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It was immediately flagged, despite it being an article form the Journal of Infection, so I’m trying to make it available here on my website, and I’ll share more discreetly on facebook.  It’s an important one, since it is urgent that Islanders understand the increasingly-dangerous lie that the imminent illness and deaths from C-19 that we will begin to see soon are a result of those not receiving the mRNA injections.
Despite the overwhelming evidence with government’s own data that the number of people getting infected with the Sars Cov 2 virus delta and newer variants are:
(1) just as likely to be people who have been received the mRNA injections as those who have not;
(2)have MUCH higher viral loads, and are therefore at a greater risk of transmission to others;
(3) are at a MUCH higher risk of severe illness and death (one study comparing “v” and “no v” in the UK revealed an 8.5 increase in the number of deaths with people having received the jabs), and that,
(4) those who have recovered from C-19 have a natural immune response now protecting them.
NONE OF THOSE FACTS (all uncontested) are stopping the lie we read daily in the Guardian, and hear on the CBC, that any harm we might see happen to anyone in the coming days from C-19 WILL ALL BE ON THE HEADS OF SELFISH ISLANDERS WHO WOULDN’T TAKE THE JABS!!
Data from Israel should have ended the fraudulent narrative that continues to pretend the mRNA is effective:
Really, if anyone was to spend a little time searching the issue they’d learn the truth with the official data, but that is not apparently happening enough to stop the mainstream media and government lies.  Here’s a few examples of what a bit of research will find:


This recent study on the delta variant published in the Journal of Infection explains what the scientists have been warning long before the injection campaign was rolled out around the globe: it is the ADE from variants that will kill those with mRNA coursing through their veins.
The “narrow” spike-protein that was synthetically-produced from a code sent from the Wuhan lab [not a live virus sample, but a series of “o’s and 1’s”] to the companies – the initial “variant” of this allegedly “novel” coronavirus, which we now know was engineered, and is no such thing – continues to be injected (despite the fact that it is now known not to prevent infection, and that that infection will be MUCH MORE LIKELY TO BE SEVERE AND DEADLY).   
Because it is doing what it was designed to do as an ingenious bio-weapon that makes it appear that people are dying from a virus when they’re really dying from an autoimmune disease caused by the injections which is triggered by the virus, and causes many of the same symptoms as the virus.
“Since our data indicate that Delta variants are especially well recognized by infection enhancing antibodies targeting the NTD, the possibility of ADE should be further investigated as it may represent a potential risk for mass vaccination during the current Delta variant pandemic. In this respect, second generation v-7 with spike protein formulations lacking structurally-conserved ADE-related epitopes should be considered.”
Of course the language is “cautious” to the extreme, as published science is want to be, however the study is really only confirming – to some extent at least – in “real time” what was understood would happen given that the biological and chemical processes and mechanisms involved were understood and predictable.
The following article offers a good overview of the issues, and contains a link to the Journal article.


  1. https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/transmission-electron-microscopy-reveals-graphene-oxide-in-cov-19-vaccines
    The MRNA spike protein multiples in the trillions in the blood stream but especially in the small capillaries effecting the ability of the respiratory system to supply the heart with oxygen from blood Clotting that are so small regular scans cannot detect. Only the d diamer test with in a week of the injection shows the blood Clotting in the body. The staggering effects of this will be epic on humanity. The healthy un jabbed will be blamed first that is a completely insane fabrication by governments and media until those that allow their children to be injected start to become seriously ill or die will the Great awakening take place. The doctors and scientists that have been silenced and threatened have already estimated a 3-5 year life after blood thinners and therapy after the d dimer test from heart failure. This is the outcome in Israel while the propoganda pushes the variant and un vaxxed , but the statistics show the obvious for anyone with critical thinking and an IQ above 70 that the MRNA synthetic pathogen spike protein has already killed hundreds of thousands around the world and led to a multitude of serious health problems effecting all major organs including neurological and permanent heart damage. All the while all freedoms are being stripped away for the total enslavement and future hell
    Ray from away

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