LUKE-WARM PRIEST “YELLOW ALERT” (YELLOW TO  REPRESENT BOTH “COWARDICE” AND “HOPE”, as in “tie a yellow-ribbon round the ole oak tree” kind of yellow) 

Any priest who is not prepared to make major changes regarding the messaging that God is asking his shepherds to give to the parishioners in  their flock, I would suggest that you not read this article – it will aggravate you a lot  If, however, you’re open to the truth and want to deepen your relationship with the Lord whom you serve…then by all means, read on.

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Today’s daily reflection happened in prayer for our priests and ministers, and all those in positions of leadership who are so failing their people, and their God, by telling a ‘little’ truth thinking they are still “good with God” when their actions are bringing tears in streams from our Lord as He looks down on our deceived, weakened and, sadly, for many, LOST leaders.

Today’s first reading is a prophetic scream from GOD to them for them to do just one thing: THEIR JOB by honouring the vows they made to give their heart to Jesus unconditionally and not to fear.

If you know your priest or minister or religious community leader and are thinking: “Yeah, lucky we have one of the few good ones!” ask yourself this:

If they are so ‘good,’ and you are convinced that they ‘know what’s really going on’, and you:

(1) can cite numerous occasions when they told their parishioners, their congregants, their ‘sheep’ that we are to follow our loving Lord and not the wiley ways of wicked world warlocks, and you

(2) personally know THEY KNOW that the leading experts in the word (including a Nobel Prize winning virologist who wrote the book on the subject) have confirmed that the mRNA injections are bio-weapons being inflicted on the world by these Godless-eugenic engineers, as a medical experiment that will kill untold numbers of people, then ask yourself this:


I didn’t think so.

And that’s the “great deception” that many priests have become victim to themselves, thinking they were one of the smart ones, making sure that they kept in contact with our Lord (who is Truth after all) and would therefore always know the truth, and yes indeed, then tell the truth, nervously perhaps, but tell it nonetheless, and they have done that faithfully…..but NEVER bringing to the forefront of their frightened minds or sermons the REALLY IMPORTANT truth that charity demands...and by so doing (or NOT doing), they have failed completely in failing to tell the sheep of their flock the danger they are in, THE TRUTH JESUS ALSO WANTS TOLD.

Our priests need to reflect on how they may be deceiving themselves – it might be a sin, but it need not be.

To better understand the dynamics of self-deception, I put a lot of study and research into the dynamics of self deception from the perspective of ethical decision-making, and that was, in fact, the second chapter in my PhD study, “Ethics and Awareness.” 

Never before has understanding those dynamics been more important, so I would highly recommend my own work on that, despite it making me feel a bit queasy doing that publicly.

If you’re a priest, however, it truly is a must-read. It’s a year’s study of literally thousands of articles and books reduced to what I took out of all that, in my attempt to “do something new enough to get a Phd”, which and I think I did, since I got one after submitting it to a panel of people who tried hard to deny me one actually, but that’s another story. This chapter of my thesis is 30 pages:


Priest are – through that self-deception – betraying their flock, and they are bringing the wrath of God upon themselves for doing that, if they have awareness that is, or if they know they should be asking and looking and doing research but chose not to…whatever the state of their conscience, they are not doing what they should be doing: answering the call to ‘lead’ God’s people in the way of what is good and true.

When priests and bishops engage in self-deception, they become blind, and we know what Jesus said about blind leaders – they lead their followers toward the pit, or more cleverly, they let other more evil people do that, as they themselves remain silent and ‘wash their hands’ of the matter, as the God-hating globalists squeeze the will to testify to the truth out of them, with fear.

I understand that it is the furthest thing from an “easy thing to do” for our Shepherds to do the right when they stand before their congregations each week. They need a lot of help, and sadly, they are not getting the help they need.   

They need us to pray for them to receive heroic graces so they will be able to rise to the call to do something truly beautiful for God and for the people in their care…to do the truly holy thing, no matter the cost.

The cost of not doing what God is calling them to do, the ‘right thing,’ is far too high.  We – and they – all need to boldly testify to the truth if we are to (out of charity) to protect our brothers and sisters, also their ‘sheep’.

