Fleeing Babylon

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In a time of peace, catholic clergy can preach the truth about heaven and earth and everything in between while still not being faithful followers of Jesus in their hearts, [...]
I was looking for an article I had published years ago and this popped up! My lyrics evoke memories that never fail to bring a few tears. The recording wasn’t [...]
Partnering with video game giant Activision-Blizzard for the release of their upcoming title “Diablo IV,” KFC is laying low about the campaign featuring the demon Lilith. Little surprise – hard [...]
Blasphemy! Invoking God to give His Blessing on the transitioning process from what He created someone to be to what their deluded thinking tells them they are? ….from what Scripture states [...]
Note: This will likely be my last FB post until the launch of my new website “Fleeing Babylon,” which will hopefully be happening soon. I will be dedicating the time I’d [...]
Why aren’t we hearing it from the pulpit? There are 3 consecutive paragraphs in the Catechism of the Catholic Church that I suspect few Catholics are familiar with; meaning, of [...]
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