The LIberal’s Disturbing Flip-Flop on Land Banking

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2 Responses to The LIberal’s Disturbing Flip-Flop on Land Banking

  1. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Wow! What a flip-flop! Thank you for all the time you took to find that clip from the NFU. Would love to see Richard Brown’s face if he were to hear that played back. On the other hand, kind of feel sorry for him having to defend policies he doesn’t really believe in.

  2. Paul Brown says:

    Personally I would be more then willing to look at an investment in land through a “banking” system that gave me a comparable return to the prime interest rate and government could help by making it a “tax free” investment. In fact I believe many islanders would be interested. I once heard that $90,000,000.00 leave our Island every year through “market” investment ie: mutual funds, and that most if not all business activity on PEI is actually too small to be able to access the advantages of those type of investment dollars. It would be my guess that government portions of public pensions ie: education, public sector, are part of that amount. Maybe, if offered, individuals would choose “Our Island” over bigger returns, interesting don’t you think?

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