We likely all now have a pretty good sense of the degree to which we, as brothers and sisters in the same family we call “Islanders,” have been divided over the face mask issue over the past few weeks.
Up until this past Friday, that division was largely an “abstract” one (differences of opinions and worldviews) not a division that had taken shape in actual changes in, and realignments of, the “concrete” patterns of daily social organization, or at least not to any great extent.
We weren’t witnessing significant changes in patterns of social behaviour, despite the growing emergence of the contours of these two coalescing camps of Islanders, divided solely on the issue of wearing face masks, but that all changed Friday.
With the freedom to wear (or not to wear) a face mask that existed up until this past Friday vanishing at the strike of midnight, the carriage turned into a pumpkin, and the lines dividing the face mask camps that were blurry and indistinct (i.e., it wasn’t possible to know for sure who was in which “camp” simply on the basis of whether that person happened to be wearing a mask at a particular time in a particular public place) came into sharp focus.
Face masks are now an identification badge broadcasting the same message by all who wear them (whether the wearer wants to be sending that message or not). That now is the price of participation in public life in PEI. And it happened on the pretense of a respect for freedom…a decision to make the stated “mandatory” mask policy dependent upon voluntary compliance.
An identity badge displayed in the most visible place possible – your face –  announcing to all the world that they’ll no longer be able to easily identify you as your former self, as you blend in with your fellows in a homogeneous, smile-free sea of eyes barely recognizable, expressionless, sharing the same membership, and saying the same thing with their permanent visible sign: “I support and believe wearing face masks is a good and necessary thing.”
For those who don’t support wearing a mask, to be given the choice to either wear one or be ostracized and excluded from participation by members of your own family or community is a hateful way to manage a pandemic that doesn’t exist if you ask me!
Wearing or not wearing a mask is now a very visual and public statement ratifying and settling the issue on compliance (and alliance) with one of those previously polarized, but largely “abstract” mask camps: if you’re not wearing a mask now, no one at the door of that particular public place will be interested in discussing the matter with you…the matter doesn’t matter (truth doesn’t matter) all that matters is compliance…compliance matters. That’s all that’s expected now, and you’re a real trouble maker if you don’t just comply, without hesitation, without complaint.  “Put on the mask or leave” has overnight become the new greeting for those not willing or able to wear a facemask – it has become the full extent of conversations   between good friends in some cases. I know, I had such an experience last night at Church.
How can I convince anyone that masks are being employed as part of an evil social-engineering campaign designed by global tyrants to divide us and bring harm to our society and economy if I’m saying that through a cloth face mask? I can’t.
Words mean absolutely nothing now. Why? Because they cost nothing – and there is always a price to be paid for telling the truth. It’s not what we say about face masks that matters anymore, it’s all about what we do, where we stand, and what price we’re willing to pay. And that price is usually pretty high for telling the truth that exposes corruption and deceit in the plans of those in high places of power.
The push for Islanders to comply with wearing face masks was rolled out in a truly masterful way – a “non-legal” strategy that left us (both as individuals and organizations) “technically” free to either follow or not follow the totally unprofessional and childish “please, please…just wear the damn mask” pleas from government, but that doesn’t really leave us free of course, not if we want to still be able to participate in society. 
This diabolical and unnecessary social-engineering campaign is a tried and tested one you know (if you look at it’s use in the implementation of tyrannies throughout history you’ll see what I mean – all about creating a new order out of chaos, but you have to create that chaos first), yet it was rolled out in the most easy-going and “we’re in this together” manner possible, with a “team spirit” rah rah launch and a total (and I do mean TOTAL) absence of ANY evidence whatsoever to justify such a harmful measure. It’s as if there was a complete void of awareness about that harm, there was certainly no discussion of how to mitigate any harm, as if none was expected!
There’s no need to make face masks a “law”,  where the government simply gives a penalty for non-compliance and looks after its own enforcement. Why stop there when you can get far more social engineering out of a policy let loose as a “wedge” strategy that pits members of the same Island family against one another, drawing from already polarized camps. Playing on the worse in us by creating situations and dynamics that bring that “worse” out in us…like throwing one toy into a crib with 2-year old male twins! Smart move dad!
