There is one thing that’s becoming abundantly clear from the “push-forward-no-matter-what” strategy being employed by the global elite, and executed on the ground by scads of minion, including Dr. Morrison and Premier King:

No matter what credible challenge is made to any given part of that false narrative, it is simply ignored, or if it can’t be ignored and somehow has to be addressed, calmly denied, without explanation nor supporting evidence.

That’s what happened with the PCR test.  PEI is (or at least “was” as of December, 2020) using up to 37.9 for the Cycle Threshold.  Anything over 25 is unreliable; anything over 35 is total garbage and means absolutely nothing. This is not in dispute = it’s just been ignored by everyone, the government, the medical professions, the Official Opposition, and of course the media.  How can this not considered “news”? How can the fact that their is no scientifically credible basis to declare that a single person ever contracted COVID-19  over the past year and a half given the enormous harm that response has caused?

Same with the lack of science justifying wearing masks….in fact, metaanalysis and more recent studies confirming many harms and no benefits. Doesn’t matter to our Premier of Chief Public Health Officer.

Same with the decision to “punish” those who are not jabbed, as if there was any science behind that decision!  No, that decision is part of the “push people” to get jabbed bullying that is both coercive, unethical and illegal. But more than that, the entire ‘segregation’ strategy that is beginning here in PEI as in other places needs to be ABANDONED before it takes root any further – it’s pure evil and will divide us like nothing in our history! There is no science to justify it, no common sense, and no way I’m not going to do everything possible = as I hope you will as well = to make sure our lame-brained leaders don’t do this to us. What are they thinking anyways??? 

I doubt we’ll ever know – they are totally scared to appear before Islanders to answer questions or provide evidence justifying what they are doing. They’re hiding behind a corrupt media protecting the fraud and lies, and they’re not responding to anything that is being sent to them with hard facts and sound science. 

They are carrying on with an evil campaign for reasons that are not at all clear to me, but is beyond tragic. They continue to push for more Islanders to get injected with mRNA, and those getting one shot to get the second, despite apocalyptic death and severe adverse events happening with people.   This, when there is zero need for any needles = Ivermectin is an approved, safe and effective cure for this virus, but that oo has been suppressed, which has resulted in the murder of countless people = being consciously denied a cure, and allowed to die of a curable infection!

Our Premier and elected MLAs simply can not be allowed to segregate us on the basis of an evil lie…that we = those not willing to participate in a dangerous experiment which allows nanotechnology and gene-editing technology (and God knows what else) to be injected into our bodies, especially now that it is now they are not the “v” at all, nor are they “effective” in preventing infections.  Why would any sane person (or government) be continuing to inject this poison into people?

Our leaders and media can’t  be allowed to just keep ignoring and denying truth, not when the consequences for doing so are so tragic and severe on the people of PEI.