INSIDER CONNECTIONS – PART II: (Wade, Duncan and Frank Zhou)

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  1. Chester H. Llewellyn says:

    “Few Islanders are asking questions about the rapid transfer of Island-owned businesses to foreign buyers for fear of being labelled xenophobic. But a growing number are becoming concerned.” excerpt from above……….interesting to say the least!!!!!!
    Good information and it seems that the China Syndrome is alive on a number of fronts, worrying about being labelled is just ” smoke “……it is probably no small coincidence that Vancouver, Toronto and PEI are being landing points for either Chinese Immigrants/ Business men/ Property as they are on both coasts as a way of entry…..We hear that many deal in ” cash ” and are quite wealthy…….controls now are being placed on Immigrants regarding housing and having Canadians first being given the opportunity and taxing those who come to buy the high priced properties…..The Government of Canada and Ontario and BC are waking up to the call of Canadian citizens and first time home owners not being able to compete with the Wealthy……….With “Wade Who” being involved and totally into himself and his group their sole interest is in their wealth increase and for their own minions…….so corruption breeds corruption and I will bet you that the trail is hot and probably similar situations are at hand in PEI ……….I do not care who or where the Immigrants are from they should not displace Canadian Citizens because of their money………This is a serious issue that is losing ” Oversight “….keep digging here Mr Kevin Arsenault …………Canadians should be first and not displaced in any Housing Opportunity due to income preference by other Weatlhy Canadians whose goal is to encourage this offshort Business………..I am sure Tax opportunities abound also……….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Islanders should be completely alarmed at what is taking place in our Island. If we do not wake up soon it will be to late. The rapid rate of Chinese Immigrants buying up Island business establishments is so very alarming and before long we will all be working for these immigrants instead of our own Government making opportunities available for Islanders to be able to purchase a business. The corruption which exists within this Liberal Government is so extensive that only a independent public inquiry would have any chance of establishing the truth concerning these outrageous matters.

  3. Wayne Carver says:

    This is an excellent piece of investigative journalism and goes where mere mortals fear to tread. Sadly most Islanders have no perception of what is taking place. If these reports are true, and I have little reason to believe otherwise, there seems to be several conflicts of interest here and they should be addressed.

  4. Janice says:

    I am concerned about the 2nd Buddhist group buying 120 acres of shorefront on the Brudenell river

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