This video doesn’t need commentary; however, to put things in perspective for us here in PEI, I just want you to picture Premier King and Dr. Morrison when you see their counterparts from other jurisdictions in the video, because they are doing exactly the same thing here – perhaps worse – as the next big lie  that’s already their #1 propaganda pitch is that we – the “unvaccinated” are the problem, and one way or another, they’re coming for us!  

If only PEI had a means of communicating the truth to everyone in a systematic, calm and reasonable way like we used to do years ago, where CBC would host and take the initiative to set up such forums where citizens had the polticians in chairs in front of cameras taking unscripted questions from members of the audience in the public forum! Those days are long gone as politicians hide completely and everything is scripted. When the odd appearance of Dr. Morrison or Premier King happens in the media, with an announcement, they say their piece, then walk off the stage. Again, that our media – all of them – are completely colluding with this in support of the lies and preventing Islanders from accessing the truth about the genocidal campaign underway is…well, scarey.


  1. Thank you for presenting this Kevin. Dr. McCullough put forth all the facts so clearly for those of us who refuse to be vaccinated for Co V 2.

  2. Even if you, Kevin, were to become the Bishop of PEI, you would not be able to undo what is being done. Have you looked up into the sky today. Can you see the poison dispensers flying east to west making the heavens milky white? IT would be fine if IT were powdered milk but IT is not.

    I am fine with myself after all the years educating my fellow man about GMOs and vackzine injuries and trying to form men’s groups at my churches. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough but the Lord preserved me alive up until today. I should have expired many times over for the life I’ve led.

    I am repairing my shed today again, because IT has stopped raining. I am sorry to say that I have avoided in-person church for well over a year because I refuse to wear the face diaper. I don’t know anyone yet in my neck of the woods who does a home church although the guy up the road who runs a lumber mill says he is a believer.

    Perhaps one day I’ll find the Road to Avonlea.

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