I spent a good few hours pondering and processing the information I was provided from a long-time, long-term care worker “whistleblower” in a telephone call I received yesterday [March 30, 2021]. It’s been difficult figuring out how to share it.

I tore up a few drafts of an article last evening, unable to present the very same information I had heard with the same power and clarity by reprocessing it. I finally decided that I’d not say much in this post other than to provide some information not included in the two audio clips which I’ve disguised so what I heard can be shared verbatim, anonymously, and with the whistleblower’s consent.

I was contacted yesterday by this Resident Care Worker because that worker had just learned that one of the residents under his/her care had died at the QEH on Sunday. That was understandably very upsetting news for the person, given that the worker sincerely believes her death was the result of two mRNA-injections.

Our conversation yesterday was almost exclusively about: (1) that resident’s death, and (2) the hard vaccination push on the staff by management, which has apparently been extreme.
Situating the Whistleblower in Context


26 staff work in one of two long-term care residences on one team [Stamper Residence; Charlotte Residence] under the same private ownership, buildings which are very close to one another in Charlottetown. Some staff work primarily in one residence, with just occasional shifts in the other residence; however, all staff are familiar with residents in both homes.

26 staff care for roughly 20 residents, which gives a good indication of the level of living assistance required by the residents. There are a broad range of unique circumstances and conditions resulting in a very high level of need for assistance, needs which are both physical and mental. Some residents have dementia, and there are apparently a good number who can not speak for and advocate for themselves.
The worker told a number of stories of pressure and intimidation tactics being used to induce fears of unpleasant consequences for staff members who refuse the injections and to sign the Acknowledgement Form.
Of the 26 staff, 20 staff members have apparently received the injections. 6 staff refused the needles and wouldn’t sign the Authorization Form, but apparently came under ever-more intense pressure, and eventually, 3 of those 6 people signed the waiver. So there are still 3 holdouts.

If management happens to read this article and at this juncture goes “aha…narrowed the whistleblower down to 3 people,” well, management would be wise to first consider the following:

Any one of those 26 employees [who are not obviously and openly on the pro-vaccine team of course, i.e., no questions asked…first in the line-up types] who were perhaps coaxed a tad bit to get the shots, and succumbed quietly, but very reluctantly, allowing you, the employer, to insert an unproven, potentially dangerous yet-to-be-fully-identified cocktail of ingredients into his or her body just to be able to keep a job and feed the kids…well, you might want to toss a few of those types in the pool of suspects as well. Sometimes all that pent-up stuff comes rushing through a whistle in an impulsive blow.


With such a high degree of need for assisted living supports with so many residents having dementia or other conditions compromising their mental capacity to live independently, this worker – as you’ll here expressed in the intonations, sighs, and phrasing (all showing real concern) clearly and sincerely believes that there is a silent catastrophe happening in PEI’s long-term care facilities which is getting no attention…at least not in the two residences in which that person works and is familiar in Charlottetown.

Out of a VERY small population living in these 2 residences [19 or 20 residents I was told] very sudden and very concerning changes were observed by this whistleblower with ALL the residents, and for at least FIVE – 1/4 of all the residents – those changes were so severe they can only be accurately described as “catastrophic” consequences.

Is this worker who I interviewed delusional? Perhaps attaching causes to outcomes that are speculative flights of an overactive imagination that are actually symptoms or conditions brought about by other things? Is it maybe all just a misreading of normal progressive stages of decline in people already suffering from debilitating health conditions?

Maybe. But someone should check just to make sure. If the 2 residents who changed so suddenly and radically for the worse had to be permanently sent to the Hillsborough Hospital, as this worker stated, and if they are in fact in the Hillsborough hospital, then surely someone within the system can easily verify that claim. And if it is true…well, we’re going to need legal-sized paper for the list of questions that immediately gives rise to regarding what needs to happen next.

I edited the audio recordings of each interview to remove my questions and interjections. I left only the relevant information provided to me by the whistleblower.

I’ve also removed all names and hopefully other identifying information. It’s obviously not possible for me to independently verify many of the claims made by this person in these interviews, however, the level of concern I felt seemed genuine and it’s difficult to believe someone would have such intimate first-hand knowledge for any reason other than an honest concern that action is taken to investigate by the proper authorities.

I have altered the audio files so it is not possible to identify the voice, or for that matter, to know whether it was a female or male worker I spoke with in the two conversations.

First interview from yesterday [March 30, 2021] about a death allegedly from Moderna or Pfizer injections:

At the end of yesterday’s interview, this person said the strangest thing to me which left me pondering what I heard long and hard: “If there’s another death in the next little while would you mind if I call you?” I said a quick “not at all, I’d appreciate it,” but later thought a lot about that offer from the worker, and how it came at me. It was as if more deaths were expected by this person.

That got me thinking about the other residents who received the same Pfizer or Moderna mRNA injections, and whether they may have also had negative effects from them. I had asked the worker whether I could call back the following morning if I needed to clarify something, and was told I could. I did call, but I decided to shift the focus to the other residents. What I heard was very alarming.
That conversation resulted in this second recording, as well as a change in my article title from: “Resident Care Worker Alleges Death Caused by mRNA Injections,” to “Is a Resident Care Vaccination Catastrophe Silently Happening in PEI.

