Guess that Number!

If this same amount of money had been loaned out to Islanders wanting to start small businesses in communities across the province at $100,000 increments it could have promoted the emergence of 568 new businesses in Prince Edward Island!

2018 Executive Council Loans


  1. PEI’s open-ness to startup businesses needs to be revisited wholesale. In 2011, after being “launched” through several hoops, I sat in front of an assessor who, after reviewing my qualifications, told me in so many words that I should be pursuing a career in a city like Montreal or Toronto instead of wasting my skills in PEI.

    If the goal is fostering successful business, then alienating experienced and qualified residents doesn’t seem to be the appropriate tactic.

  2. That would have been very nice to see some of the money going to start up companies! Even half of ithe money going to help smaller businesses!

  3. It seems like our provincial government is laundering our own money through our very own IIDI which was set up to do exactly this. Our elected officials are claiming that it is a government corporation using investors money therefore they are not accountable to the public. Wrong! Our provincial government was not given a mandate by the electorate to administer any such program. Every undertaking of government is subject to public scrutiny. Government has been entrusted with the care of property and money on behalf of the citizens of the province. Monies in these amounts should not be awarded to any person or persons without the express consent of the taxpayer. We all know how that in the past this government has written off outrageous amounts of money for party supporters, without the consent of the Lieutenant Governor in Council as required. It is a gut wrenching abuse of authority.

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