My brother Garth and I have been attempting to get a meeting with Dr. Morrison, PEI’s Chief Health Officer since before Christmas. After receiving a response to a  question concerning the Cycle Threshold (CT) being used in the PCR test from Dr. Morrison on December 4, 2020, we decided to ask for a meeting to discuss a number of COVID-19 related concerns, including what we had learned from her about the flawed testing protocol PEI was using, a test certain to generate false positives.

Dr. Anthony Fauci:

Dr. Anthony Fauci had clarified in a 60 Minutes interview last October that any PCR positive test using a CT above 35 CT was completely unreliable and therefore useless.  We wanted an explanation why PEI is using a test known to be useless.

Whether PEI is still using a CT of 37.9 is one of the questions  sent to Dr. Morrison.

We had first requested a meeting in a December 22, 2020 email:

We had not received a response by January 14, 2021, so we decided to send a reminder email, and received the following response the very same day:

We’ve been  picking away at doing research and putting together our concerns in an organized way since receiving that invitation. This was the email we sent to Dr. Morrison with an accompanying letter last week.

That’s really all that needs to be said by way of an introduction. The information in the letter speaks for itself, and we believe, clearly articulates the concerns that we and many other people – most importantly leading world scientists in virology, immunology, epidemiology, etc., have identified – and we are looking forward to Dr. Morrison’s and her team’s responses.

Will we get any response?  If we do, will it adequately address all these key issues and concerns by honest and forthright answers to the questions we’ve posed?

Dr. Morrison said she and her team “will do our best to respond to you,”   so we have to take her at her word.

It’s not an encouraging sign that she has yet to acknowledge receipt of our letter as we requested, nor has she indicated when we might expect to hear back from her and her team with responses to our questions, so we’re in a “wait and see” mode.

I’ll provide an update if and when we do get a response.

As you are likely aware, the Guardian, CBC and Eastern Graphic are not asking any of the above questions, nor even mentioning that there are concerns, so please share this information with as many Islanders as possible.