A few very short clips to make some key points before presenting a critically-important update in a 30 minute video of the “most recent science” – and the VERY disturbing conclusions from that science that politicians are ignoring – as discussed by two Canadian doctors, one of whom [Dr. Byram Bridle] is a leading vaccinologist at Guelph University in Ontario.

Dr. Bridle initially worked on the development of a C-19 vaccine (with a grant from the federal government by the way) until he realized that there were effective treatments (Hydroxychloriquine and/or Ivermectin + Antibiotic  + Zinc [Zelenko protocol]) making vaccines unnecessary.  It greatly disturbed him that information about life-saving treatments was being suppressed by the authorities, and patients were being denied that life-saving treatment.

When Dr. Bridle spoke of the potential dangers of the mRNA injections in a radio interview, he was subsequently attacked and heavily censored, and has since been seeking a forum to debate his detractors, who refuse to enter the arena. Will you sponsor such an event Premier King?

No Premier who Dr. Bridle has so far reached out to with the hope of finding support for an open public forum and debate on the science – a debate that would allow him to tell Canadians what he, as an expert, claims to be able to defend his claims by explaining the mechanisms of the biochemical interactions and processes that happen in the body following injection of mRNA, as a result of the insertion of a designer, synthetically-produced gene sequence engineered to produce a particular type of ‘blood-based’ immunity, but immunity targeting just one tiny region of the receptors on the virus (i.e., the “spike protein” region), and no Premier has been willing to provide him such a forum….will you Premier King? 

As Dr. Bridle explains in plain English, this is not the kind of immunity that actually “protects” us from this virus, or prevents getting and transmitting it. That kind of immunity only comes with and from our ‘natural immunity’ response to the virus entering the body through the respiratory tract – not with the body being tricked to think it entered through the ‘blood’!

No Premier from other provinces – yet – has provided Dr. Bridle the space and opportunity he has requested (and both needs and deserves) to defend his reputation, and to tell Canadians what he – as an expert trained in vaccines – believes are deadly mechanisms and processes that damage the body following injection of mRNA:

Based on the continuously repeated “priority” and foundational commitment made to “transparency” made by the sitting Premier of PEI, Premier Dennis King, I would paraphrase one such incident from Mr. King in the days and debates leading up to the election – that you are about to watch in a short video clip – as follows:

“Yes, Dr. Bridle, we are fully committed to transparency here in the Land of Anne, and my commitment to open dialogue and government transparency is sacrosanct, believing as I do, with my background in journalism, that knowledge is power, and in a parliamentary democracy, THAT POWER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE.”


Premier King’s response when recently challenged by a health care worker sent home without pay for not receiving those dangerous injections, on the “science” purportedly underlying his government’s policies – draws our attention to how the Premier has trusted,  ‘blindly’, PEI’s Rhodes-Scholar CPHO, Dr. Heather Morrison, and simply responds by stating that blind trust, with a “…you know where I get my advice…,” comment, adding, “…though you may not agree with it.” 


Sounds like a perfect occasion where that essential ‘transfer’ of knowledge in an open public debate is being called upon to settle this important matter – yet, what we are hearing to the question from any Islanders to date asking for such disclosure approximates the sound of ‘crickets’!

This clip draws our attention to how the obligation our elected MLAs and Premier have to retain the reins of power has been completely abdicated, being transferred to an unelected health manager, who the government neither:

(1) allows to be questioned, nor;

(2) compels to justify her decisions and actions in response to challenges from Island citizens. 

Dr. Morrison does not, in fact, feel the need to respond to questions from Islanders, and has ignored the science and peer-reviewed findings challenging her orders and policies, neither acknowledging nor responding to letters from Islanders, a pretty big stack of which I have in my possession, copied to me by dozens of Islands, many of which I’ve previously shared on Facebook, not to mention those I’ve sent to Dr. Morrison (and the MLAs) personally. 

MLAs need to explain the basis for this refusal to dialogue and allow debate on fundamental questions.

Did I mention that NO media bothered to report on this amazing event?

