It’s time to stop following the “official” health directives originating from the World Health Organization (WHO) that then trickle down to PEI’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison, through Canada’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tam.

The world is being completely hood-winked about a global pandemic that simply does not justify being called a global health emergency, notwithstanding the seriousness of the disease and the need for care and appropriate measures to protect those most vulnerable – immune compromised people and the elderly.

It’s time to confront some hard facts. But first, an admission that I too was scammed into believing the world needed to shut itself down along with everyone else when this whole thing started 6 months ago. It was on the basis of believing those lies that I took a very strong public stand in favour of severe restrictions of our freedoms and rights in the interest of the common good and public safety.

No one was more outspoken about the need to impose severe mobility restrictions when the WHO first declared a global pandemic and the PEI government only imposed half-measure restrictions. I posted a number of Facebook messages essentially saying that if what the WHO was telling us was true, and we currently had no COVID-19 on the Island, it would be foolhardy not to shut things down completely at our points of entry.  Without any virus in the Island, no lock down would have been necessary as long as we didn’t let the virus come to PEI.

There was a lot of Islanders thinking the very same way at the time, and the PEI Government moved immediately to beef-up its efforts and put more resources in place to identify and track positive cases, with much greater surveillance at the points of entry.

What is now absolutely proven with credible evidence that I have already put together – and will publish in coming days in additional articles – is that what we are suffering under these fearful daily updates and forecasts is not now – if it ever was – justifiable with science and facts.

The so-called experts have been wrong at every step in continuing to demand that no option be considered as a response but to wait for a vaccine – and hide from one another and the virus until it’s ready.  None of this is necessary, and the harm it is causing needs to stop.

Kids don’t need to social distance from one another in school. We can shake hands when we meet without fear of spreading death; congregate with ALL of the members of our church or religious communities at the same time; relax, and start healing from all the unnecessary trauma that has been foisted upon us and the entire world by a group of billionaires planning a global “reset”.

What has happened so far is pretty scary, but doesn’t hold a candle to what we’re about to see unfold!

You can’t reset or reboot something  like the ‘entire world’ without first shutting it down. Well it was shut down. Get ready.

We need to stand up and demand intelligent, scientifically-backed justifications, evidence and verifiable facts for the severe provincial impositions on our lives.

Court cases and charter challenges are cropping up around the world, including here in Canada. The personal liberties being taken away by authorities that erase numerous guaranteed Charter rights under the pretense of a health emergency THAT IS NOT AN EMERGENCY can no longer be allowed to continue in PEI without the King government first justifying that those decisions being made are necessary. 

It is no longer enough to simply cite the recommendations from Dr. Tam or the World Health Organization, or even the Federal government, all of whom are continuing to argue that the only way out of this ‘global crisis’ is to be vaccinated with radical new ‘futuristic’ micro technologies we know almost nothing about!

The mRNA vaccines Trudeau purchased from Moderna and Pfizer are so radical in their ‘newness’ that the only things we really know about them at this point are: (1) that they hold incredible power to transform the world, even the nature of what it means to be a human being, (2) that they are being introduced without public discussion, understanding, approval, and EVEN AWARENESS, and (3) that the current regulations in Canada governing the commercialization of these in vivo gene-editing and nanotechnologies are being passed over in a rush to inoculate the entire population with synthetic RNA and nanoparticles.

These vaccines are being called ‘cutting edge’ vaccines by the Federal Government, they’re not telling Canadians that Moderna and Pfizer describe how they work by saying they turn the human body into “manufacturing plants” producing products from their proprietary platform  – a revolutionary gene-editing process promising to revolutionize human health delivery and methods.  The products already in the pipeline are mind-boggling.  This mRNA technology designing synthetic genes to tell our bodies what to be (what proteins to produce) is certain to rapidly transform our entire health care system once “approved” under the guise of an emergency.

What would have probably never been acceptable to Canadians is coming without so much as a public discussion. That’s not democratic and it’s not right. This can not be allowed to happen.

We are witnessing an anti-democratic global campaign to establish a new seat of world governance under the guidance of the un-elected World Economic Forum.

The WEF has established a vast global network over the past decade, with hubs financed by global billionaires such as Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and others.  This global power grab and wealth transfer now underway is completely circumventing the democratic rights of both nations and citizens, especially those nations (G20 countries) participating and supporting the “Great Reset” plan to introduce radical new technologies to transform the world…countries such as Canada.

The argument that we don’t have any COVID deaths in PEI because we ‘locked down’ and “beat the virus” by keeping it away with rigorous social distancing measures is no longer plausible. The fact of the matter is that we have had 44 people infected and not a single death. In fact, NOT A SINGLE HOSPITALIZATION.  How bright is the light bulb going to have to get before we wake up and realize that we are NOT in the midst of a health emergency in PEI, nor will we ever be, given the current severity of the virus?

Given the facts concerning the severity of this virus, I don’t consider the following statement from Dr. Morrison made just days ago as a “good-news” story announcing the  “lifting” of some of the restrictions imposed on Island worshippers:

“Dr. Morrison confirmed that singing is also allowed with physical distancing of six feet between individuals and provided that non-medical masks are worn by those singing. This easing of a previous restriction will have a positive impact on worship services, choirs, music programs and events.”

