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PREAMBLE It has long been known that crop pests and pathogens become increasingly tolerant to farm pesticides over time, and increasingly toxic poisons are required to maintain control over those [...]
David Keedwell, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Yesterday, [Sunday, January 6, 2019], I submitted a letter to the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ms. Karen Rose, requesting a review [...]
    After reading the draft Bill no. 38, the Electoral System Referendum Act, recently tabled in the House and receiving first reading there are two obvious and essential changes [...]
Minister of Communities, Land and Environment, Hon. Richard Brown, has asked IRAC to review non-resident and corporate land holdings in PEI “…to determine whether anyone is breaking the rules” (CBC, [...]
To be effective, whistle-blower legislation requires an arms-length process that protects workers from reprisals for reporting government wrong-doing. Everyone understands that; except, apparently, Premier MacLauchlan. The Premier designed the Public Interest [...]
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