It is so sad to see our MLAs opt for ‘anti-democratic’ responses to social issues of immense importance to our Island; issues such as the ‘top-down’ promotion of queer culture happening within the Public School system under the guise of ensuring the protection of human rights, and the health and safety of children.

The false belief that children’s “health” depends on them having full control and legal autonomy over their own bodies, and their choice of sex, identity, etc., is being blindly supported by our government as part of queer ideology, and stands AGAINST THE GROWING BODY of scientific and legal evidence that says children are being harmed by these experimental procedures upon which an entire new medical industry is being built.
That evidence is also revealing how the promised positive benefits of puberty blockers and other medical transitioning surgical procedures are NOT only unfounded and completely unsupported by any reputable science, but most are now proven to be false, with strong evidence they are causing life-long and irreversible harms.
The cowardly, silent support of this ideology by our MLAs which is fast-transforming our society is leading us down very dark and dangerous roads in PEI. Unquestioned support by MLAs is pushing us to accept ideologically-driven notions, laws and practices that are NOW BEING FRANTICALLY ROLLED BACK in many European countries! How insane is that?
And the rapid rolling back of those policies and laws by several EU countries recently, (scroll down my feed for a recent post on this) is not for any ideological reason, mind you, but is happening SOLELY as a result of the overwhelming weight of the REAL WORLD SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE OF HARM being caused to children.
Our Island MLAs have so far not even been willing to entertain any discussion other than that dictated by the Trans Alliance and supporters, which is one that’s completely abstracted from the true reality of what is happening to our children and what is being discovered elsewhere, in countries that went down this road years ago.
The power of this “Queer cultural ethos” is so great in the world now, and so opposed to the idea of the ‘traditional family structure,’ that anyone espousing the idea of marriage between a man and a woman as the only sane and logical basis upon which to establish order and peace in society – in place of ‘individual rights” – gets labeled a ‘hater’.
It is abundantly obvious to anyone with eyes to see that children are in need (for obvious biological reasons) of both a MOTHER (female sex) and a FATHER (male sex), yet Queer culture is bent on undermining that foundation of society, of “undoing” this natural order by replacing it with transhumanist-gobbledygook talk from fantasyland with no basis in logic or science, only the subjective dreams of individuals, thereby creating both personal confusion and social chaos by driving wedges and trying to make us believe that the family structure is evil (patriarchal, oppressive).
In so doing, they are destroying the very building blocks of our communities and Island society.
It takes courage to listen to the the ‘still-small voice’ of one’s conscience echoing truth deep within, a still-small voice that is actually whispering a SCREAM in this case….but is unfortunately being muffled from the willful repression of fearful people feeling the weight of social conformity. Consequently, the urgent message is not given sufficient attention to stay in consciousness long enough to create a sense of what is ‘true’, as well as both feelings of empathy and a sense of obligation to act morally.
It is so much easier for MLAs to just join the trans folk holding high their ‘clenched fist in the air’ pink, blue, and white trans flags of defiance than stand alone for the truth in a photo-op behind the Coles bldg. It’s safer for them…for children? Not so much!
Let’s hope for a hero MLA, because Island children and their parents need MLAs to do their job and to act responsibly!
The demonstration happening tomorrow will likely be another missed opportunity for our MLAs to do what their conscience would CLEARLY tell them to do IF they were to stop for just a minute and listen to it: and that is this; TO CALL FOR A FULL PUBLIC DEBATE on these issues, and to put a Legislative process in place that would allow both sides of this highly-polarized issue regarding parental rights an opportunity to honestly and openly present their best evidence for their respective diametrically-opposed positions!
MLAs should be calling for A FULL PUBLIC AND LEGISLATIVE discussion on these issues at a minimum, perhaps even a special All-Party Special Committee Hearing with witnesses.
What we will likely see come out of tomorrow’s event is another serious distortion of the truth by the local media, and a complete ignoring of the facts that will never be considered or discussed by the MLAs tomorrow that are of such urgent concern, and which are SO CONSTITUTIVE AND ESSENTIAL TO UNDERSTANDING THE ISSUES.
Hannah Bell, of all people, should know that apart from the ideology lurking behind any issue, the fundamental principles of our parliamentary democracy DEMAND that the facts not be suppressed under a mob-mentality, and for this issue, that means that elected representatives not simply join with Queer culture advocates by responding to legitimate questions from parents with shunning, ridicule and calumnity!
A Judicial Review took place in the UK in 2020 to determine whether children have the capacity to decide to take puberty blockers without approval from parents.
The ruling recounts an amazing amount of very concerning information, and I would highly recommend that you take the time to read it (link below); but of course, the Judge was only asked to ‘rule’ on one leading question, that being on the issue of the capacity of children to make these decisions legally without parental approval.
