Most of us never heard of Stephen Bronfman until the recent release of the “Paradise Papers.” In light of those revelations, recent history takes on a whole new meaning!

When Justin Trudeau was in PEI in April, 2015 to bolster Wade MacLauchlan’s election campaign, Stephen Bronfman – National Chair of the Liberal Party’s Fund-raising Committee – was close by his side.  Thanks to the Paradise Papers, we now know that  they have been nurturing a mutually-enriching relationship for years ….. just like their father’s before them ….. truly a “Match Made In HAVEN …… uh …….. an “Off-Shore HAVEN that is!

Trudeau will be at the Homburg Theatre in Charlottetown at 12 noon on November 23rd to pick up an award of some kind. I don’t know if Stephen will be at his side during this trip, but regardless, now that news of their bromance is “out of the money bag,” so to speak, I thought I’d present them with a special tribute in the form of a video I put together to a good old rock favorite of mine all about money – performed by Eddie Money – and also about “Paradise” – which actually makes the guy a bit of a profit.


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  1. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Wow, that is a GREAT video. You are a real sleuth, Kevin, and a tech wizard to boot. Well done!!


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