increasing the well-being of Islanders and Island society (mental and spiritual considerations….i.e., “quality of life” kind of stuff like being able to see the faces of your friends and family in church).

The aim is to reclaim control of our lives so we can decide for ourselves what is an appropriate alternative response and way forward, which is going to be a challenge with the intransigence of the PC government which seems wedded to maintaining a fraudulent and damaging response the Premier repeatedly says “is working” simply because we haven’t had any hospitalizations, in lockstep with Health Canada and the World Health Organization.  That’s a ridiculous argument with no causal like: “…the garlic hanging on my porch is going to stay there indefinitely because it is clearly working to keep coyotes from loitering around my front steps…I haven’t seen a single one!” No causal connection whatsoever!

Knowledge and understanding build confidence. Confidence, in turn, generates courage to act morally, motivated with ethical and spiritual convictions that come from understanding what is true, good and important.

Motivation inspired by such ethical and spiritual principles, values and beliefs compels us to stand against evil and overcome it with good.

In this case, the evil is still largely hidden to most people, like an invisible mist that’s drifted into our heads producing a brain-fog, leaving us groping around in the dark.

We’re growing increasingly frustrated with both life and one another, as we’re seemingly, forcibly, and unnecessarily made to continually bump into each other in the polarized dark, over and over and over again, magnifying broken relationships.

All the social tension coupled with the loneliness of isolation and separation from one another so many are experiencing, is significantly impacting the health and well-being of a growing number of Islanders.

I’m hoping people feel free to take bits and pieces of what’s in this series to share, including the graphics and/or video clips. If people are to learn the truth, it will only be from someone presenting it to them – they’re no longer going to get the kind of information in this article from mainstream media or the main social networks: Facebook, YouTube, etc., so please share this entire article and select parts to help raise awareness and build a movement for change.

It’s always the same with despots and tyrants: they’re our absolute best friends [CERB, subsidies to employers, etc.] until they’re suddenly not.  We wake up some day and realize our “bffs” who were supposed to be looking out for our public health have become our post-Great Reset “masters” telling us what to do despite us never electing them our leaders! There’s a word for that that escapes me….uh…starts with “c” I believe…it’ll come to me.

To the diehards, I would suggest you consider perusing my PhD dissertation: Ethics and Awareness, or at least the parts identified below.

That work took a good few years, and represents a systematic analysis of: (1) the psychological and social dynamics interacting within consciousness; dynamics which are regulated by two things that we need to understand and to gain control over: (a) our attention – mind/understanding; and (b) our “desire”, aka “heart” “will”.

From a foundation built on a correct understanding of the nature and operations of human consciousness –  from the perspective of human freedom and moral awareness – a broad range of negative dynamics able to intercept, manipulate, or otherwise corrupt moral awareness (deception, self-deception, social conformity, social ignorance, dependency, etc.) are examined in the subsequent chapters.

Those investigations provide insights into the means by which human consciousness can be manipulated by powerful, self-interested forces aiming to control what people experience (or don’t experience) in the dynamic processes leading to moral choices, even keeping people from becoming aware that moral choices are required.

The most prominent dynamics currently playing out with the pandemic are the dynamics of social conformity, in particular, those dynamics which I discuss under the rubrics of both: (1) obedience to “legitimately-perceived” authorities; and (2) obedience to “illegitimately-perceived” authorities, which I would encourage you to read, along with the first, foundational chapter that lays out the essential understanding of the nature and operation of human knowing, the key role of “attention”, and how knowledge is not information – but rather, an operation of the mind that we direct.

That operation requires that we continuously move our attention back-and- forth between two distinct types of knowledge: “experiential knowledge” and “abstract knowledge,” in a dynamic engagement with society that fuses personal and social in one stream of experience within consciousness – a stream that always has moral and spiritual significance; a stream of interior mental experience which we must constantly control and guide if our decisions and actions are to be truly free.

Here is a link to download Ethics and Awareness.

Here is a screen capture of the parts I just indicated would be most important to read and review – all of chapter one and the yellow parts of chapter 6:

Godspeed to those of you who are engaged in the struggle against this undemocratic evil that has ridden into town on the demons of deception, fear, division, manipulation, coercion and violence in a bid to win our support and compliance for what they’re hiding:  their true intentions, vision and long-term plans that most certainly do not have our best interests in mind.