I would have been required to pay a fine for non-compliance with what we should have gotten by way of a mandated mask policy from government – a decision to either “attach penalties to compliance or not” approach. But by not making it a law, but rather “deputizing” all the current members of the pro-facemask group to act as a neighbourhood watch to ensure compliance, shaming, and all those other fun dynamics, the price I now have to pay is not a fine, but a much, much higher one – comply or be excluded from my faith community – as it isn’t about the government penalizing me, it’s about the government getting my Church to penalize me by a no-discussion “mask-up or get lost” approach.  
There’s something really wrong with that style of governance in my books – the use of deceit to manipulate people to get what you want, or a desired outcome someone else wants and is essentially buying compliance, is corrupt. And I don’t really know what’s happening within my own church anymore to be honest, as far as why its letting this evil dynamic into the Church.
Bishop Greco, could (and I believe “should”) have demanded evidence from the King government justifying the mask mandate rather than simply acquiescing and complying. That didn’t happen. He just followed suit and issued a letter requiring face masks in churches.
Now the Catholic Church in PEI is in full lockstep and compliance with the government’s request – again, not “LAW” with penalties – requiring facemasks. Why? I was told that unless there’s unquestioned and complete compliance the fear is (legitimate or not, I don’t know) that the Parish Church could be closed down completely by the government!
That decision by the Bishop has now made any discussion of the issues and facts supporting or not-supporting the science and sense of face-mask wearing pretty much impossible within the Church, at least at the parish level.
Despite overwhelming evidence that masks are unnecessary, harmful, and likely to increase the chance of contracting COVID-19, based on a CDC July, 2020 study, none of that science apparently matters anymore. Truth has become obsolete. Reason seems to have flown (or been thrown) out the window.. a window of global opportunity installed by the global billionaires and intelligentsia “Great Re-setter Team” at the World Economic Forum.
That’s the only truth now. There’s no openness to anything else being considered by the global undemocratic “rescue” plan announced (not decided democratically) to reset the world, which our own Prime Minister seems excited to get busy implementing as he plummets us in debt, seemingly doing all he can to bankrupt the country while at the same time keeping provinces in compliance with cheques dangling ready to be signed pending further compliance.
It certainly appears that truth no longer matters to our government; and I now I find myself on this Sunday morning sitting at home, not in Church, wondering if truth matters to my Church anymore.
The evidence is overwhelming that the goal and real purpose behind the mask mandate is not – nor never was – protection from COVID-19 spread. It doesn’t help with that. The goal is social engineering. So why isn’t this important? It’s important alright, but there’s a fog in most minds, and scales covering eyes distorting what people see and don’t see. What I see is evil on a global scale. The challenge is discerning how that evil global scheme is playing out here in PEI.
This latest face mask-wearing initiative represents the true beginning of a concerted effort now underway with great earnest to expedite the division of our Island family, and further dissolve the important bonds that knit us together as a community, those special ties that make it possible to create a peaceful and viable society and culture.
This dividing dynamic will continue and intensify until this pandemic response involving masks and the declaration of a health emergency is ended.  Notice that despite the seriousness of such measures, we’ve never been provided an “exit” strategy for these measures (e.g., what conditions would trigger rescinding the health emergency or mandatory mask mandate). We’re just told to expect more of the same for the foreseeable future. That is unacceptable in a democracy.
This approach is rapidly perpetuating and exacerbating negative personal and social dynamics and trends which, if it continues, will lead to the eventual collapse of our Island society and economy…we should be in a serious “recovery” mode, not picking up speed sliding down this slippery slope. It has long been known that such a collapse would need to happen, which is why it is happening. It is wanted only because it’s required as a necessary preparation for the imminent Great Global Reset.
Almost all Islanders are now fully cooperating (voluntarily) with this evil face mask campaign. Premier King (probably with no real awareness of what he and his government just unleashed on us) was only able to do this because of the lies our CBC, Guardian and Eastern Graphic media have relentlessly imprinted in the brains of Islanders day after day for months, never once challenging those lies, never presenting contrary evidence, never asking a single critical question of our Premier and Chief Public Health Officer.
There are more and more Islanders becoming aware that a packet of lies masquerading as truth concerning what’s happening with the COVID-19 pandemic response has been peddled to us; but for many, those intimations are still buried at a murky “deep down” level of awareness, with most people still reluctant to focus attention on those deep-down suspicions in any explicit way, so as to pull them up to the surface of consciousness for a fuller, focused, and more deliberate consideration.
