Have you ever seen a movie where a “secret” meeting of all the secret spy agencies in the world happens, annually?
I didn’t think so. It would kind of defeat the whole protagonist/antagonist backbone of the movie, eh? Unless, of course, there was a secret global coup secretly scheming against the population of earth itself, but that’s pretty farfetched crazy talking, or so I thought until I scanned today’s Guardian and found the attached article!
Apparently the spy-chiefs of national Intelligence Agencies from around the world have indeed been meeting at annual secret meetings to (presumably) share intelligence, with each another.
It seems we’re not only now living in a national “surveillance state” under Trudeau (soon to get much worse with his new censorship bill recently passed), we’re living in a “state” of surveillance from governments around the world, by proxy, who operate secretly against their own citizens.
Do you find you’re having trust issues with our Intelligence Agency CSIS? Not alone.