Fleeing Babylon

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Don’t get me wrong – I’m all about celebrating the culture of immigrants settling in PEI – I started the PEI Multicultural festival that has ballooned into multiple cities and [...]
This past week Arkansas put into effect a law that it promised it would pass back in January, and did, ordering a Chinese-owned company to divest it’s total land Holdings. [...]
What was known for months as a result of independent, scientific analysis of the contents of the mRNA injections for Covid-19 has just this week been confirmed by Health Canada: [...]
What a lovely email to get from a MLA on your 65th birthday! And yes Mr Myers, your email did find me well, as I hope was also the case [...]
AN OPEN LETTER TO THOSE WANTING TO SUPPORT THE EXPOSURE AND REMOVAL OF CORRUPTION WITHIN THE PEI GOVERNMENT ******************This is mostly for all who have expressed some interest in, or have [...]
  On Tuesday (January 21, 2020), nearly 4 years ago, I posted an article on my  previous website titled King Government Continues Breaking FOIP Law with 6th “Deemed Refusal.” The [...]
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