The division that was previously happening in PEI with masks – until Friday of this past week – was just beginning to “solidify” these two groups of Islanders holding diametrically opposed opinions on one simple issue – yes or no – “wear” or “don’t wear” a mask, but really only at an abstract level. Those mental arrangements are now being codified and forged in actual decisions and acts transforming alliances and changing patterns of social interactions and behaviours in real life.
If the government had simply changed the law making it illegal not to wear a mask for everyone, even I would have complied, even though I would not have believed I should have to wear a mask. I would have then just kept trying to have the law overturned by advancing sound science and reasonable arguments, perhaps even challenging it in court eventually.
But something much more insidious happened instead that has now alienated me from my own faith community, and robbed me of that other particular course of action that would have actually seen me put on a face mask! This strategy doesn’t want me to just to wear a face mask or break a law, it’s graciously letting me decide if I want to participate in society.  With the latter approach, the price of not wearing a mask for me would have been a fine. But our Premier decided to let Islanders punish one another instead, to expedite the rate of divisions and engineering process of compliance.
The government’s mask “policy change” (not new law) was launched with a tear-jerking plea from our MLAs begging Islanders to give their  voluntary compliance, loyal mask wearers were rallied to rise to the challenge of assisting the government to ensure full compliance with the “request.” Now I have to pay a much steeper price thanks to that “collaborative” brainchild from Premier King.
The price for choosing not to adorn the identification badge for the evil social-engineering campaign at that point immediately became exclusion. No discussion, just compliance or exclusion.
“It’s your choice” you’ll be told [it’ll be the same, but far more impactful, with the gene-editing vaccination from Phizer and Moderna] you can either decide to wear the mask demonstrating compliance and join the “pro-mask wearing camp”…..or just stay away.
And that’s what’s happening. Security guards were standing at banks and other public buildings demanding mask compliance. You’d have to be out looking for a fight to attempt to enter a public place without a mask now. Everything has changed overnight.
With that decision, this insane global crime scheme against humanity has entered it’s next and decisive phase: Islanders immediately got busy Friday reorganizing their lives, their daily habits, their travel routes, where they stop on the way home from work and where they don’t stop; where they shop and where they don’t shop; who they contact and associate with (family members included) and who they don’t, etc.
I’ve been flooded with sad messages and tragic stories that would bring a psychopath to tears. Family members attacking family members on social media, then blocking and ending relationships and communications; families deciding to never again shop in certain stores despite long-standing customer-store relationships and friendships; people no longer willing to engage with certain businesses, and on and on and on.
I want to say a few things about at least some elements of the complex social and psychological dynamics of the social transformation that is happening (uninvited) in PEI and changing things rapidly. 
Are these decisions to change behaviours as a result of the new mask policy ultimately just the private choices of a few people taking this mask thing just a little too seriously? A fringe element of our society? No.
These divisive seeds shaped like face masks have been sown by an enemy. They were planted in the ground of our collective consciousness months ago. They germinated when the WHO and CDC flip-flopped on the “science” behind wearing cloth face masks: populations wearing cloth masks was a ridiculous and totally laughable idea said to be completely unsupported by any credible science one day; the next, those same characters like Fauci were telling us wearing face masks was an urgent matter of life and death.
Those germinated, flip-flopped seeds have since grown into the insane social engineering campaign just officially launched in PEI – a plan imposed (and accepted by the King government) from on high (not decided by us) entirely unconnected to a valid need to employ face masks to protect public health. One active case in PEI currently; no hospitalizations or deaths, and 67 recoveries in 8 months. 
We need to understand the SOCIAL source of many of the personal decisions we are now making if we are to gain accurate insight and control over our own decision-making and lives.
When an individual, or one family, makes mask-related decisions altering social behaviour, yes, it may appear that they are entirely personal choices, originating solely from within those individuals, but they’re really not.  It’s a lot more complicated than that.
The source is actually (and primarily) social and political, and intersects at that juncture within our consciousness that bridges our “personal and social” experience.
Many individual decisions simmer up from the deeper “collective consciousness” established by our shared participation in the same society and culture without necessarily being noticed as being such. Discerning the shape of the collective consciousness at a given point in time is important if we are to detect how it is being forged in deceit to win compliance for further social transformation on a path that’s not in our best interest. Until we can understand the role of this mask strategy in the much bigger plan as a key part of the global reset strategy we’ll not see what’s really going on.
You can’t “build back better” until you finish demolishing. And the “just wear the damn mask” policy is significantly helping to make that possible.
