I’ve been getting a lot of telephone calls, Facebook messages and emails from PC Members who have not received their Voting Instructions and PIN (Personal Identification Number).  In some cases, one family member has received a PIN while the other family members have not.

You should have received a PIN by now, so if you or a family member have not received a PIN and voting instructions there is likely some problem. Please read the following information carefully to solve that problem:

If more than one membership was purchased from the same household using one email address, only one PIN would have been sent to that email address; the other would have been sent by regular Canada Post mail.

If you can’t find an email with your PIN and voting instructions, it may have automatically gone to your Spam or Trash folder. The subject line should say:  LEADERSHIP 2019 VOTING INSTRUCTIONS, so do a search for that using one or more words in that heading.

If you can’t locate your PIN and voting instructions – either in email or regular mail – email me at kja321@gmail.com with your name and street address and I’ll check the Intellivote system to make sure you are in the system:

If you are in the system, I’ll email you back with a phone number for you to call to cancel your original PIN (they’ll first confirm that it hasn’t been used) and you’ll be issued a new PIN.

If you are not in the system, I’ll contact the PC Office on your behalf with that information and you will be put into the system.

Finally,  if you were a PC Member but your membership lapsed sometime since January 31, 2014, you can renew your membership at the convention from 9am-12pm and vote in the leadership election.  If you are unsure about your member status, you can call the PEI PC Office at: 902-628-8679.