Yesterday was a hard day for me.

All I was seeing was death on the horizon, with shocking new information that the mRNA injections are now confirmed to be “bioweapons” designed to injure and kill us!

Shocking and incredulous yes, but no longer an issue in dispute, given the evidence supporting that claim, both scientific and from the historical and documentary record, proving fraud and the planned release of a “disease-causing” pathogen into the global population via a deceptive pretense – a pandemic being declared from  a “new” virus that has now been proven DEFINITIVELY – from the many coronavirus patent filings – has absolutely NOTHING new about it!

All I was feeling yesterday was frustration, sadness, and lament, thinking back over nearly a year of working diligently to prevent this mRNA depopulation campaign from happening in PEI, and failing completely.

As of yesterday, 85% of eligible Islanders (above 12 yrs) have received one needle and 35% have already received the second shot.

No matter what strategy I came up with and followed, it was met with an impenetrable wall of ignorance by our leaders: ignorance in the true sense of the word: ignore – ance, with the dictionary meaning of “ance” being: “….indicating an action, state or condition, or quality,” which pretty much sums things up!

What I – and many others – have  been provided directly to Dr. Morrison and other government officials, and the media, like political reporter Stu Neatby at the Guardian, and Anchor for Compass, Louise Martin and political reporter Kerry Campbell at the CBC, is HARD EVIDENCE and sound, logical arguments proving corruption, fraud, and bad science, explaining how PEI has been, and continues, to support – especially the mRNA experimental injection campaign –  a nefarious global scheme designed to hurt us, to bankrupt us and our economy, and destroy our independence and way of life.

There is a plan underway to undermine our capacity to retain control of the levers steering us into the future, on our terms, not those of Klaus Schwab at the WEF who is fronting this evil scheme pretending to care for us while lying to us and dutifully serving a global elite lurking behind this gargantuan crime against humanity in the shadows.


I was able to rise above the sadness and lament over the lack of any significant impact with the work I, and many others, have been doing in terms of failing to achieve the goal of stopping the injections.

Once I came back to an awareness that this thing isn’t over yet by a long shot, I was able to rally and focus my energy on answering the questions, “What’s next?”

There’s a resistance “against” the corrupt campaign, and a need to organize and implement that campaign; and there’s also need for a proactive campaign aiming “for” something that needs to be discerned, developed into a strategic plan, and vigorously pursued to reclaim what has been lost to date, and reclaim, and then retain, local control of our destiny on a go-forward basis.

Tyrants love it when we cry, “uncle” at the first nuggie rub on the tender temple area of the side of our head.


People think they can ‘see’ where things are going with that kind of coercion or tyranny, and many decide far-too quickly that the likely unpleasant journey of pain resisting that coercion simply isn’t worth it, so they hold out their arms with there hands together and say, “ok, cuff me.”

If we are to pierce the moral and criminal intransigence of our politicians and health officials, and increase awareness of the truth with the general population here in PEI, the nature of any strategy must be aimed at confronting and overcoming the confusion from all the disinformation, and the only way to do that is by communicating information and clarity about what is, in fact, happening, demonstrable, and defensible, with powerful evidence and logical arguments!

The government’s only response to such critical questions or concerns so far has been to ignore them entirely, not even publicly acknowledge them (which all the media outlets on the Island support, so no one hears anything from those receiving what is submitted).

The government public messaging following a litany of new orders, measures and manipulations that are taken straight out of “social engineering 101” come to us with no prior discussion whatsoever (something we used to do when we lived in a democracy), delivered with a smile and a catchphrase: “Be kind to one another.”

We’re told “be kind” immediately after being given new marching orders and restrictive measures to follow like children which ENCOURAGE US TO DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE: be suspicious and fearful of others; become more divided, less understanding, more argumentative about what is being done by way of those “measures” forming “for” and “against” camps, etc

None of the measures make any sense or have support in science, but are designed to create a ready acceptance of something that we should have asked A LOT MORE QUESTIONS about rather than the kind that are being asked now by the non-thinking“Rah Rah….let’s all get jabbed” club members fuelled by the powerful dynamics that define self-reinforcing groupthink.

