Fleeing Babylon

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I took this capture from a JP video on Disney’s latest “Snow White” movie that went SUPER WOKE like all their latest movies. They completely rewrote the classic…in this version, [...]
CENSORSHIP:  NOT THE KIND OF “HOLE-LINESS” GOD WANTS FROM US The deceptive preoccupation with not causing “OFFENCE” is indeed causing a fence (many actually) to be erected among us to divide [...]
Parents concerned about what is happening to their children should be following Tasha Fishman- everyone should be, actually. This is her post: Do you smell the set up? Parents do not [...]
It’s always good to know exactly how much you’re being gouged when they come at you with a knife, so you can figure out what size of bandage you’ll need. There [...]
In my most recent post from a few hours ago on the number of excess deaths in the United Kingdom since the pandemic was announced in February, 2020, a question [...]
Why are the members of our political opposition Parties in PEI not asking government about the excess deaths that are happening in PEI? Lawlessness reigns when leaders run from the truth [...]
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