So let’s pray hard that all religious leaders are somehow led to a deep conversion and an openness to the hard truths they need to ponder, and then share with parishioners as God’s messengers. From that openness, may an awareness of God’s Will then come for them, along with the power to discern the influence of the evil one so they are not manipulated, deceived and kept from doing God’s Will.

I know of someone who wrote a brilliant letter mapping out the truth for the priests of the Roman Catholic diocese in PEI. Of all the priests who were personally emailed this illuminating document that should have resulted in those priests calling an emergency meeting to immediately plan a ‘change course’ strategy to warn the faithful of the evil intentions and dangerous lies behind the entire pandemic response, maybe three or acknowledged receipt, but never commented on the contents, but a couple at least promised to do so. 

He hadn’t heard anything from any of them for a week or so, but, I’m assuming, because he knows many personally, he did get those responses eventually from 2 or 3 priests saying ‘thanks’ and that they were busy, or on vacation, or whatever, and that they would read and get back to him….to my knowledge, none did.


People need leaders not because people are weak or stupid, they need them because of the organizational requirements of groups. Once the size of a group  gets to be a certain size, a leader, or ‘leaders’ – depending on the style of governance – are needed  to ensure everyone remains ‘united’ and going in the same direction as a group sharing the same values, goals and destination.

What happens when only those interested in using power for evil and selfish reasons offer to be the “leaders”? It depends on whether there are any better trees around willing to take on the thankless job of being responsible for a heck of a lot more people than just yourself, and not just their physical well-being, but the fate of their souls.  Who’d want such a thankless job? No one who wasn’t called to it by God, that’s why it’s so sad and tragic to see they in such need, so isolated, still without a “shepherd” of their own (PEI is still without a Bishop since Bishop Greco retired).


The Great Deception has already taken most while they confidently still gaze out the front window at the horizon, keen to detect the ‘evil one’s’ ploys, they don’t realize the evil bastard’s already in the house, having come in the back door while he was peering out the front window.

He should have been peering at the needs of His sheep where he would have heard the voice of truth in the words in the compassion of Jesus he is called to imitate, but as he awaits the big ‘test’ his sheep continue to schedule their 2nd shot, which is a death sentence with the next 2 – 5 years, depending on what world experts you listen to, according to Dr. Zelenko, who developed the protocol using zinc, hydroxychloriquine at the outset and has had a 100% success rate with his treatment, which has been banned and suppressed everywhere, and never mentioned, not even here in PEI.

I have a copy of a letter addressed to Dr. Morrison, our CPHO, dated March, 2020, – at the very outset of the pandemic – from such world experts explaining the effectiveness of these already approved and safe drugs that could be ‘repurposed’ to deal with the problem: that information has never been mentioned or followed by Dr. Morrison as she has pursued the unnecessary and extremely evil injection campaign.

Dr. Zelenko is nominated for a Nobel Prize himself, and other awards, but his work is still being suppressed. When he recently appeared on the Stu   Show – who is openly and unabashedly Christian in his worldview, which he relies on (as I do) to critique the evil happening – he was pushed to answer the big “who” and “why” questions. As a Jewish man of faith, what he says gives you some idea how Jewish people of faith have the kind of insight and wisdom and matter-of-fact “this is the way it is” understanding which they’re willing to share, which seems sadly absent in our Christian Shepherds. The chosen people have a VERY SPECIAL role to play in these end times that many Christians are completely oblivious to…but that’s for another daily reflection. In the meantime, listen to Dr. Zelenko share his almost “off-the-record” personal views on what’s happening:

All a person bent on not participating in the lie in any way, shape or form can do is to remain meek, humble, peaceful and loving, and to NEVER NOT stand on the truth – NEVER ignore it – never tell a lie, at this time, or in the even darker days ahead.

Sadly, most are choosing to ignore the truth it seems, as new lies with zero evidence with catchphrases like “pandemic of the unvaccinated” set things up for the next round of ‘testing’ to see just how much control and abuse and demand for apostasy we are willing to reconcile with before we stand and say, “kill me if you must, but I am compelled to speak the truth and remain fearful and silent no more….”  I could say, “don’t shoot the messenger!” but it’s all the same to them – no messenger, no message.