Emile Durkheim – regarded as the founder of modern Sociology (or at least the person who established Sociology as a separate department and discipline within Universities) explored the impact of collective consciousness on individual decisions in numerous studies.
I read and studied all of Durkheim’s works during my PhD studies at McGill. His book, “The Sociology of Knowledge” was brilliant, and the most important of his works for my purposes, looking at the dynamic workings of consciousness through an ethical lens. However, it was his study on suicides in France that 1st year Sociology students would hear about – that was his landmark study out of which came the term “collective consciousness,” a term which has since become enshrined in both Sociology as a discipline and popular culture.
Collective consciousness is not an independent entity with consciousness of course, but the unifying, thematic underbelly of the individual consciousness within each of the people in a given population that is shared. It is out of that collective consciousness (some of which we are aware of as belonging to others, but some we mistakenly believe belongs to us, when it didn’t originate with us) that many decisions made by individuals within a given population originate, because of the particular beliefs and worldview that comprise that collective consciousness and is shared, giving rise to patterns of “personal” choices that exhibit remarkably similar characteristics.
What was long thought to be the most personal and private decision possible, a totally personal choice on the unique, complex circumstances of an individual’s life – to “take’s one’s own life” – was shown by Durkheim [in large statistical population studies] to be supported and fueled by the same patterns of thinking and belief existing in the entire population – the “collective consciousness.”
Different populations exhibit different degrees and rates and types of behaviours, as well as decisions and actions made at the individual level, but stemming from the same source. Suicides stats revealed that many individual suicides were isolated (but connected) manifestations of a broad, social malaise. Different populations had significantly different rates of suicide based on differences in the collective consciousness (far more with Protestants than Catholics for example, which were  entirely polarized and segregated “populations” in France at the time, e.g., late 1900s). 
To understand the dynamics of social engineering strategies embedded in policies it is necessary to discern the lines between truly individual, creative and critical thinking, and what are simply false elements of the collective consciousness shared by many people that influence and inform those otherwise, seemingly individual choices. 
Back to masks and the social engineering of PEI’s population.
The basis of division in a population is found in the different calibre of information upon which beliefs are based. Currently, because of a corrupt collusion between media and government, most Islanders in the general population are not discovering the truth, and for many, there are few if any avenues for them to do so.
Of course wearing masks is not too much to ask – better safe than sorry eh? Unless of course, as I’ve already covered extensively, you come to see clearly two things: (1) there is no situation requiring them even if they worked; and (2) masks offer no statistically-significant benefit in reducing the spread of viral infections like COVID-19, and cause lots of harms, and apparently can increase the chance of contracting COVID-19. I know that was a small study (just over 300 people) but the outcome was VERY telling – almost all the people who contracted the virus were dedicated mask-wearers. Those never or very rarely wearing masks made up just 6% of those contracting COVID-19.
Mask wearing has historically been used throughout the world in vastly different cultures as a ritualistic, dehumanizing show of allegiance, often through an initiation event or ceremony that acts as the “transitional moment”  of submission, or at least compliance with powers and plans that are evil. Africans captured and enslaved were not just shackled – they were muzzled. I can’t – and won’t – wear that identification badge and symbol of submission to a tyrannical evil global plan, ever!
This policy shift (mind manipulation really, the law didn’t change) was foisted unnecessarily on our entire Island family without discussion. That has significantly ratcheted-up the social engineering component of the Global Great Reset plan in PEI. It launched a process further entrenching camps and segregating Islanders unnecessarily, resulting for many, especially those aware of the real agenda behind the wearing face masks campaign, in a gradual reorganization of alliances, associations, contacts, habits, etc. This new face mask policy is by no means a superficial and insignificant matter – it’s a very hard and costly test for those who truly know its evil origins and intent.
The compliance among Islanders is now almost total it appears, so I suspect that lots of decisions are being made in discussions around dinner tables in Island homes across the Island – I know there are in some for sure, they told me. These are decisions that are having a significant impact on our society and quality of life collectively. Thanks Premier King!
You may not see it yet, but I do, (mostly because of so many different people sharing their personal experiences with me in Facebook messages and emails):  there is a rapid and radical social and cultural transformation happening as a result of that mask decision Friday.
