ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! When Will the Lying and Coverup Stop?

I could hardly believe it when Melissa James (formerly MacEachern), without even blinking (actually that’s not true, she did a lot of blinking), told the Special Committee on Records Retention that she had nothing whatsoever to do with egaming. Wow!

That was a real shocker.  Her hunch that the members of the Committee wouldn’t be familiar with her involvement in online gaming – just the Loyalty Card program – proved to be a good one. No further egaming or gaming questions ensued:

I was going to pound out pages of research to prove that Ms. James lied to the members of the standing committee to blow off any further questions on egaming, or online gaming made possible with a financial transaction and claims processing platform that FMT was in the process of establishing in PEI.   But who has the time?  Let’s just look at a couple of facts.

Executive Council approved Melissa MacEachern’s appointment as Deputy  Minister of Innovation and Advanced Learning  effective  November  15, 2011:

Her new Job at Innovation began on Friday, November 15, 2011. The very next Tuesday she sent the following request for a copy of the gaming file:
Two weeks later, she sent the following email calling for a meeting to “discuss the gaming file.”

Hard to know what was going through Melissa’s head when she said she had “zero” involvement in gaming. She took a chance no one  would be aware she was lying and her bet apparently paid off.

That doesn’t change the fact that she was lying through her teeth though!

If you don’t want to take my word for it, take hers. This is how she answered CMT’s lawyer, John MacDonald, in cross examination when asked if she was familiar with the e-gaming initiative:

“I was involved in e-gaming” – Now that was the truth!

“Zero involvement in e-gaming” – That was a lie, a very big lie!


Please consider sharing this and other related posts – corruption in government is not something to be tolerated. Neither the CBC, nor Guardian nor Eastern Graphic (MacNeil won’t even mention government corruption or record deletion) are not willing to call out the culprits when they lie and would be happy to forget about the entire affair. That’s a pretty sad state of affairs for Island Journalism!


  1. I am dismayed the Committee members can arrive at some the conclusions reach give the information in the public domain and information of record surrounding this unacceptable attempt by some entitled public officials to defraud the public of large amounts of money. You client is the people of the province, not the sticky fingers.

  2. Thank you, Kevin. This lying is absolutely disgusting. I wish you were the one questioning her. She would have a hard time twisting her words.

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