True Transparency PolicyOver the past few years I have repeatedly called upon the government to provide Islanders full access to the records stored in two key Government Databases:

  1. The PEI Business / Corporate Registry found on the PEI Government Website, and
  2. The Corporate and Non-Resident Applications Databank 

The information in these databases stretch back many years, and although legally available to all Islanders, they are not really available since  government is blocking access to Islanders by limiting searches in such a way as to provide the most minimal access – we can search just ONE (1) record at a time!

In the case of the Business / Corporate Registry – containing separate data fields, for the names of  each Director, Officer and Shareholder for all companies, date of incorporation, trade names, etc., it is only possible to search one company at a time, and the only search field is “company name.”  This restriction makes it impossible to obtain information on interlocking corporations, which corporations and businesses a given individual or individuals may be shareholder, director or officer,  which businesses were registered within a certain time period, etc.

Corporations and non-resident persons are required to apply for approval to have an aggregate land holding in excess of five acres or having shore frontage in excess of 165 feet pursuant to sections 4, 5 and 5.3 of the Lands Protection Act.  The Land Protections Act (LPA) Applications Databank contains all processed applications (as well as those currently under consideration) from January, 1993; but again, the ONLY search field is “Land Parcel Number” which makes the database almost completely useless.

If I become the leader of the PC Party – then Premier of Prince Edward Island – both of these powerful sources of information will be searchable by every single data field contained in each data base.  Those fields are as follows:

LPA Databank Fields

Business Corporate Registry Data Fields

Application Number

Entity Name

Application Date

Registration Number


Business Type

Present/Former Owner

Registration Date

Parcel Number

Last Return Date


Jurisdiction of Incorporation


End Date

Number of Acres

Amalgamated Name

Water Course

Business In


Business Out

Road Frontage


Intended Use


Recommendation Date


Forwarded to Minister


Executive Council Decision


Executive Council Decision Date

Condition Expiry Date

Executive Council Order Number