As I mentioned, not a single priest responded to that treasure house of eye-opening information providing hard evidence and science – especially about the evil and poisonous mRNA injections –  nor did it have, apparently, any impact on the quality of their ‘truth-telling’ in their homilies – it has remained abstract and safe as…(what Island farmers say, with emphasis).

Until our Shepherds can somehow find the courage from God to mention the most basic truths that identify them as actually being enlisted in the war against the Church by members of the anti-church armed with lies and power to make them seem true to people.

Until these wayward souls who self-identify as pastors and shepherds of God (pastors, coming from “pastoral” coming from “pasture” where the sheep are being picked off by wolves) are willing to start telling truths that might matter: until they have the courage to mention that for us here, it is Dr. Morrison who needs to be challenged because she said “..whatever..” and this is NOT TRUE, (holding up a peer-reviewed article from a heavily censored Nobel Prize winning scientists). 

That’s the truth that Jesus wants them to tell people who desperately need someone to tell them the truth who they trust and will be more open to listen to.  So no matter how many times our priests mention that our dear Lord is really present in the consecrated Host, and that heaven is going to be wonderful,…until they testify to the truth that really matters right now, as Jesus always did out of charity and compassion for the real-time needs of people, as he sought to restore and heal them, then they are essentially saying to their sheep – go get slaughtered:


What is holding them back from telling the truth that is easy defended?  It’s a mob mentality, ‘group-think’ social conformity phenomena that we’ve suffered from the past year and a half behind the difficulty factor, but consider this:

“Would you give any consideration to who was watching, what people would say, whether you’d lose your job, etc…knowing that if you were to yell GET OUT OF THE WAY to a child standing on the road with a truck coming barrelling at him (having just heard that the child was put their by evil parents wanting to be rid of him who just raced off)?  Would you for a second think anything other than to yell those words to save a life?  Of course not? So ponder why is it that our shepherds, who actually have an audience that trusts him, sitting calmly, people who are THEIR AUDIENCE – their family in fact, people who call him ‘father’ – listening without interrupting (to the weekly homily) and not a word of the real truth is spoken to possibly save their life or the lives of their loved ones – not a word.”

Smiles and handshakes from Father; a few “praise the Lords” and “have a good week Father!” and the sheep are off to the moderna and pfizer slaughterhouses, where the blood on the hands of those evil people guilty of this horrific, ongoing crime against humanity isn’t seen on the floor from bullet wounds, but remains part of the great deception, hidden, coursing with weaponized killer-spike enhancements, through the veins and capillaries of those being injected.

Dr.  Hoffe, a family doctor in Lytton, BC (again, totally suppressed by media) found that 62% of his patients getting the mRNA had ‘micro’ blood clots, in capillaries, which he found was worse in the lungs, with so many of them there, impairing breathing) –  with a blessing (sigh).


The greatest challenge we face in these hot beach-days of August in Anne’s land,  as the Devil reloads and gets ready for the next wave of attack against us and all that is good, is to give up ‘waiting’ on the Lord, stop being vigilante and trusting that waiting will pay-off, and allow ourselves to be convinced that things are not actually as bad or “evil” as all that fear led us to believe.

We convince ourselves that God would want us to enjoy His beautiful creation and “overcome evil” by forgetting all about it, and just focus on replacing it with a bunch of down-to-earth, plain ole, clean summer fun. That could be a very bad mistake

Be sure to keep an awareness of God with you at all times, that’s the main thing, and learn from today’s  Gospel that those who do not despair, nor give in to their boredom, nor decide that the price to pay to not give up trusting that when the time is right, the Master will come indeed come and say: “time to get to work,” and the recompense will be for you the same “just” abundant fullness of life that God promises all who trust in Him, wait for Him, and are ready with oil in theri lamps to welcome Him when He does.

Brother Anthony, my dear carmelite-hermit friend long-since gone to His reward, once remarked to me about this Gospel passage the following words that I’ve never forgotten:  “To wait is to work as well.” 

Indeed it is! It’s hard work. Really hard work. Godspeed with the waiting for our Lord…the last, most dangerous time when so many apparently get caught off-guard.

I suppose that’s why the way is narrow and those who find it are indeed few. I’ve personally decided to give up everything for Jesus to be a part of that ‘remnant’ – and I don’t think about how many are in it.  I know I am, which is a feeling literally “out-of-this-world.”

