Fleeing Babylon

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To be effective, whistle-blower legislation requires an arms-length process that protects workers from reprisals for reporting government wrong-doing. Everyone understands that; except, apparently, Premier MacLauchlan. The Premier designed the Public Interest [...]
The Canadian government will spend nearly a quarter of a billion dollars with the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs Program and is now accepting applications for funding. Organizations from every ethnic and religious [...]
Premier MacLauchlan continually equates good economic news with an expanding Gross Domestic Product (GDP). But since the GDP only values certain types of economic activity, it presents a fundamentally distorted [...]
A.  What word best describes Lawrence MacAulay’s  Food Policy Survey? (1) Democracy; (2) Autocracy; (3) Hypocrisy. I just completed the Federal Government’s online survey soliciting input from Canadians for a [...]
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