Stand up for Science

“Scientists and science supporters around the world are gathering today (April 22) in Washington, D.C., and in more than 500 cities around the United States and the world, to stand up for the integrity of science…” [From this Article]

I have read dozens of statements today, many from people I know, insisting that it is imperative that governments base their environmental policies and laws on “science.” I couldn’t agree more!

Sadly, many of these same people are also adamant that science – which provides indisputable evidence that a unique human being begins to develop from the moment of conception; and offers many arguments demonstrating that a person born female cannot become male, and vice versa – has no place in policy discussions about whether abortion should be encouraged, or whether gender ideology accepted.

My hope is that we set all biases aside, regardless of the issue, and use good science as a policy guide to not only save our planet from the ravages of climate change, but to also save our unborn children from the heinous act of abortion, and to save the natural male/female integrity of human nature from the irrational claims of gender ideology.