Well I suppose that’s something to thank God for in muffled song: “That we now get to sing hymns through a face mask after a 6 month lock down that had 44 people infected with a virus so severe that not one had to be hospitalized. “

If it had been as severe as the seasonal flu from 2018-19, there would have been nearly 20 hospitalizations and a couple of deaths.

The Premier and Chief Medical Officer need to tell Islanders how these restrictions are based on any real and present danger. Emergencies can’t be maintained simply on the basis that a future emergency might happen. We didn’t do this to ourselves with more severe viruses circulating in our population last year or the year before…why are we doing it now?

The early predictions were wildly off-target for PEI, and the statistical facts about rapidly dropping death rates in countries throughout the world, Canada included, and growing evidence of a T-cell immune response and some degree of immunity in the population make equally-dire predictions about a ‘deadly second wave’ even more unbelievable.

With a population of nearly 37,000,000 people, Canada had 2 deaths from Covid-19 yesterday (August 23, 2020), as indicated in the following Health Canada update:

August 23 deaths

And the 2 deaths per 37 million was not an aberration, but evidence of a distinct trend.

deaths in Canada

Predictions of an especially deadly second wave this fall are even more baseless than the earlier forecasts of overflowing hospitals.

PEI Projections

The PEI Government renewed the emergency health Order at an Executive Council meeting on August 11, extending the Order until September 14, 2020.  It should not be renewed beyond that date.

There is no scientific or factual circumstances creating an emergency, so extending it beyond September 14 in the absence of any disease would be unwarranted overreach and abuse of power. A government should absolutely not be able to force someone in church to wear a mask to sing under these circumstances under threat of penal consequence.

I will be singing in church this Sunday.

I will not be wearing a mask.



  1. This virus, as all others, will not go away because masks are worn. The only way, to my understanding, is for society to have exposure to build up an immunity, as has happened with all previous viruses. Apparently, people who have an immunity to sars-cov-1 also have an immunity to sars-cov-2. Our physical bodies are our best defence against all disease(s). This being so why are those that are pushing a (false) narrative, if they are truly concerned for people, encouraging people with vitamins, minerals and a healthy life style?

  2. Kevin doesn’t it seem entirely plausible that the measures that have been taken are the reason why we see 44 cases of Covid-19 as opposed to the over 200 cases of the Flu in the previous years. We take very few precautions with the flu, many don’t even get vaccinated. Perhaps keeping people home, children out of school, contact limited, masks being worn has actually help to keep the number of cases here low? It seems that anyone with a mind for evidence based science would see that your graphic actually proves the measures have been working as opposed to proving that we should get rid of the safety measures.

    1. My logic is this – there were 44 people infected (very few because of lock down) but NO hospitalizations, showing that there is a far lower severity than the seasonal flu in the preceding two years. Remove the lock-down, protect the immune compromised and elderly, and yes, many more people would likely be infected, but what would be the result of that based on the evidence we have so far in PEI? Do the math – 44 x 0 = 0 hospitalizations; 160,000 x 0 = no hospitalizations.

      1. Equating Covid-19 to the flue is in my estimation, a false equivalency. Yes, they are both viruses and have some similar symptoms, but the long term effects are radically different. sciencemag.org, in a July 31st article states: “The list of lingering maladies from COVID-19 is longer and more varied than most doctors could have imagined. Ongoing problems include fatigue, a racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, achy joints, foggy thinking, a persistent loss of sense of smell, and damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain.” I can’t remember the last time I even contacted the flue but when I did I’m pretty sure I totally recovered within days. The flue virus and it’s implications have been well studied and reported on but we are still learning new and more startling implications of Covid-19 and recent new variants. Caution seems to be a prudent and reasonable response at this time.

  3. This lockdown is unjustifiable we are not in a crises and we never have been …. this is all abuse of power and to force masks on people is taking away our freedoms and rights …. this is all done for control not for a virus that has been proven to have a very small death rate in fact the death rate is smaller than the flu …. this Lockdown is not right and using fear mongering and lies by the Government and media warrants a great Law suit waiting to happen …. many people have lost Businesses over this .. many people has lost jobs and had to file for Bankruptcy many people have committed suicide …. all for their agenda 21 and 2030 …. we need it to end now … it is all for the NWO and Communism

  4. The so-called lockdown has not really changed my life to any great degree and I am, at least at this point willing to give the medical experts (which neither I nor you for that matter) , the benefit of the doubt. On PEI where the risk is low, I have opted not to wear a mask at this point, but don’t really think that being asked to do so in the public space, that much of a deal, assuming that the risk increases. As to the subject of vaccines, I don’t have much trust of ‘Big Pharma’ any way and I will be following your argument closely for substantiation by additional sources. Having some familiarity with statistical reporting, I have seen many examples of cherry picked stats and false equivalencies being touted on social media, so I tend to be wary of same, and will continue to do so.

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