Lives are in the balance, LITTLE and innocent lives in our care, yet despite all efforts to bring the light of truth to our Premier and MLAs, the refusal to confront the facts continues, the cone of silence remains securely in place over our legislative assembly, and our elected MLAs –  NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM – felt it necessary to celebrate Island children, and to publicly declare that what is required to protect them from harm will be their goal, as they stand open to truth, in the spirit of openness and transparency that is essential for democracy to keep from sliding into tyranny, and which was promised, vigorously, by Premier King on his way into power.


The inoculation of 5-11 begins within days.  This is tyranny of the worse kind, tyranny aiming at unnecessarily harming innocent children, and a callous refusal to consider stopping until what they are planning can be shown to be necessary with the “best science available” they keep saying they are following.

Premier King: “Islanders did trust you Premier King…will you now honour that trust and respond accordingly if you receive an invitation to defend the science you are unaware of (by your own testimony), but ‘trusting’ without verifying, because you are unwilling to allow Dr. Morrison to be questioned by science?   Why have you never insisted that she answer the questions and concerns of Islanders?”

Did I mention that not a single one of our elected MLAs attended the Freedom Rally/World Child Day celebration?

This is not a trivial matter by any means, but one of the gravest nature, and one of utmost urgency, with the imminent poisoning of innocent children who have so-far by the grace of God been spared; little children who are at no threat whatsoever from this virus – as Dr. Bridle explains brilliantly in the 30 minute video.



Islanders MUST DEMAND accountability for the sake of protecting innocent people of all ages, but especially children, and pregnant and lactating mothers and their newborn or preborn babies.

We need heros in PEI and many are stepping up. We need people willing to become, as an amazing colleague (we have the same academic credentials, i.e., Phd in ethics with many years of teaching same at Universities) who was fired for doing the job she was hired to do “teach students to question claims, think critically for themselves, and thereby learn to discern and judge wisely.” 

She’s one of my heros in this war for the minds of people and the soul of our nation, THRUST, in a very violating way, into the arena to be a gladiator, and she has risen magnificently to the challenge, as is evident in this marvellous speech she gave on democracy as a keynote speaker in a recent public talk she gave, a snippet of which follows, and will hopefully inspire you to listen to her entire address. She has apparently joined The Democracy Fund as the Pandemic Ethics Scholar and she joined The Faith and Democracy Series on October 28, 2021.


Dr. Bridle explains how the mRNA injections against Covid-19 to help us understand the biochemical mechanisms which they “trigger,” under certain conditions, within the body….the results are apocalyptically frightening, and you need to be aware of that before watching this video. 

Dr. Bridle explains how the mRNA functions in the body to initiate both toxic and cancerous processes that damage the body.  These processes are based on basic and sound biological, embryological, and medical knowledge that is textbook and standard, yet is being completely ignored.

He explains how these needles will for certain harm, kill, and shorten the life of manyu receiving the injections. Although he is careful not to make unequivocal predictions for the future, we essentially all have the same biological and chemical processes happening within our bodies, so what he does say about those mechanisms should be true for most people; however, the immunological and overall health status of individuals will obviously impact the severity and/or duration of negative impact and the bodies’ ability to fend of catastrophic damage.

The embedded message of most important in all of this is actually not about the ‘high-tech’ vaccine that’s not really a vaccine, but a treatment technology strategy experiment involving injecting nanoparticles and synthetic “designer” gene-sequences, but rather that there is absolutely no medical, therefore ‘ethical’, reason to inject people (especially children still developing; and pregnant women with developing preborn children) with these mRNA technologies.

Again, keep in mind that Dr. Byram Bridle is a LEADING Canadian vaccinologist. He was, in fact, the recipient of tax dollars from provincial and federal governments, and was working on the development a C-19 vaccine when this all started 2 years ago, even being featured for his “expertise” in a documentary back in the early days of this now 2-year nightmare, with a focus on the early race for vaccines…touted as one of the best in the field.

How the times have changed…just like the health care worker confronting Dennis King recently long praised for her “heroic” service to fellow Islanders now without a livelihood for exercising her constitutional right not to be injected with the mRNA technology.

The other doctor in the video, responding to Island microbiologist Dr. Laura Braden, is Dr. Daniel Nagase, a doctor in Alberta who was fired for saving the lives of three patients, after defying the rules imposed by medical authorities, giving those three patients “Ivermectin,” reversing their demise, and saving their lives.