This article signals a pivot in my writing moving from simply (1) exposing the evil of what’s happening with the PEI government’s response to COVID-19, to (2) an exploration of what an effective resistance strategy capable of stopping our own government from controlling us any further by regaining control of our government before we lose the ability to secure our right to self-determination as a province and Island. 

The legal authority and jurisdictional power that will decide what happens next on a go-forward basis in PEI resides entirely with the provincial government NOT the Federal government

Everything happening with the lockdown measures in PEI is premised on the patently-false and indefensible claim that we are – and have been for a year – in a state of public health emergency. 

There has been a COMPLETE refusal by all MLAs, both those in government and in opposition (which is hard to believe) to give any consideration to fundamental questions – which I know that MLAs are receiving in copious numbers from Islanders, who are begging that their concerns be addressed in the Legislative Assembly, but they are unfortunately never are raised…I know this because many Islanders have sent me copies of those letters and emails. 

If you have done some research and have no doubts about what is really going on, and what the core truths really are – or at least enough of the truth to know that what is happening is evil and should stop – then you can skip the following section.  Of the hundreds of videos I’ve seen during the past couple of weeks, however, these are hands-down two of the best.


No commentary is necessary for either of the following two videos. each offer powerful first-hand, expert testimony from specialists who speak with authority and conviction to explain themselves with a great deal of clarity and passion. Their expertise is only surpassed by the level of concern they have for what that expertise tells them is happening, which almost too evil to believe.

It isn’t just God-less, it’s an attack on life itself – the undoing and reversal of what allows us to live, which is, coincidentally, also the reverse of the word itself!  Life goes forward with hope towards a vision, the opposite of that is to live in fear with no way to go forward, and in the moral and spiritual life there is no standing still: if we are not going forward we are going backwards driven by a spirit that is not life-giving but death-dealing, which gives us the very thing the word LIVE spells going backwards: EVIL.


It is truly baffling to me that this game-changing information is anathema and of no interest to our government, which itself is strong evidence to suspect that our government’s continued obstinance in refusing to address and discuss these issues and thereby confront the truth which would lead to a decisive change in direction – for reasons that are speculative – is something the government is simply not willing to do.

When Dr. Morrison and Premier King are pushing us all to get injections of an experimental, completely unproven new technology that edits our genes like they’re a couple of hired celebs performing – with our Premier confidently telling the citizens of this province that these injections are safe and he is expecting each Islander to get the injections (again, with a strong sense of doing one’s civil duty and acting in a morally-responsible way) claiming these injections are safe and effective when that is simply not true, everything becomes suspect.
Watch the first 20 seconds of this clip with Dr. Morrison and Premier King back-to-back:

Countless Islanders are believing the lies and buying into the team-effort get-onboard sales job.  It would be wise for Dr. Morrison and Premier King to consider that whereas governments have granted EAU status and immunity from civil litigation or any legal liability to Pfizer, Moderna and Astra-Zeneca, no matter what harms might come from their injections, NO ONE HAS GIVEN THEM THAT SAME immunity for their decisions and actions.   

They may or may not realize that everything they say is being recorded, every letter with questions they refuse to answer with documented evidence of REAL “best science” that’s actually the most recent and peer-reviewed  [not the kind that Premier King continually references as the basis for the approach he is taking, where neither he nor Dr. Morrison EVER mention ONE single scientific study, source, or authority.

Premier King and Dr. Morrison are simply not telling us the truth that the mRNA injections they are pushing so hard are not only not proven safe, but those scary apocalyptic scenarios some pretty-credentialed people are saying may happen certainly seem more plausible when it is known that in the only animal trials ever undertaken with mRNA so-called vaccine injections turned out real bad. Sure, initially the injected ferrets had a great antibody response, just like with human now. They were healthy and happy as clams until they were subsequently introduced to the real deal – live virus –  at which time everything went haywire with their immune systems and they died.

Why anyone would think that enlisting the entire world in a grand experiment AT THE TRIAL STAGE with such a radically new technology when vaccinations are not necessary – something that is being advanced on a platform of lies and deceptions and psychological programming and real-science denial and mass censorship is completely beyond me. But that’s what our own provincial government are doing.

Meanwhile, our federal and provincial governments are denying and blocking the use of effective treatments [Ivermectin, Hydroxychloriquine] which is, of course, something they would have needed to do (deny any treatments) to justify the need to waive normal vaccine trials and safety tests with small, targeted, carefully monitored cohorts of vaccine trial participants.

Why would both Premier King and Dr. Morrison be pushing  so hard for us to be injected with something so potentially dangerous, with so many unknown risks and mounting evidence of problems, including PEI reintroducing Astra-Zeneca with the US since suspending it’s use as a result of blood-clot adverse effects, yet I believe we are still using it? Does that make any sense to you? And that’s the way this thing has been since the beginning, more flip-flops than you’d find on a crowded beach in Cavendish in August. 