Wearing a face mask wouldn’t be a big deal [even though they don’t have any disease spread-reduction benefit] if not for the fact that the new PEI Government policy (not law) has now removed any remaining ambiguity regarding how to quickly and correctly label our fellow Islanders – the mask has become, overnight, a potent public declaration of compliance with (1) what the government is asking for [people who have yet to have access to the truth] and (2) an evil agenda – [for those  aware of planned steps leading up to the already announced Great Reset].
Knowing what I know, I simply can’t testify to the truth with a mask on my face. I’d be a total hypocrite. Given the magnitude and evil nature of the crime being perpetrated on the world, what would me complying and wearing a mask say and represent to others? A total betrayal of everything that I’ve researched and written and shared publicly over the past few days and know to be true, that’s what.  I can’t do that.
Truth really matters to me, and if I was to put on a face mask, that piece of cloth would make a complete mockery out of the truth I have been taking a very strong and very public stand on in the interest of the well-being of all Islanders. Never said I, that I knew everything…I absolutely don’t. I was just hoping for an open, honest, and democratic process of discussion and debate on these important issues, but I’ve never got a direct response, just MLAs “countering” with statements in the Legislative Assembly expressing concern for the “misinformation” on social media circulating in PEI, then musing with furled brow and fingers on chin what the PEI government could possibly do to shut it down. Wonder who they were unwilling to name with that broad slander against the entire social media platform?
This change in mask policy on Friday has already resulted in me having to make an incredibly painful and difficult decision, and I’m not alone.
Since Friday, I’ve also been getting many stories sharing how people are ending weekly attendance at social and/or recreational events; how they are deciding to invite only some family members to a thanksgiving dinner, something that wasn’t necessary last year; how they’ve decided to retire early rather than deal with the conflict and stress resulting from the mask issue at work, etc.
A significant change for me is that I can no longer attend Mass here at St. Patrick’s Church (which I attend at least three times a week).
Being such an evil badge of identification with such a sinister goal in an unnecessary campaign of division and all…well, knowing all that so clearly as I do, having done the research, I simply can’t, in good conscience, participate in a community that prays to Jesus asking “…may we be one, as you and the Father are one…” with a lie strapped to my face. I got the news I’d have to wear a mask in church or stay away last night after the 7pm Mass.
I took up my regular place in the front row on the side isle about 20 ft. from the closest person. Keep in mind that not a single person wore a mask at the weekday Mass despite sitting side-by-side on chairs in the chapel in the Vestry attached to the main church this past Wednesday. Last night, I was the only person in the 50 person cohort (we used to call ourselves a congregation, sometimes even the “People of God”) without a mask on my face. People apparently weren’t happy.
After Mass, I was approached by two members of the Parish Council. They clearly had no interest in a discussion, or even a short conversation, they were just delivering a message: I would no longer be able to attend Mass (apparently no matter how far away I stayed from those other 49 people in that huge church) without a facemask on at all times.
I calmly mentioned that my conscience wouldn’t let me do that, and they of course supported the totally “voluntary” nature of what was transpiring between us…nothing coercive to see here…..with what appeared to be a totally individual and personal decision I needed to make saying, “sure, sure…that’s your choice,” which, of course, I already realized, but a choice I never wanted to have to make, a choice I didn’t invite into my life;  a “Sofie’s Choice” of sorts, with no good outcome for me, forced upon me by Premier King and his insane and evil mask policy that has NOTHING to do with the truth, and everything to do with complicity with a global social engineering phase of a process removing our democracy and capacity for self-determination.
I’m now completely ostracized from my own faith community and really sad that I’m the only one taking this stand. My fellow parishioners didn’t circle me, push me down and start kicking me like I speculated might happen in yesterday morning’s article, but it kind of felt that way.
The separation of Church and State was never meant to keep people from participating in government, which often seems to be the “take” of those wanting the church to stay out of government, really intending to say that “religious citizens” should stay out of being involved in politics and matters of state, who have just as much right to participate in society and politics (in fact they have a civic duty to participate) as atheists and agnostics.
The concept and unofficial, but highly respected and long-standing political and cultural tradition recognizing the division between the Church and State has operated to keep the government from interfering in the independence and separate authority of the Church. Why? Because the Church’s authority doesn’t rest on any earthly or political power, it is founded on the power of God expressed in what Catholics refer to the Magisterium – the official teaching of the Catholic Church – which is presented in plain terms in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 
That teaching obliges the church to never compromise the truth in compliance or complicity with secular authorities wielding evil plans – it’s right up there at the top of the list in fact – but guess what? The Church’s power isn’t being taken away by government by force – it’s being voluntarily conceded and given away by the Church.