The discussion of all the science and other issues found in the Judge’s ruling are there to establish the background and context for determining the complexity of the issues needing to be considered by the child.
The judge’s many statements confirming a lack of any science or proper informed consent for claims about positive outcomes is particularly disturbing, but not surprising to me, and typical of the uncritical support we see happening here as a phenomena in youth, where gender dysphoria is not an extremely rare mental illness as per the psychiatric Manual of Diagnostic Disorders as it was a few years ago, but a frenzy and fad enlisting thousands of youth into the idea [and decision] that they will be happy as the opposite sex found on social platforms like tiktok.
The conclusion in that UK LEGAL ruling includes the following paragraph:
“It is highly unlikely that a child aged 13 or under would be competent to give consent to the administration of puberty blockers. It is doubtful that a child aged 14 or 15 could understand and weigh the long-term risks and consequences of the administration of puberty blockers.” [See: https://www.judiciary.uk/…/Bell-v-Tavistock-Judgment.pdf ].
In PEI, there is no evidence that the recent call by the Child Advocate to change laws and policies to ensure that children should have their ‘rights’ recognized TOOK ANY OF THE COMPLEX MEDICAL AND ‘RISK/BENEFIT’ ANALYSIS into consideration, concerns such as are evident in the ruling by the UK Judge!
This is a serious issue that needs to be recognized and given full consideration by our MLAs before they willy-nilly go forward making such changes to legislation!
The irresponsible way in which the CBC, Guardian and Eastern Graphic are distorting the foundational concerns being raised by parents – and Patty van Diepen, the English School Board Trustee who recently resigned, at least in part as a result of a lack of ability to have parent’s concerns about the new gender guidelines in the Public School system addressed – is a very sad statement on the health of our so-called democracy.
The local media present stories as if there was only two issues for consideration, that being (1) the issue of ‘rights’ of trans people, and (2) the increasing need for ensuring the ‘safety’ of trans people.
Parental concerns about how the guidelines could lead to the harm of their children, (not to mention their parental rights, which, by the way, the Criminal Code of Canada obliges parents to take seriously enough to make it a crime to NOT provide for the safety of their children) are being falsely construed by the media as “conservative non-liberal beliefs,” with subtle (and sometimes ‘not-too-subtle’) implications that those “few” parents have no other concerns, but simply stand in opposition to our secular, liberal society because of traditional religious beliefs.
The media are not only guilty of offering misinformation on these issues of great public concern in our communities, they are providing intentional DISINFORMATION.
I know this because I know they are deliberately withholding important facts they were given; or, as we heard from former journalists testifying at the Citizen’s Hearings that just happened, what they write regarding those ‘facts’ gets rewritten by their boss-editors, making the original unrecognizable.
Either way, the compliance of reporters with such censorship ensures that the truth does not get told to the general public.
Because the perpetrators of this ideology of Queer society striving to replace what has worked for the world for as long as history has been recorded (the mom-dad-children unit) now seem to be so powerful and successful, it can appear, especially with all the censorship and distortion of truthful messaging from concerned parents, that there are only a handful of people against what we see happening at breakneck speed concerning the imposition of ideology and the normalization of the sexualization of children.
Not true!
We are the majority.
We need to ponder that to gain power, then organize to demonstrate that fact publicly. If we don’t take that step things will not change!
If I didn’t think that was true, I wouldn’t be taking the time to do this research and write these posts. I’m certainly not doing it for the good of my health, money or fame! I’m doing it to encourage all of us to take a strong stand on this historically-important battle for “good over evil”, of “commonsense over nonsense,” and to do it in defense of children who are the innocent victims on the altar of this narcissistic insanity who have no voice of their own to stop what’s happening.
The lawsuits are starting to produce powerful public documents detailing the evidence destroying the claims of health behind gender transitioning. Although the local media will undoubtedly ignore it, our MLAs SHOULD NOT!
The following website provides powerful information on the growing number of destroyed lives of ‘transitioned’ Canadian youth, parental rights fighting against what’s happening, on transitioned youth now wanting to de-transition (or who have already de-transitioned) and who need medical and counselling supports they are not getting, and many other issues.
As is often heard is the case with and from those injured from the C-19 V-needles, they were effectively GHOSTED by both the medical profession and media for one simple reason: they were bad news in a ‘good news’ narrative on the positive benefits of those needles.
How crass. How evil!
We are now seeing a growing number of people who went through the process of trying to transition to the opposite sex, then at some point realized what they were told is possible is not real, and attempt to ‘de-transition’.
Many report feeling scarred and mutilated, often full of shame and confusion for having pretended to be something they often knew ‘deep-down’ they were not, condemned to live a publicly-supported fantasy, and betrayed by people pushing a lie as truth, which seemed true because of all the support they got from all the professionals, without question.
