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From the hit-song, “Memories”: “Let the memory live again Every street lamp seems to beat A fatalistic warning Someone mutters And the street lamp gutters And soon it will be [...]
Decoding Guardian Propaganda on Needles + + + If you’re not wearing your decoder ring while reading the guardian you’re most certainly being deceived with headlines. I’ve attached the key [...]
THREE IMAGES TO PONDER The legal cases winding their way through the courts in countries throughout the world – Canada and the US included – are making key documents public [...]
In the early 1960s, to “jones” was to discreetly look for heroin from dealers who were strangers. Junkies used “Mr. Jones” as a code name for the drug when searching [...]
This offers a summary overview of the data in the FOIPP report released by Pfizer. Here is a link to the actual PDF Report:  Pfizer-Cumulative-Analysis-of-Post-authorization-Adverse-Event-Reports       [...]
PREAMBLE This entire article is really a “preamble” to my next article, so keep that in mind. As I’ve previously written many times, when a world-view is based on deception [...]
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