Up until very recently, governments wouldn’t dare go into a Church to remove refugees facing legal deportation Orders from the Federal Government, for example.  There was a fundamental and unquestioned respect shown by government for the autonomy of the Church, and a recognition that the Church is founded on an authority that supersedes and transcends all earthly authorities.
Government officials may not have always liked it, but they nonetheless understood that it was a core part of the mission of the Church to stand apart from the government and secular society to retain a clear capacity to call secular governments to the highest possible demonstration of truth and justice, no matter the consequences, something that flowed naturally from being faithful to the Church’s own beliefs and teachings based on the words and life of Jesus.
What Bishop Greco has done this past week in issuing a directive to Island churches to comply with the government’s request to wear masks in church – knowingly or unknowingly – supporting a campaign that is evil and  causing division using a socially-engineered strategy on Islanders. This strategy is not only impacting secular organizations, but also the Catholic Church itself, effectively transforming and reducing its legal and cultural status in PEI from being [for all intents and purposes]  a “sacred and autonomous space” to being a “secular and public place”.
I did what I said I’d do in my post yesterday morning, and calmly announced to those two (good guys actually) Parish councillors that I couldn’t wear a mask, so I would leave as requested. I was actually thanked for my cooperation. Now the hard part. I must deny myself the most important thing in my life – receiving our Lord in Holy Communion.
I don’t have a choice. I want to remain faithful to the truth – I’ve prayed about this and the answer was clear: “Yes, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and I know you want to receive me in Holy Communion, but Kevin, give your head a shake, you can’t receive the Truth – even in Holy Communion – if you’re not willing to stand for it.” And this is a really important truth, not a stubborn refusal to let go of a preferred position of no great importance. I wish it was that, it’d be gone in a second.
What’s going to happen next? More of the same for the foreseeable future I suspect, as the “abstract” division of opinion that formally created these two camps of Islanders “nebulously” continues to give way to a process where those ideas are becoming “incarnated” in the concrete patterns of the changed associations and behaviors of more and more Islanders. We need to be aware of these negative dynamics and counteract them, not manipulated and transformed by them.
Do you have experiences of what I’m describing happening in your life? In your family? In your local community? If you share them with me, I might (depending on what I receive) put together an article so more Islanders can get a better idea of what other people are experiencing in this COVID-19 response madness, totally anonymously of course, names are not important for that kind of sharing, like they are with the egaming investigation.
We can’t despair about the situation folks. Let’s keep holding up the light of truth, sharing insights and information in a polite and professional manner, and resolve to work together to overcome these negative dynamics tearing and dividing us with as much kindness and as little frustration and anger as possible. We’re not going to win you know. It’s going to happen. But that doesn’t make it any less important that we continue to win as many people as possible to seeing the truth, embracing it, and capable of resisting evil as a result of that transformation.
Lets work and share information with humility and kindness to bring more and more Islanders into a fuller awareness of what is really happening in the world and in PEI, so we can better grasp what is likely to keep happening and better plan for it, as things move more rapidly towards a more devastating social and economic collapse,  likely to happen within months, which will signal shortly thereafter the longed-for moment of official endorsement – the pushing of the  “reset” key, that’s really already well underway, but will be formally announced in great fanfare with endorsement by the G20 countries (including Trudeau) at that time.
We might hear then of how we’ve really ruined the global economy, but we’ll be “taken care of,” maybe all debts will be forgiven, but of course, that will come with the tracking and compliance conditions, perhaps even the socialization of private property. When we finally see the full list of compliance conditions, we’ll realize at that moment that we’ve lost not only our freedom, but the possibly of freedom, at least as far as social, economic and cultural freedom is concerned. All of that will be decided for us outside of any democratic process and offered as a “choice” (with its own set of new “conditions”). That’s what freedom looks like under the new world order.
Real options are currently still available to us here in PEI, but we’re wasting time as our current leader and government (and unfortunately both the Liberal and Green Party Opposition Parties) act in unison to push and chart a course to ruin, forfeiting a golden opportunity for PEI to set and work toward its own vision for the future, free from enslavement to outside global powers that don’t have our best interests at heart, or have any anything resembling a democratic or consultative process in their field of vision.