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  1. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Oh my goodness! That is hard to believe. What next??

  2. David Griffin says:

    If this appointment is true, its brings back all the PNP corruption . Neil Stewart, Brook MacMillian, Doug Clow, Michael Mayne and Al Roach( X RCMP Sgt) should all be investigated and if evidence is uncovered to warrant Criminal charges, than so be it. This Liberal Government is scathing at best. Island Taxpayers are the real victims of all this wrong doings. Premier Wade is a disgrace for covering up all that Ghiz and Sheridan got away with.

  3. Chester H. Llewellyn says:

    These accusations continue to be brought up and discussed and the oh mys and how terrible and I am not challenging what is here and agree that it needs to be continually pointed out the neglect of the treasury folks and their ambitious plans to make money for themselves at taxpayers expense………Their is only one course of action and only NDP under Mike Redmond has had some work assigned to the RCMP and Roache is an ex RCMP so what gives……in the end only a legal charge brought forth by the elected MLA’s or Party Leaders can make any ground…..The Government has to be taken to court and charged with what has been discussed and yet its not done so why why why why why……… who is going to see this done…….any answers to PC Leader , Green Party Leader……..!!!!!!??????.

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