We know it is the Will of the Father that all are saved – it’s not a lottery system, and the good news is there’s still time…maybe not a lot though to set things right with God and get on board with doing some of that stuff Jesus suggested.

I might get killed for it before it’s all over but I’m already so much more at peace, full of joy, free I’m actually kicking myself for not giving God everything (which means making that effort each day, by the way, not a ‘one-off’) and if they come with the guns (or more likely needles)…..meh, I’ve had a good run!


I try to imagine what it must be like to stand in front of a congregation – many of whom have by now taken those evil needles having been deceived to do so, some even forcing their teenagers who objected to take them as well.  How does a person speak about such truths? These are indeed insanely sensitive and deeply controversial issues….and yet, that is the charge we all have, especially our leaders who must teach (how can one teach while fearfully avoiding speaking the truth?): to testify to the truth.

When I ponder the positions of many of the Island priests who I know, I really do sympathize and pray for them, and I certainly don’t judge them. I recognize they need more than they currently have to do what they probably sense at least (deep down at least) is a better and more courageous response by way of ‘leadership” and fidelity to the Lord and truth than they’ve shown to date…fearful, confusing times for everyone, and so many lies believed by so many!

Most priests are far past retirement age, which has to be kept in mind as well, and what they are facing is without doubt the greatest challenge of their entire lives – they’re tired, they’re overworked, they’re alone usually, often with a parish level ‘support team’  at odds and hosting a pro-lockdown strategy, with no guidance from a bishop, etc. 

We really need to pray hard now for our church leaders. Perhaps the time has come for lay Catholics to form a totally-independent, parallel lay-Catholic Island organization able to stand as a voice of support for those priests currently needing support and not having any, or much. It would, obviously, also offer a counter and check against false leaders who have now infiltrated and are set to divide, officially, our catholic (literal meaning “universal”) church.

Take the Bishop in Hamilton, Ontario for example (better we have no bishop than one such as this bully without brains):

I had a vision a number of months back with the picture of such an “Island Lay Catholic Council” with 2 representatives (like the 2 disciples ‘sent out’) from each parish coming together into an Island forum of catholic leadership for our divided church. Didn’t do anything with it, yet.


“Jesus, Mary and Joseph…the holy family that fled to Egypt (of all places…the enslavers of your chosen people) to do the “right thing” for Jesus in the face of evil so intent on killing him that the tyrant at the top was willing to kill all innocent male babies born during the time that you were born.

But thanks to the single-minded dedication, love and protection of your  and  our mother and St. Joseph, you were kept safe. May we too be willing to flee, to give up everything and leave it behind without a thought, to protect and honour you as tyrants again seek to kill you, by killing the faith that people have in you by making it more difficult for them to remain faithful.  Increase our faith Lord, so we may never fall victim to the wiles of the devil and lose patience waiting for the revelation of your glory now so near.

We ask that you bestow on your priests and shepherds everywhere special graces of courage and calm, a solid, unwavering, quiet conviction to speak the truth simply and lovingly, and to work with their parish councils and leading parishioners to build a culture of confidence and trust in the Lord to counter the evil that has seeped into the church, so as to prepare the people to hear the full truth.

Father bestow on your shepherds the Holy Spirit so they will lead and teach and help us all to understand and confront the evil that has been unleashed in these last days against you and your church. Let not your holy priests who know the truth, but are fearful and weak, fall victim to the great deception.


Usually after finishing a draft of my article, I take a break, then do a final read to make corrections, which I usually only do once, although I miss some things by not doing a second edit, but I trust in the mercy of our Lord (and the readers) and hit publish after once anyways.

After finishing this prayer, and mentioning Egypt, I walked into my living room and suddenly realised that the column in the picture hanging on my wall of Mary holding Jesus, and Joseph standing guard, was not of the temple in Jerusalem, they were in Egypt. How hadn’t I realised that with that huge picture hanging there all these years?

I was deceived by the prominence of the column that captured my attention each and every time I framed the Holy Family in my mind, never noticing the river, never realising then that there is no such river running through the centre of Jerusalem…ah….how easy the great deception can happen!!