Many would argue that 2021 was the most corrupt year in PEI politics, ever, and there’s certainly no shortage of evidence to support that claim! However.
I look at things from a different perspective. Yes, we’re definitely seeing more evidence of corruption, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something new, or that it wasn’t there before. It likely only means we’re seeing more of what was previously kept secret.
Premier King currently has himself wrapped up in a million dollar lawsuit in part because he (allegedly) told a gang he’s (allegedly) scheming with on an online gaming proposal to use private emails in order to make sure that I found out about it – and yes, apparently King specifically mentioned that the purpose for the cloak and dagger secrecy was to keep what was going on from MY EYES by only generating documents that would not be produced in Freedom of Information searches. Hmmm….That’s going to be a story to watch for in 2022, sooner rather than later I suspect!
When hidden corruption operating in an undetected way gets exposed, notwithstanding perceptions that’s there’s more corruption, such exposures are actually a hopeful sign things are, or will likely, improve, notwithstanding the perception that corruption is increasing.
Exposing corruption tends to curtail the corrupt activities of the corrupt as they worry about being watched, exposed, and having their dastardly deeds reach daylight [“Yikes!! What would mom think of me if she found out???” kinda thing].
Islanders were lied to in a relentless daily campaign about the pandemic.
It has truly been unrelentless, with daily “case counts”, and a constant worried brow, sullen voice tones, and a priority focus on C-19 in everything government so as to make people believe it is the most important and crucial issue in the world.
It’s all been lies by politicians and media personnel designed to terrorize people, then mold their behaviour to willingly surrender their rights and freedoms as they welcome behaviour modification policies and mandates that were never supported with reasonable arguments or facts, but are entirely fuelled by the fear generated from those daily fraudulent forecasts about a frightening future.
Pandemic propaganda in line with Fauci’s fantastical fraud and flip-flop fiasco from the first day we heard his name drove King to the podium to claim #1 this year, however, the government’s response to c-19 wasn’t the only corruption happening on PEI in 2021!
As is so often the case, attention at Awards Ceremonies falls on the winner, i.e., the #1 in competitions.
The #2, 3,4 contenders are seldom acknowledged for the heroic and exceptional lengths they went to in a bid to win. I will not make that mistake, and will try to do justice to the amazing field of contenders in 2021 in PEI for the coveted award.
This little series may be a bit late as we enter 2022, but I’m a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due, so I’m going to share my picks for the top 10 Islanders who created stink by crapping in the cradle during 2021, and soiling everything for everyone else in the process.
I’m going to start from the top and work backwards, so my next one will be the #2 pick [doubt you’ll guess it, but you should if you think hard enough], and so forth…
Send me what you believe should be on the list, and at what number. If I get enough of the same suggestions, and I don’t have them on the list, I just might be persuaded to replace one of my picks with yours.


Without further ado….DENNIS KING IS THE HANDS-DOWN WINNER OF THE 2021 PEI CRADLE OF CORRUPTION” CUP (and yes, it should be mentioned again that it is indeed “coveted”, at least among the Insider Club –  they just like to keep the matter private, but it’s going public this year).
The big lie repeated ad nauseam  of which the Premier was the cheerleader, with Dr. Morrison pushing him on – that a bioweapon is “safe and effective.” 
Effective how exactly? 
mRNA concoctions don’t prevent Covid-19, and now that nearly everyone’s jabbed and getting COVID, we know it certainly doesn’t prevent infection.   Premier King would have, of course, known that,  if he had read the label on the Pfizer and Moderna boxes that clarifies that they were not designed to either prevent infection, or prevent the spread of infection.
And safe how exactly…? 


In truth, as Premier, Dennis King has earned this award for his support of corruption on many issues, many others on my top 10 list in fact….however, given that the best science on the pathogenic mechanisms at play with the bioweapon King has pushed and pushed and pushed – which will likely, tragically, cause the premature death of thousands of Islanders – it is indeed the Premier’s blink-less insistence of something easily proven false (the mRNA injections are safe and effective) that has earned him dishonour.
The brazen ‘clown-like’ smiley-face Premier lying through his teeth to Islanders about the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA injections catapulted King to the front of the corruption field of contenders for 2021, throwing him deep into the endzone of the infernal realm, characterized by the promotion of what is, in truth, “death-dealing”by convincing others that what will actually cause death, will give life…that’s malevolent malfeasance….murder and lies, in league with Satan, “…a murderer from the beginning and the father of lies.
JESUS:  “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies.