Today’s Gospel reading hit me as especially timely and prophetic, in that it helps us understand and prepare for the coming illumination of conscience.

It offers us some key insights into the nature of the transformation that happens when we are brought OUT OF the murkiness of this earthly, evil fog we’re breathing INTO the marvellous experience of knowing the Father, because we know Jesus, and he chooses to reveal the Father to us.

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A number of years ago, I received a powerful vision in prayer that came as a kind of divine or heavenly song, with words accompanied by what I experienced as glorious music. It was the kind of experience that you don’t forget, and when you remember it later, no matter how much time passes, it is still so powerful that you almost feel it happening again in your body.

Those experiences don’t have to be spiritual in nature, just to give you a sense of what I trying to communicate here. I have the same powerful sense of recall with a similar experience whenever  I remember it – ow! – damn, happened again. It was when I was about five years old and I was running around the front lawn with a plastic bag over my head (don’t ask, I don’t know).

A huge black and white hornet flew up inside the plastic bag and terrified the life out of me, trapped, staring at a buzzing moster inches from my eye, then it stung my eye, which was so swollen afterwards that the top of it ‘hung’ over my actual eye, closing it up completely.

Yep that’s one of only earliest memories – then things go dark for quite a while before the stream of memories  starts up again.  But man oh man, can I remember – ow! – that hornet!

Just like I remember that vision and song….so I set to teach myself how to play and sing at least a rough “facsimile” of what I experienced in an attempt to share it with others.

That vision and song was powerful enough that I’ve been working on learning how to play and sing it well enough to capture something of the glory of it (to me at least) for a few years now.

But I gave up trying to perform it, after finally transcribing the notes from my brain to train my fingers, because I have never had any piano training, so I had to just figure out how the notes in my head matched the keys on the piano, then practice playing them together, which took a good while.

I knew how the song was to be sung as well as played; however,  I couldn’t coordinate the singing and playing no matter how hard I tried, which was a fair bit, but I finally gave up trying a while back realizing that if I was to learn to coordinate that, we’d be talking at least a few years of further practice and training.

The other problem was there was one line missing in the first (repeated as last) verse – I stuck something in that rhymed, but I knew it wasn’t what was supposed to be there. What was supposed to be there I did not know. So I gave up trying to figure that out as well.

Then about two weeks ago, five words came into my mind, and I knew immediately they were the words for the final line in the first verse of that song. More than that, I also realized they formed the title of the song:  “HIS GLORY IS IN SIGHT”.

Although I have known about the coming illumination of conscience for many years, I did not connect it with that vision and song – not even a little bit. I understood the song in terms of a one-on-one mystical relationship with God, but had given no thought at all to how they might apply more broadly to what’s going on in the world, keep in mind that it came to me years before we heard about Covid.

I can say the same thing about how I now see today’s Gospel. I’m sharing about my song and the Gospel because not only do they both speak to me of what will follow and be brought about by the Illumination of Conscience, thinking of them in that light brings insight, graces and guidance that will help us better understanding what’s happening now, what happens as it happens on a go-forward basis, and what to expect.

We need to prepare for the illumination of conscience, knowing that what it brings to the earth is a new manifestation of the power of God enabling us who belong to Truth and abide in Jesus to live continuously in the joy, peace, strength, fellowship, and love of the Holy Spirit as the Father intended when he brought us into existence as His children.  Soo……to my main point after that long-winded backgrounder!

What comes after the illumination of conscience?

The manifestation of the glory of the Father, and His glory is in sight.

I’m actually hoping to do a living room recording of my song soon to share as a daily reflection – just me singing at the piano.

That’s probably enough for this morning, except I’ll throw out a couple of “connectors” to perhaps help with your own reflection process and prayer.

Yesterday’s reading cited the scripture passage where Jesus told us to learn from Him because he is “meek and humble of heart.”   You know who else is meek and humble of heart? A little child.  Little children and people who are childlike are mentioned in today’s Gospel for a reason.

We need to be as a little child before Jesus and the Father if we want to abide in His Sacred Hearth, and transparently magnify the Father’s glory to others in our daily lives.

Being “meek and humble of heart” is to be like a little child in having our hearts continuously open to recognize and receive God, almost “naturally,” thereby living in God, thinking God’s thoughts as He gives them to us, acting on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the Will of the Father perfectly, in perfect union with Jesus.

Last point – all things are “given” to Jesus by the Father, as it notes in today’s Gospel. Yesterday’s reflection mentioned that all things were made through and for Jesus. Being the “perfect reflection” of the Father, it is not possible for anyone to know something of the Father without also knowing something of the Son, and vice-versa.

That is the foundational understanding (from a slightly mystical perspective) for our belief that Jesus is indeed “the only WAY to the Father,” i.e., anyone managing to get to Father (whether they have an explicit and conscious awareness of it or not) is also “getting to” Jesus.

Jesus here declares that NO ONE knows the Father but the Son, and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal the Father – and here’s the key – that means whoever Jesus chooses to be HIS FRIEND and disciple has the Father revealed to them by Jesus.

My posts lately, actually for a long time now, have been full of difficult truths that challenge us to stay the course in trusting God. We need to pause now and again and remind ourselves that the victory is won. Jesus has conquered sin and death, and he has saved us from sin and death through His cross and resurrection, and offers us life eternal if we but repent of our sins and selfishness, and turn to Him willing and thankful to accept his mercy, love and begin to live in the power of His Spirit as His friend and disciple.

My next article I’ll be publishing shortly at least a smidgeon of hope regarding a possible treatment for those who already have the mRNA toxin circulating in their bodies,having been attacked and made the victims of betrayal, deceit and a genetic bioweapon.

I can make such a bold and emphatic statement now, matter-of-factly, because I have seen the evidence that proves it, and when seen together as the culmination of plans that were put in place many years ago at such a grand scale, involving so many moving parts, clearly demonic, where Godless people were deceived into believing a vision for the future that was from Mr. Baal  zebub.



“Jesus, show us the Father by giving us a ‘magic eye’ ability to relax our gaze on you, so the mosaic of wisdom and understanding and love and peace and everything else that is You slowly takes shape in our understanding as the presence of our Father, the source of all that is good, the author of life, who sent you, His only and eternal Son, into the world to save us, which you did with the total sacrifice of your human self and complete and total submission to the will of the Father.

Jesus, bring us so intimately into your heart that we too will reflect the glory of our Father to others, to attract those who are still groping in the fog, fumbling with fear, hoping to touch You. May we be instruments of your saving mercy and love to others today, so that they too can come into the family of God as your brothers and sisters, and experience the abundance and radiance of life that You and the Father offer freely and share with us in the eternal life of your Divinity, in the Holy Spirit.”  Amen.