Fleeing Babylon

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When politicians loyal to Trudeau get in trouble, expect announcements of their appointment to the Senate: the safe haven bestowing on the entire Canadian population expectations of rendering “respect” for [...]
No preamble, no background, no contextual situating anything, no epilogue and no commentary of any kind…just two paragraphs and two screen captures of a couple of brief exchanges that allegedly [...]
Episode # 10 E-Gaming Was The Former Liberal AG Part of the Alleged “Gamesys Proposal”? PREAMBLE Jeffrey Warren Reynolds (JR) was not just a political analyst in the back ground.  [...]
PREAMBLE During the last PC Leadership Campaign (2018-19), it became known to at least some of the candidates, that a number of unsavoury and preferential occurrences were happening with Denny [...]
PREAMBLE In the previous episode, I mentioned that when JR’s lawyer, Christopher Ian Robinson, was in the process of concluding the Settlement Agreement between Maines and JR, he informed Paul [...]
PREAMBLE Jeffrey Warren Reynolds [JR] was providing Paul Maines with copious amounts of text and FB messages for more than a year and a half, as well as screen captures [...]
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