An Appeal for Support

Over the past few years, I have received hundreds of messages from Islanders expressing support for the work I’ve been doing to investigate and write about social and political issues affecting Islanders.  For the most part, my writing has focussed on identifying and explaining problems, scandals, cover-ups and how the  MacLauchlan Liberal government has not been acting in an open, transparent and accountable manner.

I have also been writing about significant challenges facing our Island economy and environment, especially issues and problems related to land and water, as well as issues and problems concerning social and economic development.

It was largely these supportive messages and encouragement  from so many Islanders that inspired me to seek the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party.

Since entering the leadership race, I’ve been releasing targeted policy “solutions” to many of the problems identified in my research, and I’ve been publishing new articles on a regular basis, and this will continue right up to the leadership Convention on February 9, 2019.  These policies address issues related to “integrity” within government (or the lack thereof), as well as significant problems and damaging trends negatively affecting our wider economic, environmental and social life in Prince Edward Island.

I have been receiving a tremendous amount of support for these policies and program ideas I’ve been putting forth as solutions, along with numerous and much appreciated “best wishes” for success in my leadership campaign.

The hard truth is that successful political campaigns need two things: financial donations to cover essential costs, and volunteers to identify and “get-out” the vote.


One thing and one thing alone will decide the next leader of the PC Party – VOTES!

Political campaigns are successful when enough people work to “identify” and “get-out” the vote for a particular candidate.  That means reaching out to people to invite them to become PC members before the January 18, 2019 cut-off for candidates, and then making sure these new members actually “vote”.

I have a great team of volunteers currently in place; however, to be successful in this leadership bid, I’ll need to bring more people on board to help with this outreach. We have an exciting strategy in place to accomplish this, and if you’re willing and able to join my team to help out with this outreach campaign, please contact me either by email (kja321@gmail.com) or by phone (902-626-7254). No amount of time you may have – even an hour or two – is too little, so don’t worry that by putting your name forward you will be making a commitment you won’t be able to fulfill.


Each candidate had to pay a $7,500 entrance fee to the PC Party just to enter the leadership process. That was a significant investment for me, but when I decided to run I also decided I’m 100% committed to this campaign!  I’m keeping my costs to an absolute “bare bones” budget; however, essential campaign expenses include the costs for the campaign launch; gas to travel to different communities and events across the Island; and I’m also hoping to be able to take out at least one advertisement in Island newspapers before the Convention.  So even though my budget is bare bones – the total costs for this campaign will likely be around $10,000, so I’m appealing to supporters to consider making a donation to my campaign.

The good news for anyone wanting to donate is that the available tax credit on political donations is actually quite generous.  If you donate $100, you’ll receive $75 of that amount back in just a few months when you file your taxes.  The available tax credits are based on the contributions as explained below:

  •     75% on the first $100 donated,
  •     50% on the next $450 donated,
  •     33.3% on the next $600 donated

The maximum overall tax credit of $500 is reached with a donation of $1,150. The maximum donation per person is $3,000 per calendar year.

If you are able to contribute to my campaign and would like to take advantage of your available tax credit on your 2018 tax return, you’ll need to make your donation before next Tuesday, January 1,

You could also split up your donation into two years to maximize the amount of tax credit you receive. For example, if you donate $100 before the end of 2018, then another $100 in early January, your $200 donation would only cost you $50.

You can mail a cheque made out to the PC Island Fund to me at:

32 Father Brady Lane, Ft. Augustus, PE   C1B 0X8

Or donate online. Donations made online by clicking the following “donate” link are automatically attached to my campaign: