Fleeing Babylon

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Have you ever seen a movie where a “secret” meeting of all the secret spy agencies in the world happens, annually?I didn’t think so. It would kind of defeat the [...]
I’m always amazed at how the liturgical unfolding of the daily Scriptural readings used in the celebration of the Mass seem to be what I need to hear. Being a [...]
Today’s Gospel is a powerful reality check Jesus gives all those who claim to follow him as his disciples. As was the case with Jesus, the cross comes before the [...]
BOYCOTT THESE EVIL CORPORATIONS TRYING TO NORMALIZE QUEER SOCIETY AND THE LIE OF GENDER FLUIDITY. Show them this kind of sick Ideological Business Strategy will result in the end of business.  We [...]
POST UPDATEI just checked the “gender” on the likes to see whether more men or women approve of the idea about what constitutes a real man. Guess what?Yep,More than twice [...]
If you are on board with the belief that we are now living in a unique period of history in which we are being called to stand against an increasingly [...]
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