All I’m going to say in this preamble is that in my back-and-forth Facebook Messenger communication with this informant, a worker at the Alberton Hospital –  I felt that I was wearing a reporter’s hat half the time, and a counsellor’s hat the other half.

The anxiety, fear, uncertainty, confusion, hurt, sense of betrayal,…did I say “fear”… was palpable with this person, when all the person wants to do is make sure someone listens.

It’s so sad that our Health Care System has come to this unhealthy state of affairs, where any sign of opposition to the mask policy or other lockdown measures, and ESPECIALLY the vaccines and the possible harm they may be doing, is now being felt by workers to be sufficient cause for them to be concerned about being fired.

It is also pretty sad that this person has ZERO faith in our media, who should be all over this story, reaching out to me (like so many others) only because they no longer believe our public broadcaster is willing to challenge the narrative, and are in the same camp as the Health Managers under which these workers are too scared to speak up for fear of losing their jobs.

The MLAs need to say something about the cruel, patently unfair way in which measures are being applied; totally unnecessary measures that are being callously inflicted  on our elderly and infirm – so much so that those charged with their care are being  intimidated, shamed and bullied into silence and submission to what they tell me is “breaking their hearts.” That has to be addressed!  Where are our politicians??  

The picture emerging from what this worker shared with me is one of the abandonment of the most vulnerable, at their most vulnerable time in life – the final leg of life’s journey: “active dying.”  Seriously, are they worried they’re going to catch COVID? Limiting family members to be by their loved-one’s bedside as they pass from this world DESPITE THE FACT THEY’RE FROM THE SAME FAMILY AND DON’T NEED TO SOCIAL DISTANCE FROM ONE ANOTHER is literally a torture campaign being inflicted, coupled with a “say anything and you’re fired” threat cloud hanging over their heads.

The blatant cruelty and inequitable application of the so-called COVID-19 lockdown measures in the Alberton Hospital (one can only suspect it’s similar elsewhere, given that it is the same authority issuing those rules and regulations for all hospital – the CPHO) – if this person is telling the truth – simply can not be allowed to continue!

Is there no one within government, within our opposition parties, or within the Public Service, especially the Health Care System who is not willing to speak up for the truth and the well-being of other Islanders?

I have absolutely no intention of turning my Facebook Feed or Blog Site in a “Tales From the Crypt” morbid entertainment series with the stories and pleas I am receiving at an alarming rate of increase!

If someone else with some actual power and say from within doesn’t stand up and do something soon, I’m going to have to seek other ways to “get through to” the MLAs, I will not give up on demanding a response from the people we’re paying, we trusted, we elected, and now we’re asking to honour their promises and sworn oaths and come out of the darkness with some true concern, discussion and transparency about what they’ve gotten us all into.

I’m not going to sadden and depress you by heaping new and tragic stories every day on the pile in an attempt to build the case that at least one of the 27 MLAs should raise a truthful and priority question in the Legislative Assembly to address the COVID response fraud, and that such a question would hopefully then serves as a catalyst for a much longer discussion and debate that MUST HAPPEN soon.  There is ample evidence now, and it’s being ignored.

NOTE:  No offence Informant, but you’re the worse speller I’ve yet to encounter in life.  I asked for permission to correct  typos, grammar and spelling errors which I received (in a terribly misspelled response) then had the Informant review what is pasted below and give it the response I was looking for: “Yow con ryn wihy taht!!”




Accreditation at our hospitals are cancelled because of COVID. We will no longer have to meet requirements for safety this year. Our palliative care lounge for families are closed, but 3 doors down our TV lounge where all patients and family are welcomed in is open.

Health care workers are paid 4 hrs to get a COVID shot! Patients can’t use oxygen with water droplets because of COVID and its harder on their nose without. We hire extra work load everyday, because we have so many long-term care patients that are in lifts and can no longer mobilize, shaking hands on and off. The pandemic of declining conditions I’m seeing in the Western Hospital is EXTREMELY alarming to me as someone who knows these people and have witnessed the changes, which are many, but often similar.

Blood-clots, headaches, pains in legs, bladder issues, trouble voiding, they seem to have more bad days than good, sleeping all day sometimes, and hard to wake. They simply feel rotten, mental health seems worse. These very well could be side-effects that may or may not be from the vaccine but the concerning part is that no one dare question or concern that it might be. You would be a conspiracy theorist.

Patients downstairs are made wear a mask when they come into ER but once admitted to the hospital they don’t need too???

Palliative patients that are actively dying are only allowed 3 people in the room. Not 4 or 5 even IF THEY ARE ALL CLOSE FAMILY and live in the same household.

Staff are not allowed to have their masks down at any point, not listening to report in the morning, while fuelling up on coffee, or when they are away from everyone charting?? But in reality they all do! And we should be allowed to. In the morning when we listen to report with our mask (up) is the very same place where we eat dinner with our mask down???

We can no longer eat in the cafeteria because of COVID and social distancing, but we can pile into a smaller room for a nurses’ meeting, or CPR??

When I last took CPR it was in a boardroom. Every second chair had tape with a sign that said social distancing, but there were too many of us, so we were told to ignore the chairs with signs and sit on them anyways, and that they must have just put there for show!

Our masks that we are being forced to wear come from China. Each box we open fits different, some too small, some too big, they break easy and are made poorly. I fear we will someday open a box that were recalled and found dangerous!!

The thing that bugs me the most Kevin is the palliative lounge being closed. Can you imagine spending 24 hrs with your dying loved one and not being allowed to go take a break in a private lounge to talk to God or catch your breath? But you can go to the TV lounge with all the other patients.

Staff also just got a gym room and they are talking about getting entertainment in for patients??? During a pandemic??? Yet we can’t have accreditation and make sure our hospital is safe????


Hi Kevin. I just started making a list of everything happening in our hospital that i work at last night because it bothers me so much. I decided to send it to you. I would love for you to share it maybe leave out my [ ] because I fear it may identify who I am.

But yes, I sent it to you for the reason you speak out so strongly. I work at the Alberton hospital.


Thank you.  There is no way with “whistle-blowers” to remain completely anonymous in most cases because those who are closest to you (especially your manager) will know it is you most likely from what you said about them being unhappy with you raising questions.

The trick is to make sure there is no “evidence” communicated that confirms that it is you. That will keep anyone from doing anything or saying anything against you, officially, legally, and openly at least. If they make claims, people would immediately ask: “How do you know that it is….,” and, having no such evidence, they’ll look like a fool with some personal vendetta against you, so they won’t do it.


I should stress that the rules for palliative care families are inhumane – they are not allowed to go to the kitchen or take breaks to eat or drink anywhere in the hospital???? they have to leave or go outside. Could you imagine being with a loved one while they die and not being allowed to eat or drink at any designated area even??

It hurts to see these cruel rules that make no sense and that people are not hurt by this, we as staff get breaks to eat and drink, but family of dying Islanders can’t??

The cafeteria is closed to the public and so is the palliative care kitchen. Also I’m working in a fake environment, staff have their masks pulled down every chance they get and are quick to pull them up when someone comes ??? We were told we are not allowed to take our mask down at anytime throughout the day. not even if we are doing our charting and 6 feet away from anyone else. only at meals????

Just wanted to add this, its on my mind.


Thank you for your courage to testify to the truth about what’s happening in your workplace, and I can see because of the price you are already paying and could suffer more for, solely out of concern for the health and well-being of those under your care as a worker in the Western Hospital.  God love you, and have a grace-filled day enjoying the peace that this world can’t give you but someone can, and I think you know who I’m talking about?


Aww… thank you so much Kevin. I certainly do know who you are talking about!