Many Islanders are becoming aware of the growing body of facts and evidence against government’s continued intransigence and ask, “How can this be?”  The answer is one of two options, or possibly a combination of both with some convoluted moral rationalizations thrown in for good measure:

  1. Our MLAs either believe they have no choice, or;
  2. Our MLAs are not the people we thought they were, and they have thrown their lot in with a very anti-democratic and evil global campaign to change the world – along with what it means to be a human being living in that world – forever. 

What happens next is entirely up to PEI and what the PEI government decides to do. That needs to be clearly understood to be the case, from both a legal and constitutional perspective. The delivery of health services is entirely a provincial matter.  Without provincial support for policies that, yes, originated elsewhere and trickled down to us, these measures would NOT be in place causing such harm and social mayhem in PEI.

If we are to overcome the fundamentally-unethical and undemocratic menace harming us and threatening to do so for the foreseeable future, then we need to find a way to reclaim control of our own destiny.   It is the provincial MLAs who need to be the complete focus of all strategic plans and actions, along with the mainstream media who need to be called out and pressured to act morally and report important and truthful information even if it goes against the narrative.     

That’s the focus and initial approach, but barring no progress or evident possibility of success with the MLAs – which I personally don’t think there will be – the effort will need to quickly shift to finding a way to replace them with people willing to stand for the truth – no matter what the consequences may be, consequences which may be severe.  Islanders with backbones and ethics and a heart willing to put themselves out there to defend the rights, security and freedoms of Islanders. 

It is to our own provincial government then – the MLAs we know as family, friends and neighbours – that we must immediately direct the full force of our efforts. We must meet them when they enter the House when they resume next week, every day, to demand that they acknowledge the truth that many Islanders have been presenting to the government for months with NO RESPONSES and demand a debate in the House and a change in direction.

When Dr. Morrison was recently a guest with the Chief Medical Officers from NB and NS [March 1, 2021] I was surprised when I called that they picked up and I was able to ask a question. To be honest, I was not at all happy with my intervention, I didn’t think at the time that I was going to get any real information from Dr. Morrison, so I tried to use the opportunity to put some information on the public record and inform more people about the big information block, but I wasn’t really prepared and I got rambly (surprised?). At any rate, her response was very telling.

Her sending me to the  PEI government website to get some really good information (treating me like a grade 9 student doing a school project) felt like an attempt to undermine the legitimacy and seriousness of my very direct question. It’s unbelievable that she apparently could give a rat’s ass that over 4,000 Islanders read that letter sent to her!

[Note: You’ll have to put up with huffing and puffing from someone breathing too close to the microphone, possibly hyperventilating and passing in and out of consciousness from a three or four-ply face mask]:

This is not transparency. It is not democracy. It is tyranny. 

Who ever thought that when we elected the 27 individuals that currently comprise our government and legislative assembly they would all betray us with their happy-go-lucky collaboration?  Who would have believed they’d become demolition workers? Usurpers of our constitutional rights?  People using fear generated from lies to compel us to do what we otherwise would never do – hurt ourselves, our families, our communities and our Island. 


Any resistance campaign seeking to peacefully overcome evil with good needs to find a way to replace what is corrupt and harmful with something able to secure the common good.  To do that it is necessary to first identify the exact thing that needs to change or happen. Discovering that enables us to determine more precisely where the residence or location of that thing is, making possible clear sight on a pathway and target for subsequent actions.

Such an assessment with this COVID-19 situation reveals that the tyrannical control being wielded over our lives is coming in two key ways, with two very distinct targets: one on individuals, and one on society, especially the economic aspects of our society. They come…

  1. As a direct subversion and attack on individual rights and freedoms, and;
  2. As a direct attack on the self-reliant elements of our society and economyNeither are hidden. We have all watched the profits of Amazon and Walmart and the so-called big box stores soar as the little businesses started here in PEI with love and sweat equity are allowed to collapse one by one with military-type threats of action to anyone defying the closure or restriction measures killing their livelihoods. Why? To what end?

No good reason has ever been provided by either Dr. Morrison or the PEI government to justify the course of action being taken. Why? For one simple reason: no good reason exists!  At least no good reason that is supported by the following:

  1. Science;
  2. The circumstantial facts of PEI’s situation, e.g., flawed PCR test and unreliable test results, science that clearly demonstrates the cumulative harm from wearing face masks, no community nor asymptomatic spread, etc., and;
  3. The very low disease severity and risk of unacceptable negative outcomes, e.g., with over 160 people allegedly infected to date over the span of more than a full year and NONE have been sick enough to go to the hospital: that’s 100% recovery rate.


Stark examples of manifold harms from the first category of attack (personal rights and freedoms) are readily available from the mask campaign alone, an initiative that Dr. Morrison said at one point she would never implement unless we were experiencing community spread, but she did anyways when the time came….a program that she knows full-well has absolutely no basis in science or common sense, because she said that in the early days following the declaration of a pandemic.

