MATTHEW 12:18



My reflection this morning is embedded in the contextual transcription, without being articulated in detail as an explanation, so it acts something like a “parable.”

That way, I can save the skin on the tips of my fingers for other posts I’m working on, and you can do your own thinking.

I’m hoping the framework that I’m providing, including the graphic, will provide some assistance in transcribing the meaning of Jesus’ words to the religious leaders of His day, the leaders of his religion, to the religious leaders of our day.

The purpose of these daily reflections – preferably happening in the morning, but “better late than never,” as they say – is to help to discern how we are to live today in imitation of Jesus.

We want guidance for our daily lives as we awake each day to a glorious and miraculous new day with a job to do!

We find that guidance, strength and motivation reflecting on how Jesus would respond to the situations we are facing by continually asking ourselves: “what would Jesus do?” if he was here, in my shoes today, “what would Jesus say to all the people I will meet, or should seek out to talk with?”

That reflection takes place knowing that Jesus IS INDEED HERE WITH US….that he promised to be with us to the end of time, and although it’s  looking like it’s getting closer all the time (which it is) it ain’t here yet!

Today’s Gospel focuses on what Jesus said to the religious leaders of his day, so our reflection should be on what he would say to “our religious leaders” (through us), in light of what He said to the religious leaders of His religion when he walked the earth.

What would Jesus say about how our Island priests have been completely compliant with an evil regime of control and tyranny, which is now proven to be a global fraud of gargantuan and historical proportions, where the phrase “of biblical proportions” doesn’t even do justice to the scale of evil – there was never something so hugely evil described in the Bible.

We now have an international “Crimes Against Humanity” legal case proceeding, with 1,000 lawyers  and 10,000 doctors from around the world. Parishioners would not know that if all they do is watch Compass, read the Guardian newspaper and LISTEN TO THEIR SHEPHERD on Sunday morning.

They, so far, have simply not found it within themselves to seek out the truth, do the work to attain confidence that they have it, and then testify to the truth.

So far, they have all formed their own ‘groupthink’ strategy of silence and compliance with these evil measures, and they will not tell the people about the deception by exposing it with the truth, even though the people they are preaching too will leave church, then get an injection of mRNA poison – a proven bio weapon engineered to hurt and kill people. That should change, so let’s pray for that to change today.

Would Jesus be o.k. with how his Shepherds today are responding to this great deception and evil? Think about that as you read the Gospel, then my modernized, cultural transcription.


“Jesus, you rejected the false laws of the religious leaders who oppressed the people and made a mockery out of God’s law of love – the law of the heart, the natural inclination of your Holy Spirit at all times, in all circumstances.

Give us courage to challenge our religious leaders, with kindness, but with a “dog-with-a-bone” tenacity, to rise above the enslavement that is servitude to the powers of this world from fear of how their power will punish those who challenge or refuse compliance with those evil laws.

Jesus, give all your shepherds a clear reminder of the fervour for you when they responded to your call and rekindle that fire with the power of your Holy Spirit so they may obey their vows and serve us as your shepherds.  Give them the confidence that comes from standing on a foundation of truth and living true to one’s beliefs and taking action on behalf of those beliefs, to Your great glory and honour, in service to your children, us.

Father, pour forth superlative graces in torrents into the hearts of your shepherds, all the priests in my church, and all religious leaders everywhere, to illuminate their minds with Your truth so they will see how you are calling them to respond to their call to lead us to You, making them see that to do that, they need to speak the truth boldly and act decisively, in humility and meekness, but also confident and strong, in obedience to your holy commands and teachings.

We ask you with confidence loving Father, believing completely in Jesus’s words when He told us that You love us so much that it is your pleasure to favour us with every good thing we ask for, and this is a good thing we are asking for, so kindly bestow these graces today as a powerful and special intervention on our priests, and all those called to serve as religious leaders, to protect and guide your children, for the increase of your great Glory.” Amen.