Sanitizes?n??-t?z,” transitive verb. To make more acceptable by removing unpleasant or offensive features

S-Anne-itize: s?n??-t?z,” transitive verb. To make more acceptable by removing unpleasant or offensive features in compliance with the Anne-Land Code of Cordial Conduct and the down-home goodness of Island hospitality. 

Kevin J ArsenaultPeople appear like the status quo with no ripples. But that allows the political crimes to go on and on. One party quietly lets the previous party’s crimes slip quietly away, and people like the Premier to be a nice guy rather than a really tough honest guy. And where is PBB on all this?”

[Response to my February 12, 2021 Facebook Post, “Down the Rabbit Hole: My FOI Request for the Brendel Farms IRAC Report.”  by Bruce Garrity, 6 am, February 13, 2021 (my mom in Heaven’s birthday!]


I’ve been thinking about writing this little article for a while. Bruce Garrity’s comment this morning on my Facebook post from yesterday was the inspiration and impetus to do it now.

I know what I’m about to tell you for certain – but won’t provide the written evidence, or any info that may identify my source:  Premier King relied heavily on former Liberal Premiers Robert Ghiz and Wade MacLauchlan to “pick his Cabinet” after becoming Premier. Amazing!

I’m sure Ghiz and MacLauchlan synced their ideas and in chorus recommending a dairy farmer as the “no-brainer” first choice to go up against the great legal minds at Stewart McKelvey.  That placement would pretty much guarantee that the only question they’d ever hear back from Bloyce in response to their daily instructions on all the most significant legal, agricultural, and land files affecting PEI would be: “Where do I sign?”

“Kevin is so rude!”  said a shocked and disgusted Islander.

“I know, I know….his father was the same way!!” said another Islander, not shocked with anything, just bored with life and chronically-addicted to petty gossiping.

Is it rude to point out crimes and corruption and lies and hypocrisy from the friends and neighbours and family members we elected?  From the people we would never have believed such things would ever come, and we’re having a really hard time making sense of how it could even be true? Can these people really be the same people making all the decisions that are hurting us, especially the decisions to say and do nothing on so many critically-important matters?

Decisions that allow our soil to continue its rapid plunge into “sand status” as a result of monocultural food production for corporate processing and export global trade?  Should I keep that information to myself to avoid making those responsible feel uncomfortable?

If I make them feel uncomfortable with the truth, I know that will also make some of you feel uncomfortable, because you’ll be that person’s mom or brother or friend and you’ll know that they’ll be feeling uncomfortable, which will start a cascading increase in the degree of anxiety you’ll experience, triggering an “ABORT” response in your brain?  I understand no one WANTS to feel and experience such discomfort…but is it not necessary to bring about justice and rid our Island of illegitimate governance?

You say it’s not necessary to feel discomfort?  Really? You say I can inform other Islanders about important matters that reveal some of our fellows are criminals and liars without embarrassing them or making them and you feel uncomfortable? You believe  I should expose injustice, but that I should use slightly-less sharp and precise terms..a few more euphemisms perhaps? Let’s give it a try.

They didn’t “destroy” documents to cover-up a crime, they “created a situation to address a unique problem by amending the normal protocols within government where accessing the required information to properly ascertain whether or not the information was stored in accordance with the filing and archiving protocols would still be able to be retrieved and, was, ultimately, possible to retrieve, following implementation of the amended procedure after diligent efforts, much effort,  and enlisting the very best technical expertise.”  Something like that maybe?

Why would I bother trying to clarify and enlighten Islanders about information I was fortunate enough to obtain (which has been kept from their eyes very deliberately in support of malfeasance) if the Anne-Land Code of Cordial Conduct requires me to make it obscure and murky? What would be the point?

I’m sorry. My emotions got away on me again. Sigh! The Cordial Conduct Code can be challenging at times.

I just think that our elected politicians should honour the promises they made to us when they asked for our trust and support.  Is that too much to ask? A few ounces of integrity?

I want to be polite. I really do.  But I feel betrayed by the bastards, which has been seriously crimping my normally-polite demeanour lately. They are being paid to get our Island out of a whole whack of trouble, and poverty, and unnecessary suffering, and servitude to the wealthy and to corporations  driving both the economy into the future, and us into the ground!  Whoops!  Back in a minute…emotions flaring again.

O.K., I’m back. Again, I apologize.  I’m having some trouble suppressing my feelings having to bring this stuff back into my mind and give it attention, which is unavoidable when you’re writing about it like I am now. Once I finish writing, I’ll find a way to distract myself and feel better soon. Phew!

I grew up on this fair Isle and have learned the Anne-Land Code inside and out as a child, in school, in church, in government.  I know, I know.  I should feel free to express a bit of disappointment and even anger at my fellow Islanders for  betraying me and other Islanders, but the Anne-Land Code of Cordial Conduct is very clear on that point, making the absolute priority and foundation of all other behaviours the two core principles of civility and politeness – the hallmarks of our Island Way of perennial politeness, our distinctive, cherished treasure, a magnificent magnet for tourists, etc…..which makes me a rude, Island oddity, I know.

But you’re probably still thinking: “Yes, but, why do you have to embarrass our leaders all the time? Can you not write with a little more civility and politeness Kevin?”

Let me think….like this maybe: “Uh…..excuse me good sir, it seems you may have accidently inserted a knife in my back. No problem…but could you kindly call 911 for me?”


Here’s the thing. I’m not really embarrassing anyone – the truth is doing that. Knowing that, the real question becomes: “Should I reveal the truth if I’m able to do so?”  Of course I should!

I pray for politicians to have a change of heart and answer their call to service with integrity, dedication and courage.

I pray that bureaucrats will realize that life is too short to continue to be complicit in corruption and that some of the best of them will soon decide to blow a whistle  and contact me with information that might help that truth come out faster so justice will also come quicker [we have legislation protecting whistleblowers now you know].

I’m issuing a call to everyone reading this to make a difference, “be the change you want” as the slogan goes; make a decision today to join me and a growing number of Islanders in a dedicated struggle to put an end to corruption in government to make this Island a better place for our children and their future.

Let’s be clear and not manipulate or deceive ourselves with deflections that we allow to take our attention of the truth for lack of courage. The more we learn about their secret, self-serving and illegal doings that were hidden from Islanders, the more they will be embarrassed – we can’t avoid that. But we also can’t trade “knowing the truth” that is necessary to bring about justice for “protecting friends and family from being embarrassed by that truth.”

Make a choice today and stop playing games with your mind if you’re still one of those, “ just makes me too uncomfortable to talk (or listen) about such things” Islanders.

The Anne-Land Code has to go folks!

Islanders engaged in crimes and corruption and cover-ups must be removed from government and face justice if we are ever to reclaim control of our Island and our own lives – it’s that simple.  Anyone saying otherwise prefers to live life in the shadows and are playing mind games with themselves; shifting attention away from the truth to serve lies in service to the Anne-Land gods of civility and politeness.