Science has established and measured many harms from wearing masks for prolonged periods of time, both physical, psychological, interpersonal and spiritual, all such concerns are being completely ignored by our government, having never been mentioned in the Legislative Assembly, let alone having been considers and discussed seriously.

I know of almost no one who hasn’t suffered harm in one way or another from this evil mask program. Families have become divided everywhere! Parents have taken their children out of school as a result of the School Board refusing to abide by the provincial policy that allows for exemptions – no exemptions are being allowed, which is completely illegal, a violation of our constitutional rights, and contrary to the government’s own policy.

Long-standing relationships with friends and businesses have ended – permanently – as a result of the forced “camping” that has been let loose with the mask campaign working it’s psychological magic since last October.

If masks were invisible, I doubt there ever would have been a mask-wearing campaign implemented. With no science to back the policy – and strong statements from officials AGAINST the sense of wearing masks at the outset of the pandemic [by the very same people now insisting we should keep adding layers] it is abundantly clear to me that the goal with masks was to divide the population while also building “team spirit” with the supporters of the government and its narrative (majority by far, at the outset at least) thereby solidifying their support for the next phases of the long-term campaign to reset the global systems that will impact and affect everything, including our ability to decide the course of our own future here in PEI.

Masks have served as the interim “analog” identification and tracking system segregating and identifying those questioning and challenging authority from those blindly-trusting authority, thereby creating obvious tensions causing conflicts and divisions within relationships of all kinds, within families, and between members in groups in numerous organizations, workplaces and communities. The “digital” identification and tracking system comes next, in the form of the vaccine passport.

We are all experiencing what I’m attempting to describe, so it doesn’t need to be proven. These negative experiences are so prevalent and doing so much harm that it is truly astounding that none of our 27 MLAs are saying a single thing about those harms. 

They wear the masks like badges of honour, always making sure that they have them on for photo-ops and the cameras, despite then immediately taking them off whenever they think the cameras are no longer rolling, as we witnessed recently from Premier King and Minister Bloyce Thompson at the Easter Beef Sale as they nonchalantly visited other unmasked Islanders sitting around tables shoulder-to-shoulder, well within the suggested 6 feet personal bubble that should constitute the private space of others…not a mask in sight.

It’s hard to look at our fellow Islanders in the legislative assembly as the “enemy,”  however we nonetheless need to realize that they hold all the power and are, for whatever reason, not using it to protect us and set us on the right path forward. That can’t be allowed to stand.

Our provincial government (like the others) is fraudulently using health policy and  laws to suspend our human rights and restrict freedoms without any need to do so. And they’re doing it using the most sinister deception of all that has successfully convinced so many Islanders that they must submit to Dr. Morrison’s directives with blind trust, be controlled and restricted, and suffer many harms resulting in a significant loss of personal health and family and community well-being, when that claim is simply not true!

It was likely only by using such an altruistic goal for the deception narrative [i.e., “do you want to kill grandma?”] that government has been able to enlist such widespread support and active participation from so many Islanders.

By employing a carefully-crafted sales campaign on top of the social-engineering campaign, the government has been able to convince large numbers of Islanders that they have a moral obligation to dutifully do whatever they’re told, i.e., to wear a mask or get injected with the mRNA experimental gene-editing technology, we are being enlisted unknowingly in our own emasculation and eventual demise.

Moreover, and perhaps more to the point of this article, and those that will follow in this series, the attack is also destroying our capacity for the self-reliant production and control of the means to ensure  survival and secure the provision of what sustains our way of life and our capacity for self-determination: our local CONCRETE economy.

More accurately and precisely, I should say that what is being destroyed is the POTENTIAL to have a true economy.



The self-reliance challenge for Prince Edward Island begins with a paradigm shift in our understanding of what economy truly means. That shift must move us from thinking about the economy “abstractly,” to concrete engagement, with others, in a planned process that offers the possibility of actually regaining control of our lives and determing the shape of our future.

That paradigm shift is at one and the same time (1) the articulation of a new vision and understanding of what it means to live in community, as well as (2) an exposure of fundamental flaws and unethical principles currently embedded in the foundation of the operating paradigm, confusing us, disempowering us, and legitimizing an unjust and essentially corrupt system.

Part 2 will explore the rotten core at the heart of our economic system as being an “ethic of competition,”  principles that create a cultural ethos of suspicion and excessive individualism. We need to see how language has been used to dupe us into believing that such an ethic of competition is unavoidable, and even intrinsically-good thing (although not perfect) convincing us that it equates with “democracy” and represents the best approach upon which to base a system of human and social organization. That’s false.

All of that will be unpacked in the next article to show how the root deception constrains our sense of the possible and stifles our creativity, preventing emergence of pragmatic alternatives so urgently needed.   We need to – and can – envision, articulate, plan for, pursue, and then realize new models of cooperation by supplanting the ethic of competition with an ethic of cooperation.  How such an alternative ethic forms the principal building block for a new paradigm of economic thinking will be explored in the next article.