Second interview from 7:30am this morning [March 31, 2021] about the condition of other residents in the two residences:


I keep remembering different things that worker I’ve never met said about the situation within which things have become so intolerable that someone who has never met me felt compelled to reach out to me to unload. What slowly started coming together for me while listening then later sifting through all the information looks an awful lot like what I’ve already heard and seen in testimonies and videos from other places – ALSO FROM LONG-TERM care facilities – especially one particularly-haunting video by a nurse in Ontario that caused her to quit, where she said she and her nurse colleagues were “numbed” to being alarmed with the injections causing deaths, being told not to be upset with deaths, a number would be considered “normal”.

Listening to this Resident worker in PEI’s from-the-heart first-hand testimony yesterday and again this morning has certainly brought those videos back to the forefront of my mind.
It is concerning that the obituary referenced by the worker in today’s Guardian presents a picture so peaceful and so entirely different from the one given by this worker, someone who was apparently present when these events unfolded, or at least some of them, the ones within the home. Were family members fully informed of what happened? If, that is, what I (and now you) heard from that worker is in fact true.
I would think that if you have a family member or close friend in a long-care facility that you haven’t visited for a while, it might be a good idea to drop by. Adopt the precautionary principle. It makes good sense. The upside is HUGE and the downside (for some, I suppose) is that you only have to take some time to visit a relative that you probably should have visited a month ago anyways.

Let’s not forget that it was the residents of Long-term care facilities who were targeted in the initial blitz when the first doses of the mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer arrived in early January. Many scientists worldwide have warned, and are still warning, about the gradual or delayed decline that can come as symptoms worsen or new triggers interact and cause problems with clotting or autoimmune disorders or any number of other things. Conditions that can become severe or even deadly.

Those scientific claims and considerations alone warrant an official investigation into this matter, and very careful monitoring, documentation, and the generation of trend data to detect statistical anomalies (higher rates of death in residences for comparable historical periods, etc.) for the entire injection campaign.

And Islanders NEED to be told the true risks, lack of safety trials and data, and that it is an experiment they do not have to participate in for any reason they might have, which they don’t need to explain to anyone.

With such a dire situation potentially on the horizon with an experiment gone bad too late for many, and the promised elixir of life is properly identified as the poison that kills unwittingly….well, we could literally be killing our elderly without it ever really being noticed until its too late, like what happened in so many other similar facilities earlier on with the COVID-19 pandemic in so many places. They were vulnerable, voiceless and forgotten in other provinces…are they also here?
This type of scenario of wilful neglect is unthinkable and can not be allowed to germinate and grow in PEI, no matter how unlikely what my whistleblower said is all 100% accurate and true. All that is required to prevent it from happening is having the willingness to go look! If something happens to be discovered, then the government needs to really be transparent with Islanders in demonstration that people really do come first and it is their well-being that is paramount. Then, to do something to make a bad situation a much better situation fast.

I hope those reading this article will force others to take this further to get to the bottom of what’s really going on, what’s really true. I so wish it turns out to be a prank some joker is playing on me, but you know what…my gut tells me it isn’t.

Pray that a CBC or Guardian reporter makes a serious effort to get some answers from the government. The Leader of the 3rd Party, MLA Sonny Gallant, started the sitting on Tuesday by saying that his entire team of 6 were going to “focus on health” over the next little while. This is something the Liberals should therefore be taking the lead on by asking a few tough questions during tomorrow’s Question Period.

But neither opposition Party has had anything but pure praise for the government’s response to COVID-19 to date, so when it comes to intelligent intervention on behalf of Islanders on this issue, unlikely we’ll ever get more than there’s not a lot of smoke in that fire.

The worker mentioned that the woman who died was told that she had a previous heart attack, and also that she was being monitored at the residence. Why, then, was news of that first heart attack a surprise? Is the person correct in telling me the woman “collapsed” after each injection, unconscious? If that is being presented to family members as “so and so had a little fall this morning” that’s a problem.

So for now until someone figures out what’s going on in PEI’s Long-Term Care facilities with residents who got guinea-pigged with mRNA injections, it would be prudent to stay in close touch with those in these homes if you know them to observe if things with their health or cognition have changed, there may be a connection to the injections. Whether there is any follow-up monitoring of that particular population is unclear.

I don’t know what else to say or do about this right now. I find it upsetting to be honest. There’s corruption and injustice that takes your money when you’re not looking and you never notice. Then there’s this kind of “life and death” stuff that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.

I’m just going to hit publish and see what happens I guess. I hope it’s not another cricket stampede. The lives of our dearest and most vulnerable Islanders may be on the line here, and if they are, I’m sure they’re counting on us to be there for them, especially if they can’t be there for themselves.





Good morning Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to share some important information to our members. There are many concerns and questions being raised re: Covid vaccine. While trying to get answers for our members I was able to get my hands on the HPEI Roll-Out vaccine document.

At this point I am not able to share but rest assured that I have already contacted all Local Presidents and our National Servicing Representative to address these concerns. We understand completely the concerns being raised around the delay of receiving the vaccine.

It is our hope that we can address this matter in a reasonable time frame. We will stress the importance once again. If and when you do want and receive the Covid vaccine it is strongly recommended that you do not sign the HPEI acknowledgement document which they request you to sign, this is a no no from your Union’s prospective because it can hold you liable in the event you get Covid and infect a co-worker unknowing of course etc.

This is what you are not told until you sign the acknowledgement document. Thank you for your dedication and work during this past year. There have been many challenges this past year and we are all in unprecedented times. For those that requested to meet I am going to wait for further clarity and direction with respect to addressing our concerns. Thank you again and please stay safe.

Local 805 Executive