They’ve won the day in the public realm so far at least.  The only questions we’re hearing from people are along the lines:  “Uh…can I get a few extra ‘I’m in the jabbed club’ stickers?” or: “You wouldn’t happen to have any bumper stickers or T-shirts saying that would you?”

I first saw the evidence that the mRNA was the real game plan last August, designed for nefarious non-health-related purposes, given the fraudulent elements at play and the nature of the players behind those plays, including the head of the WHO who I knew was a plant supported equally by Bill Gates and the President of China, Xi Jinping.

I will be publishing an article to give you a real and SHOCKING bio of the man heading up the WHO – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – in coming days, a history I’m thinking you likely have heard nothing of from the media, but should have!

I never anticipated THAT level of resistance from our local “one big family” leaders, THAT degree of local censorship, the complete lack of any critical questions by any of the 27 MLAs, as they enthusiastically supported the false narrative from the beginning, and still do, more excited about how it’s all getting tied to the 2030 Green Agenda and Climate Change and the Great Reset.

That we are losing our freedom in the process seems to be one of the casualties of war, as they say, but shows clearly what side of the battle the the Liberals, Green Party and NDP are on!  The only “critical” play so far by the leader of the Green Party, Hon. Peter Bevan-Baker, is an insane and completely dishonest call for a return to the mask mandate, same with the NDP.

This too is fraud by Hon. Peter Bevan-Baker, and I know that because I have been SENDING HIM the scientific studies and information directly, with attachments and/or links in my articles, via Facebook Messenger, which explain clearly how the masks [unequivocally] do not offer another “layer of protection,” but inflict significant health damage on multiple levels, physical, but especially with mental health, healthy social development, interpersonal interaction and the establishment of meaningful relationships.

All the measures – masks, isolating measures, gathering limits, and social distancing – are designed to inflict serious and debilitating setbacks to healthy development, both personally and socially. They work together to weaken and confuse us, and remove opportunities to “fix” that by getting together in healthy way with others – we’re made to change our stance towards “life” in general from being engaged and happy, to be isolated, detached, alienated and sad.

I struggle daily trying to understand how our leaders can continue to do what they are doing to us.   I can’t see them as being that “evil,” so I keep trying to figure out how they can not only continue to ignore the tragic truth of what’s happening with the mRNA injections; but worse, continue to lie to Islanders as well, coaxing them to get what I’m sure they now know is a dangerous and potentially deadly bioweapon.

Have they been compromised with threats from really evil people? Something has to explain why none of our elected officials are willing to speak the truth, but remain wedded to a happy herd who have “almost beat this thing” – unwilling to look harder and let the awful truth sink in long enough to bring an, “OMG…what have I been doing??” moment, followed by calling a press conference.

And it is indeed a bioweapon. That is now proven, and is part of the body of evidence in the Crimes Against Humanity case currently underway. A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts lead by Dr. Reiner Fullmich have begun legal proceedings over the CDC, WHO, the Davos Group for Crimes Against Humanity.

Fullmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. We used – according to an email from Dr. Morrison – up to 37.9 cycles.

It is admitted that any test over 28 cycles is not admissible for any positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid infections tracked by the use of this faulty test.

In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention. Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited. According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.

The “experimental” vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes, which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.

According to evidence being submitted, the “vaccine” fails to meet the following requirements to be considered a vaccine and is by definition a medical “experiment” and trial:

  • Provides immunity to the virus
    This is a “leaky” gene-therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and claims to reduce symptoms yet double-vaccinated are now 60% of the patients requiring ER or ICU with covid infections.
  • Protects recipients from getting the virus
    This gene-therapy does not provide immunity and double-vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus.

