This attached graph is from the CDC. These are facts about the needles. They report these “actuals” as a matter of law, but it doesn’t seem to impact the lack of awareness in the general population caused from being deliberately lied to and led astray. Is that what Dr Morrison is doing? You decide.
What we do know is that what Islanders and Canadians right across the country are hearing about the importance of getting a booster from people like PEI’s own CPHO Dr. Morrison – as they ramp that program up again with kids back in school.
That program is not based on any factual data that would normally be used to inform recommendations for health decisions made to the public in special national and provincially-coordinated and synchronized news conferences.
What we are getting are the same old slogans like “safe and effective” and preferred propaganda platitudes such as how a needle adds another “line of defense” in our arsenal of weapons in the war against the virus. Yawn.
Why aren’t we going to war against the common cold? What! Too common?
As Dr Tam admitted the other day when she was questioned at the end of her staged-news conference telling people to…uh oh… “get their masks ready,” and to get vaccinated again, the strain that’s on the go is actually very mild, with symptoms similar to getting the cold.
Yet there she was, the top doc in the country on the world stage talking through a piece of cloth to the Canadian public as if the sky was falling!

[I’m so embarrassed for Canada…we can’t even do psyop propaganda properly!!]

Remember Tam’s stunning national recommendation that people having sex should get out of bed to use glory holes?… pretty scary stuff.! And you’re absolutely right: you can’t make this stuff up nor would a sane person ever want to!
If Dr.Morrison was to give Islanders the facts about the needles with a real concern for their health and well-being she’d be holding up this chart from the CDC WARNING Islanders against the corporate push for another needle in their arm to inform them that if they foolishly line up for the jab, then they’re going to be a lot more likely to also end up in the hospital!
That’s a fact.
Where is your commitment to the best science Premier King in not holding Dr Morrison to account in making sure Islanders are getting those facts?
Anyone hear when the official opposition is back in the province? How long are they gone for anyhow? Seems like it’s been forever. No one tells me anything!
Ask yourself why we are being told to do something that could lead to greater harm to us than if we did not do that thing being recommended?
And that’s without even mentioning the phenomenal and well-documented Adverse Events being caused in a myriad of ways as the bio-engineered spike protein in the jab persists and spreads in the body, attacking and undermining the body’s natural immune system resulting in the re-emergence of diseases that were under control, as well as the emergence of new diseases.
There are new peer-reviewed studies every day discussing the way the MRNA injections are causing an increase in the manifestation of virtually every disease in the book!
If we weren’t living in a lawless situation, then a democratically-elected government would not allow this to be happening.