If anyone has any ideas on what I should say to people who come to realize the truth too late – after taking the injections – please message me. I can talk of eternity, trusting God, what’s really important in the big picture; however, so far I am unaware of any physical remedy (although I’ve seen some claims being made) that has verified data supporting claims of efficacy in alleviating symptoms, or at least amerlieraing them, please message me with the information for me to pass on with my prayers.

The sense of betrayal and anger likely to boil up in our society once the truth becomes established about what has been done to Islanders –  on the backs of one lie after another, with a complete refusal to question the plan or look at any of the charges and claims, and the scientific evidence supporting those charges and claims – is likely to be explosive.  The very most Premier King and Dr. Morrison can do is stop the injections immediately – like TODAY – with an announcement that carries true humility and truth. We need to ask God for the faith that is possible, because at the moment I don’t believe it is going to happen, which leaves us in a real conundrum on a go-forward basis as more people are given what the experts are saying is an early death sentence. so tragic our elected MLAs have – all 27 of them – lost both their tongues and, apparently, their souls.