Although the data indicated that you were more likely to become infected if not vaccinated, once you became infected, you were 8 and 1/2 times more likely to die from the infection.


I have not been posting much from Dr. Fleming, who is featured in the following video clip. I’m sure some of you will be familiar with him. He is a top-drawer expert, and a pioneer with the coronavirus, gain of function research with the coronavirus, gene sequencing, patents of those sequencing, and exactly how “spike proteins” work, and how this particular one engineered from a computer-generated sequence works  differently. It works differently because of a part that was “left on” making it a pathogen that our natural immune system (T Cells, etc.) will attack.

Because the lipid nanoparticles gave it the ability to leave the injection site and circulate through the body, those little bioweapons go everywhere the blood goes AND when the blood gets up beside the brain, the lipid nanoparticles can enter the brain where the prion-type part of the spike protein can cause, essentially, “mad cow disease.”

It makes one wonder about the “prion-type” mysterious outbreak in New Brunswick!

I haven’t been posting Him because he’s technical, and as he says himself, he purposely refuses to “dumb it down” because the science is precise and technical, and in the end, it is the precision of that scientific evidence that will prove – along with a number of other legal arguments and factual realities with the fraud – that this injection is indeed a bioweapon.

Dr.  Fleming explains all of that  as you’ll see if you watch the entire video clip I captured from a longer program video with multiple guests, found at the end of this article.
But first, I want to share why today is already a much better day for me than yesterday was.
The news is so horrific – from the Dr. Hoffe’s recent video interview and evidence [a family doctor in Lytton, B.C. for 28 years]  given concerning micro-blood clots in 62% of his patients who received mRNA injections – along with his extremely dire prediction that the changes caused in the lungs by literally trillions of spike proteins produced by the “instructions” inserted into us which cause the micro-clotting in the lung’s capillaries, will gradually impact the heart negatively, giving most – according to Dr. Hoffe – an estimated 3 years to live.

That is not easy to process!

That immediately put me on the hunt for any research looking into how to treat the “v-injured”.

What seems to be happening is that “ignore-ance” thing again, unfortunately, with growing numbers of people screaming to be recognized as suffering, and being shunned by officials and medical personnel alike.  The “officials” in the medical system still pushing the injections as “safe and effective” refuse to recognize the V-injured for fear it will put a halt to the injections, which has as its goal, a “needle in every arm.”  This has resulted in some senate and/or congressional hearings, and a growing body of videos on social media of desperate v-injured people pleading to believed and helped, which are absolutely heartbreaking to watch.


I had heard nothing of any “antidote” for mRNA v-affected people. Then, for reasons I’m not clear about, I decided to watch a more recent interview with Dr. Fleming. What he had to say about treatments that could possibly mitigate the negative impacts of the injection gave me some hope.
At least he is talking about what can be done to help those victimized by this evil bioweapon, which I know if I had that stuff in my body I’d be demanding my doctor investigate immediately, and help me deal with, as per her sworn oath to “do no harm,”  because to laugh at me or ignore me as crazy when I have all the documentary proof would definitely “do me harm” and such a response from her would not go unchallenged!  Nor should it for you, or anyone else you talk to about this who got the jabs and is sick with worry now with the truth emerging.
I need to say that as I see it, Dr. Fleming is here talking about the impact on our body form the clotting, but does not offer a comment on what I consider the more alarming aspect of that bioweapon, namely, the prion-in-the-brain scenario. Regardless of what lies ahead, we need to face the truth and demand justice for what has been done to us. We also need to have the energy and resources being totally wasted on this fraud immediately realigned to getting caught up on postponed health care treatments and operations, and start exploring how medicine and science can find a way to fix this awful and evil situation.
I have uploaded the entire video, but first, if you’ve had the injections especially, please watch this shorter part of the interview where he gives some reason for hope.
If you have received the injections, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY about:
  • …receiving tests to see if any micro-clotting has taken place (although Dr. Hoffe did indicate that the test had to be given within a week or so of the injections, so I’m unaware of whether there’s a test to determine that as simple as the one Dr. Hoffe used); and,
  • …the potential benefits of receiving the particular medication indicated by Dr. Fleming in the video, Heparin.
This is serious stuff – it’s your life and the lives of your children, family and friends who have taken these evil concoctions into their bodies that WERE GENETICALLY DESIGNED TO HURT US, TO WEAKEN US, AND FOR MANY, KILL US.


