Does “love win” – when you sexualize children with an agenda that makes them focus on themselves first, and not others, as they are developing an understanding of how they are supposed to relate to the world and other people in society?
Does “love win” when you make little children developmentally years ahead of puberty discuss and think about issues that leave them wondering who they “really” are, when they were NOT doing that previously, but only started wondering about that after being told their parents just “assigned” a temporary gender to them until they could grow up a bit and tell us themselves whether they are a boy or girl?
How does “love win” by making children picture sexual acts in their little, hyperactive, prepubescent and incredibly-impressionable minds?
Of all the so-called seven deadly sins, “lust” is the only one that has a direct power over the body creating the psychological conditions for self-deception, and generating strong inclinations that can easily lead to all kinds of problems, especially psychologically, ethically, and spirituality.
If you’re thinking about hurting somebody, you have to then take steps to commit the actual “sin” of hurting someone [although Jesus did tell us that to even think about hurting someone in your heart with the intention of wanting to would be wrong as well, of course].
But, if you bring images of naked bodies into your mind, especially dynamic ones engaged in various sexual activities, you’re likely to become sexually aroused before you decide to actually “do” anything!
As Meatloaf’s lyrics to his hit “Bat Out of Hell” articulated nicely, “sex on the brain” can quickly take you down the road to weakville!
“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak,” says St. Paul, BUT [and this is an important “but”], with children, THERE IS NO OTHER SPIRIT than the one we put into them and encourage!
This titillating world of “physical pleasure without boundaries” that is being encouraged in the public schools with a new curricula to create Queer Society, is being presented to children completely outside of any real ethical or religious worldview, which takes them out of and away from ethical and religious beliefs and values of their home life and the cultural and religious communities to which their family belongs.
They begin to feel the difference and conflict between what they’re hearing at home and what they’re hearing in school, which can create divisions at home, starting with growing suspicion and distrust of parents.
More than anything though, it generates a great deal of age-inappropriate interest and curiosity with sexual activity, and for many, likely an unhealthy preoccupation, because as we know, what the kids hear about sex in the classroom they would then “titter and giggle” about with their blushing schoolmates further embedding it their minds.
Then those images and video reels of sexual acts put into their heads at school, and discussed with schoolmates, are taken home after school where they can then connect with the “best of the worst” on the internet for free, in the privacy of their bedroom and engage in activity their parents would likely call fornication, but their teachers would likely call homework.
We now have a situation where little children are being encouraged at school to find safe spaces in their home to masturbate. I’ve honestly seen that in numerous materials produced for public schools in some jurisdictions, but whether it’s happening yet in PEI, I’m unsure.
What I do know is that children everywhere are being flooded with pornography, violence and all kinds of depravity, present in all types of media, but especially social media.
The many serious problems that this is causing with children is absolutely heartbreaking. The stats show that an entire generation of youth have effectively been abandoned, and are being exploited in multiple ways by a number of corrupt systems, a ruthlessly-mean economy, and an adult culture of narcissistic self-serving people who talk inclusion but are really trying to “include” children in their world.
These are significant people in children’s lives such as teachers, which is the problem, people with no legitimate legal right, nor permission from those with legal rights and responsibility to be doing any of this, but regard themselves as “quasi-custodians” of those children…. self-appointed “proxy-parents,” who just happen to know what’s best for the children more than those with legitimate guardianship. Sometimes what’s better for the children is to keep the parents in the dark.
This new sex education agenda of “queer-culture” – coupled with a spirit of “feel-good libertarianism” – effectively gives children the idea that they are getting permission to “not feel shame or guilt” when participating in the warped world of www after they get home from school!
When you present sex as natural, fun, and to be experienced in whatever way that feels right to you, with whomever you want, to CHILDREN in a culture the likes of which we’re living in today, why should anyone be surprised to see an 80% increase in online “sextortion” in one year in Canada (see attached)?
This gender fluidity is really messing kids up badly because of its fundamentally illogical nature. It forces children [with the force of conformity within a social context of “power imbalance”] to accept what they know intuitively deep down is not real.
This situation creates the conditions for what we’re seeing in our youth population by way of the manifestation of a whole range of social problems… how could it not?
Whoever thought that it was a good idea to tell kids that they don’t know who they really are, even whether they are a boy or a girl, and that there’s a whole range of exciting possibilities they perhaps were unaware of previously they should give some consideration to? This didn’t come from any committee of Islanders!
Those pushing this agenda refuse to see the obvious relationship between the culture of concupiscence they are creating as the normalized “social ethos” within the school on the one hand, and the dire consequences this is creating in our children on the other.
All of this, along with the unscientific concepts of multiple “genders,” which they acknowledge is different from sex, but then use as if the concept of gender was equivalent in meaning to sex, insisting, for example, that a biological male must be called a woman when they are clearly not a woman, and never will be a woman, is, quite frankly insane.