Those who regret believing the lie (i.e., trying to do the impossible: ‘change their physical body to BE the opposite sex to what they are’} and wish to help prevent other children from suffering the same experience and harms now find they are unable to have their stories told.
Usually they are not even able to be acknowledged as existing, because, of course, they too are bad news stories in an ideological battle that’s all about a culture war and a struggle between what is good and what is evil, what is truth and what is a lie.
From the perspective of the pro-queer worldview folk, it seems that there’s only room for the ‘happily-transitioned’ young person in the story that you can “choose” your sex and change it to ‘be who you really are,’ and that you will then be happy.
That is the only narrative our MLAs have so far been willing to entertain publicly.
The first Canadian lawsuit by a ‘de-transitioner’ was filed in Ontario in February, 2023:
“In her crowdfunding statement, Michelle writes: ‘Each step involved irreversible alterations to my body and came with serious risks but all were met with little challenge despite my longstanding history of mental health struggles and no indication of gender-related distress in adolescence or childhood. I am alleging that this lack of inquiry is a failure of due diligence amounting to medical negligence towards a vulnerable patient. I will live with the effects of this “treatment” for the rest of my life.'” [See: https://genderreport.ca/shocking-lawsuit-in-canada-by…/ ]
Here are a few of her own words, as found on her crowdfunding page:
“Through this action I am not only seeking justice for myself but also hoping to raise awareness about the reckless nature of “gender-affirming” health care. Concerns about it have been raised internationally, with several countries altering their approach in response to systematic reviews of the evidence. However, here in Canada, discussion about it has barely gotten off the ground. I hope to start the conversation.
I am being represented on a contingency basis. I am crowdfunding to cover out-of-pocket expenses, such as those for obtaining records and hiring experts. I’m a low-income individual who has been on disability for the past couple years. It’s always been difficult for me to ask for help, but I will not be able to move forward without it.” 
At present, the statement of claim has been filed, the Defendants have been served, and we are in the prices of collecting medical records. I will keep everyone informed of updates as I receive them.” [See: https://www.givesendgo.com/michellealleva ].
Hannah Bell and every other person who might be thinking that the call to ‘protest’ on the 9th is to “SHUT DOWN THE HATERS” and solidify support for the existing guidelines can thank our CBC, Guardian and Eastern Graphic for such even being possible, as they are ideological-partners in the script, as they all together deliberately and intentionally refuse to report on the overwhelmingly harmful health impacts from what they are defending, FOR LIFE, on children. 
As the UK Judge’s ruling mentioned earlier, on whether children in the UK have the capacity to make the decision to take puberty blockers in the UK outlines, in great detail, the benefits of radical blocking puberty and undergoing medical transitioning are not proven, but based on assumptions, and states emphatically that the entire approach remains ‘experimental’.
I suspect that barring some kind of ‘conversion’ experience overnight, all of the PEI MLAs will happily, and mindlessly, stand with Peers Alliance in the event at the Legislative Assembly, and they’ll be claiming they are committed to ‘keeping our students safe,’ you can be sure. Ironically, by refusing to allow the FACTS of the harms to put on the table and discussed, which is their duty and job, they will be perpetuating harms on children with their ignorance and cowardice!.
There is an EXCELLENT website chocked full of resources for Canadian Parents concerned about how their rights are being supplanted with Gender Ideology. Start here with an article on the known “harms”: https://genderreport.ca/harms-of-gender-affirmation-care/
The saddest part of all of this post is in knowing that if our MLAs continue to ignore the truth and further foster and establish the lie that “a boy can be a girl, and a girl can be a boy” by allocating tax-dollars to support medical costs for such choices deemed to be “health affirmation,” they have failed in the very thing they will claim tomorrow to be seeking to achieve: “KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE!”
They will instead be worsening the tragic trend with their silent support, likely to be followed in the House with new public policies that will not only likely result in the government failing to ‘keeping students safe,’ but bring the ruin of innocent children being forced by cowards to question reality itself, cowards unwilling to have a public discussion of the facts on these important issues, but all too willing to use the weight of law as a hammer to quash the rights of that child’s parents as well!
The challenge may seem daunting, but the moral duty to act is paramount on this issue. That begins by becoming educated on the facts, and by taking the time to review the science that I keep referring to in posts.
Go to the website Gender Report and book mark it – it is an excellent source of up-to-date information. I’m sure you’ll find something that grabs your interests big time. Maybe that will spark an increase in not only confidence from knowing what is true, but courage and passion to take action.
Might I also suggest calling your MLA in the morning before the event tomorrow at 11am to let him or her know that there are MANY Islanders who want responsible action taken immediately on these critically-important issues affecting Island youth!