Today is the feast day for St Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the church. Someone is named doctor of the church when they offer incredibly insightful and transformative guidance into how to become holy. That Is what Saint Bonaventure did in a brilliant way, talking about the difference between living a life In the flesh and a life in the Spirit, and how to move from the former to the latter!
Listen to this audio book in your spare time today and make haste to holify yourself with the good doc!
A taste of the doc’s medicine:
“If you do not know your own dignity and condition, you cannot value anything at its proper worth. One must first take thought upon one’s own soul if the angelic and divine natures are to be correctly estimated and esteemed. If you are not able to reflect upon yourself, how will you be fitted to investigate the things above you? “If you are not yet worthy to enter the first tabernacle, how will you have the effrontery to enter the Holy of Holies?” (Richard of St. Victor)
If you wish to be lifted up to the second and third heavens (Cf. II Cor. xii, 2), you must pass through the first; that is, you must pass through your own heart”