This is also obviously very destabilizing mentally for children, because they often intuitively know it doesn’t make sense, yet they can not speak that because of the power imbalance and negative dynamics of conformity that crushes a sense of safety and expressing difference, so they quickly decide they must be wrong, their parents are in fact dinosaurs and only two people, whereas in school there is a whole bunch of people of the same mind, so they begin to assimilate, accommodate and accept it, and then they forget that it’s illogical all together, and become a card-carrying citizen of wokeville and enemy of the truth.
This is truly a sick and divisive pedagogy being peddled!
And it’s rapidly becoming more and more entrenched in our schools. Believe me, it is not an agenda meant to appeal to any process of critical thinking – it is a method being employed to divide families, and to gain loyal support from children for a worldview that is not the the one belonging to their parents and culture and religion…. it’s a kind of genocide of all of that happens through the children. The often-heard slogan “they’re coming for your children” is no joke.
It’s not an agenda that originated with Islanders, it came down the pike to us (with support from the media and local politicians of course) from the globalists, just like the jab mandates that took away our constitutional rights and freedoms with the pandemic.
Next on the agenda is Critical Race Theory, which is really scary, and needs to be stopped before it destroys our children completely, as it has in many other countries, fragmenting peaceful society into fighting and arguing factions, where children, again, often join the mob mentality and turn against their own parents and family.
Parents are now entrusting their children to people who are apparently willing to destroy the trust between those parents and their children.
I heard two shocking “real-life” stories yesterday that I know to be true. I knew that “queer ideology” and “gender fluidity” thinking had already become entrenched within the Public School system, however I had no idea they have taken things to the “practical level” of actual strategic intervention with children to the extent they have.
Islanders really need to wake up and stop what’s happening to our children. Our challenge is not to convince those doing this to our children that it is wrong, because they will not even participate in a discussion about that, and have no intention of doing anything but further entrenching this agenda in the schools.
The goal has to be to force a change with responsible Islanders themselves rising up together to say “enough is enough!,” that government is trespassing on parent’s privileged parental property” and need to leave immediately.
Our PEI laws clearly stipulate that children under the age of 18 are the responsibility of parents, not “woke teachers” who consider those parents to be dinosaurs hurting the children under their care during school hours!
Who is serving who exactly in the public school system when this approach becomes the ‘modus operandi’ attitude, and I am not exaggerating this point!
Convincing woke people of anything is impossible at this point because they will not listen to anything that they don’t agree with already, and what they hold to is crazy not logical or based in reality.
They’re not ashamed that they’re living a life based on fantasy, truth is irrelevant, it’s only feelings that matter, so because thinking is not on their agenda, they may not even be aware of their hooking their wagon to irreconcilable contradictions. That’s why they go into a rage if anyone goes near that territory.
That creates a major blindness that gives them confidence, so they not only are not ashamed of what they follow themselves, but push it on everyone else in an arrogant mode that’s beyond astounding to those who can see what’s really true.
It’s as plain as a bully trying to force other kids in the playground to say that 2 + 2 = 5 just to show that they can be made to do that!
We can’t let grown men in dresses educate our children anymore. All this focus and talk of sex to kids has got to stop. It’s got nothing to do with inclusion… is an adult pleasure agenda that we need to have taken out of our schools entirely if we’re going to save our Island and our children from the continuous and relentless attempt to divide us and create social chaos!
I honestly don’t know an Islander that doesn’t think that people who are adults should be allowed to do what they want to do in the privacy of their own homes as long as they’re not breaking laws and harming other people.
You don’t need to take the kids with you!
In fact we’re not going to let you take the kids with you!
We can’t worry about the consequences for telling the truth if you want to protect our children. You wouldn’t care what you look like or what anyone would say if your child was falling into a well and you had to make a move to save them! It’s no different here.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking there’s time to think about it because there’s not, we’re losing this battle for our children.
It’s not that they’re influencing them on one or two things, they’re destroying the bonds that exists between them and their families, and they are going to become lost souls in this life and possibly the next.
We must imitate Jesus in testifying to the truth that we live and see. If we’re too scared to do that, how are we going to stand before God and explain ourselves?
But we have to be shrewd, because for many people to go public right now on this issue would be to be “canceled,” maybe lose a job, and that’s likely both unethical and stupid. A commitment to testifying to the truth doesn’t mean that you have to yell from the rooftop as soon as you make it, you plan a strategy so you’re in a position of safety with others when you do!
Now is the time to organize and build a base, and that is happening. You will see many more posts in the coming days and weeks from me on this critically-important issue for our island.
I have already been in contact with a core organizing group of people who have a petition with over a thousand names on it. I’ll talk more about that later, this is nearly a book now.
Oh yeah, I went rambling down a side road and almost forgot….
What were those two incidents that I heard about yesterday, from a concerned parent who attended a couple of key meetings where this information was shared?
1. An Island parent HAS LOST custody of children after Child Protection Services intervened when the parent refused to use proper pronouns with the child who was suddenly claiming to be the “opposite sex”.
2. Because it is acknowledged within the school system that helping children claiming to identify as the opposite sex with their transition journey becomes “challenging legally” whenever the child is keeping it secret from his or her parents, teachers, at least some, in our public school system are now willing to circumvent the legal “gray area” by secretly arranging meetings with children outside of school, and outside of school hours!
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