The Brad Mix-up with E-gaming Records: An Update

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4 Responses to The Brad Mix-up with E-gaming Records: An Update

  1. Checker says:

    It appears the government is going to drag their feet in the hopes time eventuallly changes circumstance and the request is dropped -or- you have a look at a “go fund me” project where monies could be raised to take the matter to court. The information must be very damning for government to go to these extremes.

  2. Barb MacFarlane says:

    I am always amazed, Kevin, at how thoroughly you do your research. I applaud you for the time and commitment you put into seeking the truth so the general public can be duly informed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kevin sorry but can u summarize it all

    • Kevin J. Arsenault says:

      I asked for e-gaming records. They didn’t give me records. I found out at least some exist they should have given me, so I’m asking the Information Commissioner to investigate and report on why the Department didn’t disclose or produce or even acknowledge the existence of e-gaming records. The DM Keedwell ignored the issue, so I responded with suggestions on a more thorough search. The Commissioner will continue to seek answers, and will file a report and decision on the matter by May.

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