The doctor-patient relationship is supposed to be “sacrosanct,” but if the the PEI government response to this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that our entire medical establishment -doctors and nurses – are willing to allow the political dictates of non-medical people corrupt that sacred relationship with patients, resulting in blatant and irresponsible actions that are not in the patient’s best interest, including recommending the mRNA injections as “safe” – which many Island doctors and nurses are doing – when that is what they are being told to say, not the truth.

We need to demand accountability from our politicians, our media, our leaders in the school, etc., but we also MUST (and we can do this because many of us have a family doctor we know and should be able to have this conversation with) demand that they acknowledge and respond to the information we bring them about what is now, with certainty, known about the mRNA injections.

If you approach your doctor and get a response that questions your mental health, stress levels, or if they suggest you are too “emotionally-connected to the issue” then you may need to go commando on them!  Give em a quick slap on the side of the head to distract them [I’m making a point with humour here], then call in your buddies out in the waiting room who you brought anticipating this scenario, then TIE YOUR DOCTOR to a chair, and subject him or her for a couple of hours to – no, not sensory deprivation – but SENSORY overload.

Make your doctor aware of the truth step by step, give the names and credentials of the top scientists in the world [some who developed procedures and tests and protocols upon which our entire medical system is based!]. Get them to agree that they are credible  – that’ll take an hour or so.

Then play a series of short, targeted video clips of these same people testifying to US Senate Committees; providing video evidence to the team heading up the international war crimes case; conducting interviews with various media outlets and uncensored platforms, mostly on social media.

Our Island doctors are not stupid – they’re just blind followers not questioning what they are being told, and many are clearly just cowards and don’t want to even look for themselves, so they’ll “get it” when you force them to receive it, and then it should have some impact on their conscience and remind them of their hippocratic oath.

When they finally agree not to be insulting and stupid anymore, untie them and get the medication prescription for Halperin, and discuss some exploratory procedures or tests to see exactly what is going on in your body with this mRNA. That’s my advice. Good luck!

Also, I have received messages from people who tell me they can’t bring themselves to talk to their family members and friends who have already received the needles without giving them some reason to hope there is an antidote or some medical treatments that can reverse or at least mitigate the damage this weapon is designed to do to our bodies and minds. That put me to looking for something I could offer these people – something that would give people a reason to take action to protect themselves – not take the second shot for example – and then DEMAND that their doctor acknowledge the problem.

If enough jabbed Islanders who should be completely incensed at what has been done to them demand accountability from their doctors, that could, and SHOULD start to wake them up by forcing them to confront the truth. There will be resistance from them, because although they are supposed to “serve” us in the relationship, they set all the rules of engagement, so persevere and call them out for their violation of their most basic obligation – which is TO YOU THE PATIENT.

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  1. I have already seen a majority of the information you are sharing but I like how you present it. I believe most of the wheels have already fallen off the bus as we head toward the cliff at full speed with sparks flying. In other words, we’re doomed as a civilization. My wife and I relocated from Ontario late last year to New Brunswick having seen the writing on the wall and found a place here to hunker down and prepare.

    Don’t you believe that we have just enough time left to prepare and not much else? Our leaders cannot be reasoned with since they are so often compromised. China owns and/or controls most of Canada. My wife and I now live completely on our faith and nothing more.

    The next shoe to drop is the total loss of this form of communication when the Internet is shut down. Hopefully we will all have formed close knit local communities by that time.

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