Any idea who started the Trojan war? Well I’ll tell you: it was the goddess of strife and discord, Eris (the Roman equivalent was of course the goddess “discordia”).
She started the war by dropping a golden apple in the midst of some vain people she knew would fight over it. And they did, big time!
Eris inscribed on the apple “for the fairest” before tossing it.”IT’S FOR ME!….[OUCH]….NO, IT’S MINE!!”
What a perfect name for the new lockdown variant, eh, – Eris! I think the message here is clear, with a bit of pondering some “real facts” about the science contrasted with present-day Eris-variant fear mongering!!
If you check the word Trojan in the Webster dictionary you’ll find a secondary meaning for the word is, “a merry and often irresponsible or disreputable companion.”
Hmm. Sounds a lot like Eris to me, so we best prep for another Trojan War!
And don’t be like Eve. Just ignore the damned Apple!